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Nickels & dimes

Roots - old beach cottage - 5 prims - 9 Lindens !

Yet again , I’m down to my last few pennies in SL. Until that is I get my new bucketful of play dosh ! I fancied making a little place on a corner of our sim to relax in, BUT it had to be super cheap and also low in prims, quite the challenge huh? I set to work on the market place and almost in minutes had found this partial mesh old beach house for just 9L. Absolutely perfect, only 5 prims and such a pretty build. You actually get two versions for your 9 L, the old wall effect as shown here, plus a white brick interior style, both aged and both gorgeous.

Roots inspiration table - Roots wood clock - wat next pumkin decor -  F℮u Quiη  old beach cottage 5 prims 9L!


I had an idea to make a place to sit while I blogged, somewhere I could look at the view of my land and ponder…then I found this “inspiration table” by Roots, it comes with three stools which are not linked , so you can choose how many you place out. On the table are some documents and diagrams, which if you click on them magically vanish ! Really lovely poses in the stools for both males & females. The clock is also by Roots, Just 2 prims and 9L to buy. My Autumn decor of pumpkin planters and wreath are from the discount section of what next, there’s a bunch of Autumnal stuff for 10L in there to grab.

Roots market place store

Old beach house

What next discount wreath

What next discount pumpkin decor