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Something for the Weekend (free gifts)

Free bench, radio,icnic,FREE hathair

I was checking out a new and upcoming event (news later) and spotted a gift from Cleo Designs whilst I was in the area. Naturally I thought Id share it with you. The bench, radio and hotdogs are all free of charge from the lovely Cleom Bailey, two poses in the bench, one that gives you an umbrella, and the other you’re laying supping a glass of pop. The whole set up is low prim so brilliant for your home or garden. My hat & hair combo is another free gift, from Ronsem. The group is free to join and once you’re in you can lay claim to a whole pile of treats, including the hair. It does come with a HUD so you get options on hat & ear colour, isn’t it cute?!


Cleo Designs @ The Cookie Jar

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Old pants new look.

RonsemAs promised more on the new shirt from Ronsem.  To make me part my my Lindens something has to be new and fresh and this is the first time I’ve seen a mesh shirt with that tucked in the front look an added bonus is that it fits perfectly with a pair of Ronsem jeans that I’ve had for a long time.  Called Military Shirt 2 means that you do get the Khaki, black and grey colours (I’m wearing the Drab Olive colour) but there is also more colourful choices as well such as red. 190Lds each or a Fat Pack of 7 colours for 850Lds.  Only comes in 3 sizes l/m/s but even for my small av it’s a good fit but of course Demo available as well as Group Gifts.  Not sure if you have to pay to be a “Ronsem VIP” because I’ve been in this group for so long I’ve forgotten but there is always group gifts set out.

The jeans are their straight jeans and come in not only more sizes but also a belted and unbelted option.


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Frill Bra

To me Ronsem is the SL version of Joe Brown and since I love JB stuff I love Ronsem.  They base their clothes range around all the fabrics I love such as denim, cotton, jersey.  For a cool casual trendy and yes a Joe Brown look then this is the shop for you.  Chortled with happiness when I found this gorgeous and so unlike Ronsem bit of frilliness.  For a 100lds you get a grey stretch jersey bra top with attached lace whats not to like. Straps fit really good on my shoulders and a large tied string bow at the next  A choice of 5 colours or paterns. Mesh of course. The jeans are not mesh but definately low, very low hung.  Broad band of knitted elasticated waistband, this comes a choice of prim for the cuffs. A little aside here but for the ladies, and some boys, if your after a good looking male AV then this is the shop to hang around in as you never see a poorly dressed AV in this shop. Group gifts to be had as well both for the boys and girls.


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Have waited for ever to try out a mesh corset…and yay! CandyMetal have them in stock and waiting to leap onto your bones right now..stuffed full of funky details…buckles…zips, straps…and only 199L..two versions available…scrummy huh? (demo is there to try) Medium was a great fit for me..but theres plenty of smaller and larger sizes to wriggle into. Cant stop wearing this hair I found at base and high topped it.

I slipped the 2nd style on with some gorjuss new mesh trousers from SF Design…cant believe these are just 130L a pair ! Squillions of colours..the bright red is just you go into SFD look up up mesh goodies are there…also showing my dollarbie shooz from choooz…grab a heap from the 1L section at the rear of the store…to be honest…all of the shoes there are extremely affordable…love love LOVE my new bowler hat lights from LISP Bazaar..just 10L for all three colours..steal !

Corset: CandyMetal

Mesh trousers: SF Design

Hair : Ronsem

Shoes: Choooz

bowler hat lights: Lisp 10L bazaar

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Its Monday…and that means its rolled around to Monday Mania at SF Design yay! This week its some fabbo snakeskin print pants…choice of resizer cuffs or not…slipped these babies on with my new Ronsem booties plussss a free hair-do I found on the floor in the hair dept at Ronsem also ! Dont forget, the snakeskin pants are only available for the Monday Mania price of 25L today..and only from the MM board just inside the ladies dept. (I believe there is also a pair for the boys !)

SF Design



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Mesh for free

Popped over to Ronsem after Steve told me about some prime group gifts…this mesh sweats top is one of them…comes in sizes for guys & girls…Ive worn it with the latest mesh denim skirt form CandyMetal which I just adore  and a pair of ankle boots also from Ronsem…gawd I lurrrve these…you can buy single colours for just 100L or a crazy fat pack of them for only 300L ! (The Ronsem group is free join btw)

Also nabbed this sweet pink off the shoulder mesh top from the pile of group gifts..o.O and changed my booties to white *squeee*…the bag is also a freebie…pack of three for you to take at The Fashion Cache !

Ronsem Mainstore

The Fashion Cache



cuddly bugggly

awwww we have more sweaterssss…I lurrrve sweaters…and this time, there is also a guys version yippeee! (click the pics for a closer look)

RONSEM crash knit sweaters gift

Arent they just awesomesauce? Love the way the sweater looks so chunky hunky…and layered…

RONSEM crash knit sweater

on the arms is a sooper cute ripped detail…gives it such a fragile look…beautifully done…We both agree this is something we will wear HEAPS! Its Ronsems gift in the “hateween” hunt, you’re looking for a colourful pumpkin …

go get snuggly : RONSEM