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Summer Dreams (freebies).

Clicking pays, so I was in a shop called Ravens Blade and the first couple of gifts are on the counter desk but I’m glad I decided to have a quick looksee around this shop because otherwise I would have missed the other shopping bags which are on the floor and when I clicked on them they too turned out to be Free to join GG’s and so I managed to snag a whole armful before I TPed outta there.

So I unpacked, tried on and then binned, NOT that the stuff I binned was bad but because sometimes it’s hard to show you everything, sometimes I just like to leave you a few surprises and also I basically run out of SL time LOL.


But as soon as I unpacked these 2 lovely prezzies I knew they were IT.  So a quick change and a quick TP to my fav beach sim and voila.


I almost pixellated part of this picture because the bikini bottom is very, very low (stop squinting!) but in the end I decided to leave it mainly so you could check out the mesh em mesh LOL.  You get a system layer bikini set without appliers so you can’t wear this look with a Mesh Body or you could simply use a different bikini under the mesh sash and top.

Ravens Blade

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Scardey cat

You all knowww how I love wearable nic-nacs…and I found this awesome little wearable lantern yesterday…complete with “I’m so frightened” animation ! Free from Mochi products- love it. I also found some darling little striped rompers from a new-to-me store “Dont !nspect” (mesh) Purple and black stripes…simple but flattering cut and a range of sizes to try only 1 Linden …I tried to visit the inworld store..but bizarely landed on a private home in the sky…skydived to the ground..but nada…so market place is your best bet – link below!

Dont !nspect

Mochi products

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Romp around

I’m sooo loving this new craze with romper suits…sooper cute…and verrrry of the moment..DeColores has a few of these out at the moment, in various patterns & colours..I plumped for this muted purpley and blue combo…nicely made and the tiny bow for the front is a lovely touch…popped over to the store and noticed a couple of group gifts on the is free join yay! Btw…my hair is a gift from Truth called “Jessie”..its mesh and I ❤ it squillions..join the subscribo and look in the history to get it…(all colours included in the box *squeee*)