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Good deals & Lots of choice

ArisAris Boots promo Believe outfit $10L

Great promo from ArisAris. These are some classy boots ! $99L instore, $89L for group members inworld store only.

Boots Hud

This is the Hud and as you can see – not only pre- set colours but a whole stack of ways to personalise your bots also. You can also remove the stockings if you wish. Fits for:

Belleza Freya
Belleza Isis
Belleza Venus
eBODY Classic
eBODY Curvy
EVE Pulpy
EVE Slim
MB. Legacy & Perky
MB. Classic
Slink Hourglass
Slink Original
Tonic Dainty

My cute romper is by Believe for just $10L on the market place, check the store out on the MP there are quite a few more cheapies to be had.


Believe market place

Truth Group gift hair

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Leave me ALONE! (Getting Sassy for 10Lds).

This is my working platform and I’m still trying to landscape my side of the sim but when I get temptation thrown at me I just have to drop what I’m doing and rush off to grab it and from the lag caused by all the other fluffy pink clouds I wasn’t the only one who wanted this outfit.

Ignore everything in the picture apart from meee.

As you can see it’s a classic SL design of a nice hoodied lounge suit. Comes as separates so I can see those pants teamed up with everything from a cropped top to an oversized sweater.

The group does cost a token 10Lds but you will find this on the wall to the left of the shop as you go in along with some other really good gifts..some I’ve blogged..some I’ve not blogged so for that small price some nice stuff.

I think you get the main mesh sizes just not SLink P.

Sass. (Use my LM as you may have the old one.).

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AWWW Nooooo & Nooooo again! (30Ld)

Drat, I have to update to the latest version of Firestorm and I don’t know about you lot but I hate updating as I’m always worried that even though I have a great gaming laptop something is going to go tits up.  So before I do that I’m doing a quick post which is the second “Nooooo!”.

This playsuit/romper is deceptively simple but as you can see some detailing and I LOVE all of the 6 textures!  As soon as I saw the notice I TPed threw my 30Lds at the group joining board, grab and ran home slapped it on and then “Noooooo” only a Maitreya fit!

I’m not bothered about the 30Lds as there are many more gifts in the Antaya shop, you may recognise a few from previous posts, I’m just bothered that I can’t wear this. Again check it out and although thinking about it I should have shown you some of the other textures but there is a picture of them in the shop.

OK Enough moaning time to uninstall and then reinstall and I will see you later.


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Its Zan’s fault

Zan has been going on and on about the Maitreya gifts at Belle Epoque – so I thought Id better hustle over there and check it out. Wowser super pleased with my little haul for a group joining fee of just $10L ! A whole board of gifts are on offer but I really liked the look of this pink all-in-one look – just the one fit and its Maitreya (Luckily for moi)

Also snapped up this lingerie, it was a Valentines gift as you can prolly tell – but who doesn’t love love LOVE lingerie on any day! Maitreya fit only again.

As Zan suggested I did take a peek at the $10L hunt, and decided just to search out one of the bags (in pink of course) nothing else took my fancy but that’s not to say it wont yours!

Belle Epoque

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His ‘n’ Her.(Freebies).

Why the dead head?  I’m working my way through all of my hairs before I bin them I’m popping them on so when I log back in I want to continue on where I left off.

Pink camo is just not me but this “isn’t about me” lol and just because it’s not a keeper doesn’t mean you won’t love it.  This is a Group Gift from a shop called (B)Elle. You get this and you also get what looks like a pair of pyjama bottoms for your Other Half, or at least I think they are as I’ve not tried them on which suggest this outfit is suposed to be worn as sleepwear but slap on a pair of trainers and just wear it.  I did spot another couples gift as well.


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Slinky Dinky

Sooooo I was at Fellini Couture, surrounded by all the pretties and my paws fell upon this outfit “So pizzo” and it was love at first grab. Satin and lace romper that fit so well, a choice of colours and I plumped for this tan shade – which I feel is more beige or taupe. Halter neck and a delicate tie at the waist. I didn’t realise at first that you actually get a matching pair of boots ! $260L per pack, I think that’s quite the deal. Might go back and get a black version too ! Free demo available, I found this in the smaller stocked store opposite what appears to be the main one, right in the back.

Fellini Couture

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The Day After.(Freebie).

At 11.45 I stopped working and turned on the TV just to see THAT dress and it didn’t disappoint.  The dress was stunning in it’s simplicity, the tiara, veil and that train were amazing statement pieces and damn even the sun came out to “Sparkle on the Markle” and then I turned the TV off and went back to work, excitement over lol.

A nice little freebie to start this Sunday off.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a “romper” that’s excited me enough to go get it but this one did it.  This comes from a shop I’ve not visited in years, there is actually a GG on the wall I remember blogging all those years ago!  You get lots of mesh body fits so no probs there and a nice little 3 colour hud, this green one an orangie one and a pale off-white one each with a light dot pattern.

It took a while to get it get it but then I had my DOH moment and you click “deliver” on the pop up menu.  This and a few other Group Gifts are on the wall in the entrance.  I did spot at least 1 mans outfit…but I could be wrong but now I’ve logged out of SL I can’t check.

Lupus Femina or Femina Lupus (Sorry, I can’t remember which way the name is).