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Just randomness.

I’m doing a bit of random sim hopping which is how I landed on to this fantasy/sandbox/RP/sim.

I hate purple which is about the only bad thing I can say about it lol.

Don’t worry if you hear the sounds of gunfire it’s not it’s just the excellent fireworks overhead.

I’ve saved this to use as a backdrop but even I occasionally use Sandboxes esp when our sim is down for maintenance.

You will have to be an “adult” to visit and this is a welcoming sim to all, from Furries to OMG’s everyone is welcome.  I like sandboxes like this because some sandboxes are used by people as pick up joints and I find more often than not on sims where everyone is welcomed they have a strong anti-bullying/bothering policy and these are the sims where people leave you alone to just do your own thing.

Monsterbox (Sandbox)

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It’s a Yurt.(Freebie ‘n’ other stuff),

Today is the first time I’ve been able to work my way through the 25Ld Tue list in so long so it was lovely to see a few of my fav shops have a special offer out and as I was working my way through the list I came across a shop name I didn’t recognise and it looks like it’s new to SL as well as me because the gift set out for anyone to grab is titles “Grand Opening Gift” and it’s this Yurt.

When I first rezzed it I was a bit emm nope but then I zoomed in and though actually not too bad at all! 

Nice texturing and details and when you open the door it’s a bit like the Tardis in that inside seems an awful lot bigger than you think from the outside.

Enough space to do cartwheels.

I just snagged and ran but when I get back inworld I’m going to be checking out what looks like a pretty big sim wide shop I can’t wait to see what else is there.

You don’t have to go hunting for either this gift or the 25Ld offer (not telling you what that is but it’s a wearable) as they’re both just in the small gazebo type building at the LM.

Dreaming Thicket

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Timely reminder.(Freebies@Redeux).

First, let me just make it clear that the warehouse I’m showing you is NOT a freebie or a cheapie.  I personally get a bit frustrated when someone posts a picture in a freebie Flickr group only to find that it’s the tiny little pinkie ring and not the stunning outfit, hair, shoes etc they’re wearing so I like to make it clear before I start, so the building is not a freebie but you may just need it!You will find me for the next hour and a half in this warehouse because I returned to the Redeux event and OH Dear! I’ve picked up not just all of the gifts but there are so many superb bargains and I’ve spent all my Lindens! I even ran out of money before I got to the Gacha’s which I suppose is a good thing as just the freebies alone I snagged will take forever to unpack and sort out. I’ve not unpacked anything yet but I can see that it’s going to be good stuff.

As for the stuff I’ve bought most of those only cost me 25-35Lds and the most expensive was a selection of wrinkled rugs for 50lds.

So hurry up and check this event out you won’t regret it.



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A diet that works,50Ld SALE.

Lots of great steam punky style jewelry, clothes, shoes  n stuff all for 50Lds only, but make sure you check before you buy.  I  love this shop, Pixel Box, and I’ve got oodles of things from previous sales and treated myself to this little number, a skeleton AV dressed up in all her finery.


Please don’t let the idea of “steam punk” put you off as there is a whole shop of really interesting pieces.

OK back to RL and don’t worry I like CAKE to much to get this skinny.

PS there is a couple of GG’s but time ran out so have a look around I think any freebies are on the console tables.

Pixel Box

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Good Luck. (Freebie).

This isn’t a hunt item but I found it following a link to a hunt but more about that later.

Noble Creations is a shop I’ve blogged before because although their home and decor items are aimed towards the Medieval/Gor/RPers in SL their designs are such great quality they would fit into any home.  Fortunately for me and you they often have great gifts set out and so check this out.


Taken in my Nams setting so you can see the metallic sheen and that gorgeous fire.


It crackles away just like a real fire, very comforting.  You can see the sheen on the fire bowl.


All this quality and still just 2 prims! There were other gifts there but I recognise some I’ve already shown.  Sadly this shop doesn’t keep all of the old group gifts out as there have been some really great ones so make sure to LM/Bookmark this shop and make regular pop backs to check out when new GG’s are set out.

I went over to Noble Creations because it has a Hunt prize set out, I didn’t really look for the hunt item because as soon as I spotted this I snagged and ran home to blog it but I will deffo be going back to find the hunt prize.  This hunt is called “Fantasy Cream Hunt” and sadly for me it’s a grid wide one with no hints!  I’m looking forward to doing this hunt tomorrow as I recognise a lot of the shops involved but there is some new ones and it’s always interesting to wander around a new shop.

Noble Creations

Fantasy Cream Hunt LMs

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Mystic Realms Fair


KoKoLoReS - fighter hair, warrior makeup2

Apologies for being MIA for a few days, my back decided I should be in bed and not come out to play boohoo . I see Zan has been keeping you entertained with a great selection of treats though ! Mystic Realms Faire begins on October 10th (12:01pm) and ends ~October 26th (11:59 pm) I just had to share with you this hairstyle by KoKoLoReS which is at the event. Something different for me but I SO liked it ! This is the “Fighter ” hair complete with colour change leather braid. The makeup is also by KoKoLoReS, one of two to choose from, great for roleplay.

kokolores - Warrior hair NEW! BDR NEW

This hair is also by KoKoLoReS and is called Warrior,  you can grab this at the event too. It’s a good all rounder and a sure fire keeper for moi. Heaps of colours available in both, be sure to check it out. My outfit is by Beautiful, Dirty, Rich and I really enjoyed parading about in it. It’s a whole-look-in-a box type thing. You get the body suit, mesh jacket anddddd the shoes  glasses & stockings ! There is of course a bewildering selection of appliers, I used the Slink physique but trust me – if you’ve got a mesh body part – its in the box ! Ok I can’t sit any longer poor old back needs a rest again .

Faith ❤

Mystic Realms Fair



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Obedient Girl

ShadowMoon - Obedience - mesh ball gag & mesh blindfold - colour change

I usually leave the rood stuff to Zan, but…I really loved how this “Obedience” set from Shadow Moon fitted. You get a mesh blindfold, with a menu driven resize capability, plus a HUD for it to change the colour. I was sooooo tempted to make mine PINK…i dont know how I stopped myself ! There is also a mesh ballgag included, again colour change and menu driven for resizing…you will also find a kneeling cushion as an added extra inside the package …brill !

~Shadow Moon~