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Darker nights mean more snuggling

Chez Moi - NEW!!

A new round of Lost & Found is open and Chez Moi are there with a delectabubble set ! The rocking chair (I am rather partial to these as you know) actually rocks, and has heaps of poses – some with wearable props. I particularly  like the blanket box – how cute it is with its words “To have and to hold, in case you get hold” awww ❤ The side table gives out steamy cups of cocoa and is suitably shabby to go with the chair and box. Theres even a fire made in an old wheelbarrow, would look great in any garden scene. You can buy the pieces singularly or as a pack for just £330L. (There are more items in the set, Im not showing it all here)

Thanks Nanda ❤

Lost & Found vintage market 



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Rocking the day away

Cleo Design The Challenge - Rocking chair NEW!

I’m a sucker for a great rocking chair, I seriously own SO many ! The one above is new from Cleo Design and its won a place in my home already! It has both male and female poses and comes in a selection of homey patterns and colours. I plumped for the beige one as it fitted in with my bedroom décor so very well. I really like the wood on it, it looks a little worn as if someone has enjoyed a peaceful sit in it for some years. Touch the foot part of the chair for the rocking motion btw. Cleom also has some rather luxurious chairs out for this round of The Challenge and also a retro styled cabinet with opening doors, get your skates on a grab some pretties!

Lingerie by

As you might be able to see I am also wearing some new lingerie woot! I can’t stop buying things for my new Slink Physique body and when I saw this sweet set by chocolate atelier (called  fragile love) I just had to have it. It’s currently on offer at The Cosmopolitan Sale room event – just 70L ! In the box are also appliers for Lolas bewbs, phat azz and of course old-fashioned clothing layers.

The Challenge Blog

Cleo Design

Cosmopolitan Sales Room

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Sing me a Lullaby

Lullaby Set - Chez Moi NEW!!

Chez Moi has another new release out for you, this time a whole range of bedroom furniture fit for a Queen! Lets get something straight, the bed? Yeah it looks pretty fluffy and sweet huh? Go check out the menu on that badboy…*fans self*…sure it has a wealth of cute poses but it’s also jam-packed with naughtiness rawwwwwr! The menu is SO extensive you will never.ever. get bored. From sooper cute to steaminess xxx, its got it all. Not only action packed but also pretty light on prims – bonus! Lullaby is a whole range, bedside drawer that rezzes a radio or television…

Lullaby Set by Chez Moi

…and yes my old fav, a rocking chair, which again has oodles of animations and props to wear (sent directly to your inventory – so do check when you try it out) Its got a lot of old world charm, sort of southern living feel really.

Lullaby set Chez Moi NEW!

The best part for me was this pouffe and mirror set, I absolutely adore things I can be seated at and then do girly stuff ! This holds an extensive amount of animations for allll sorts of things. Drying your hair, applying perfume, putting on lotion and more and more and more . Lullaby also comes in a darling powder blue, plus framed prints a rug etc..go check it out !

Chez Moi mainstore

Chez Moi market place store

Chez Moi blog

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Little Gems


ohHai ! I found some little low prim gems for you today and all three are free. Above is a sweet little rocking chair, just right for your porch or deck. It swings, the cushion has a few patterns to choose from and you can also change the texture of the wood, love it. This is from the market place and is made by [Was-K], I also found thisssss in the same store….

Free chaise with adult animations-cuddles-singles-

a beautiful chaise… same store and free! Top tip, read the notecard before using…as this isn’t the usual set up. The menu is very extensive, adult animations galore, cuddles and single pringle poses. The cushions have a few patterns to choose from also .

Free breadbin !

Last up is this delightful little bread bin…its won a place in my kitchen. Made by KH Designs and for one single prim & zero Lindens, it’s a lovely addition to your home.

Chaise & rocker



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One of my most favourite Furniture stores has a massive sale on for the next few days…you seriously don’t want to miss it ! I’m lounging about on the new Southern Comfort bench…plenty of poses to keep even the most demanding of Diva’s happy, and low prim too. Above me is one of the totally gorgeous Holiday wreaths…I cant bear those flat alpha type ones…and this is so realistic and lush.

I also was treated to the rocking chair and study chair from the Southern Comfort range. I’ve got a LOT of rocking chairs in my inventory..but none match up to this…the poses are lovely…the rocking motion is smooth and fluid, and I SO love the upholstery on these, very rich.

If you’re in the mood for decorating your home for Christmas theres plenty to see…the set of angels comes in two sizes – this is the big..a real statement piece. Outside the store at the front are quite a few 50L items to snap up…sooperdooper cute pretties! Dont forget that this huge sale is only on until the 25th November…dashhhhhhh! Thanks Lilly ❤ ( Lilly is TOTALLY responsible for me buying a new skin btw…what a temptress!!!!)

Prism Furniture