Whats your Poison

Oh yum yum yum I have newness from Poison! Actually the store has had a gorjuss re-vamp…new layout..(and I notice shooooz also!) I’m gonna show you some rock & roll tee’s today,..pretty glam..and come in a box with versions for both girls & guys !

The sleeves have resizers in them for the purrfect fit…great logos…theres HEAPS to choose from…


Ohhh nearly forgot ! The rather deeelicious skin I’m wearing is from Bare Sensual…its called Moxie, adorable skin tone and all yours for just 10L *faints*…head over there and take a good long mooch about..there are some great skins at verrrrrry reasonabubble prices !

Go get Tee’d: Poison    Moxie skin: Bare Sensual


You want Zingy?


If you’re wantin some summer zestiness, Poison has got it in spades. New release the LoL jeans come in heaps of zingy colours..above Im wearing the yellow..great cuffs that needed no altering…and a totally awesome texture on the jeans makes them look soooo strokabubble..

and here’s my second fav the high beam red..you get two pairs the same colour in each pack..one lowwww slung and the other normal..fahhhbulous! 175L per pack..gooo snap em up..

Go get smiley: Poison