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Home & Garden Expo – The little details


HGE R(S)W  chair - cookie tin & dragon

R(S)W  is a new-to-me store and I’m so glad I came across it in this years Home & Garden Expo – I know I will be a Secondlife long fan ! This is what I so enjoy about this Expo, every single year I find something new, or should I say someone new (well new to me anyway). I’ve been guilty of focusing on the grand things sometimes, and overlooking sometimes the most beautiful items. Take this chair for example. Its simply gorgeous, superbly crafted a real homely piece with such sweet details. The more I looked at it, the more I adored it. Of course its got an abundance of sit poses and amazingly comes in at 1 prim, that made my miserly heart very happy indeed. Did you see the dragon? Such a tiny piece, yet intricate and a wealth of detail – it doesn’t DO anything – it doesn’t have too, it just sits there looking dragon’ish ! My favourite thing this year is the cookie jar pictured above, a vintage scene on the tin which is utterly adorable, touch it and it offers you a choice of six cookies – take one and it asks permission to attach to your hand, youre animated to munch away on it – until- POOF- Its gone…fantastic ! I popped over to Robin Sojourner’s store and ohmaiii I better get some cash in because there are SO many thingsssss I want ! The store has some sooper items, including quilts, low prim coolers with poses that dispense snacks and more – visit at the Expo but don’t forget to take a peek at the store too.

R(S)W  @ The Home & Garden Expo

R(S)W  Store

Market place store