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Tomorrow is cancelled.(Freebie).

I’ve been working my little cotton socks off in RL, OK great big boat sized shoes, and I’m RL pooped.  So I’ve dusted off my fairy wings and wand and tomorrow I’m going to be clicking away on our sim and changing a few things to a more late summer/early autumn look.

But before I give into the final gasp of Summer here is a summery outfit for you die-hard sun lovers.

I had picked this up from the main RnR Swag shop, see my last post about the other gifts.  You get the top, jeans, flat sandals but I was way to lazy to put them on, and a rather simple and pretty necklace and bracelet set.

From what I can remember they are separated and you get all the main mesh bod fits plus the standard fitmesh size.  You will find this upstairs and I can’t really remember if there was anything else on offer.

PS Just thought I’d mention it in case you didn’t notice but the gift doesn’t come with wings n wand.

RnR Swag.

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Ready, Steady, Glow!(Freebies).

OH Lord what a busy day which basically means it’s well past my bed time but I couldn’t do a post esp as I found a dress with a Woah factor.

The dress is a pretty common style till you spot the Hud.

The hud allows you to change the sheerness and the……


Wow!  I took these pictures in my Nam setting but when I log inworld I’m going to check this dress out in different windlight settings.  If you like to club in SL or RP in a futuristic setting then this dress will have all AV eyes on you.  There are different levels of sheer and glow for you to try and I do believe you can just add the glow/sheerness to different parts but I might be wrong about that however you will have fun trying them out for yourself.

I was at an event called “The Grab” and Hec has a stall there which is where I grabbed a pair of the free glasses and once I’d had a good look around this event I popped over to the Hec main shop and found this dress in their main shop for free.

The Grab is basically 2 areas, white and black shopping areas and these shoes are to be found in the black area on the RnR Swag stand and not outside in the bigger RnR Swag shop.  Honestly, easy to understand when you pop over.

Not every stand has a gift but there was enough out for me to hum a little and there is a cute little skirt n Sweater set I might just blog tomorrow but you don’t have to wait till then.

These shoes, like the dress, come in a variety of fits so you should be able to find one for yourself.

Hec.(Hot Elegant Clothing)

RnRSwag@The Grab