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Temptation is here

CIRCA New! Scarlet Creative lace old table NEW! FREE fireplace Bazar

So its cold here and when its cold I want stodgy comforting food. Here I am scarfing down a brownie or five beside a roaring fire (free from Bazar as a group gift in the main entrance. Blogged before but All these scrummy treats are by Circa and are currently on offer at 50% off during The Thrift Shop event. Must mention the lace topped table by Scarlet Creative, its pretty unique and a little shabby, perfect for setting out a few mince pies for your guests. The table is on offer at the moment for 50L, go grab yourself a copy before the offer ends!


I love the cheeseboard ! Yes yes yes I am a cheese addict too , who doesn’t like a cracker with lashings of butter (salted of course) and a big old chunk of cheese? Gone are the days of food items in Second Life being a huge primtastic affair, all of these are super low prim so you can really go to town and scatter them about.

CIRCA New @ The Thrift Shop

Each item also gives out on touch, an edible that animates you eating it.  This deluxe cupcake stand is so detailed. The cakes have little bows and decorations and the cup cake cases have tiny snowflakes adorning them. On the larger pieces you will also notice they have attached décor, such as above, the bauble and flake. This round of The Thrift Shop runs until the 30th November so get your skates on and grab up some goodies. Thanks Cherelle ❤

The Thrift Shop

Scarlet Creative


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Leather up

It’s the begining of a new know what that means right? Yes yes yes SF Design has a gift waiting for you to collect ! For September you’re being really spoilt with this scrummy pair of leather jeans in burgundy, complete with a stunning belt & prim cuffs. Of course because its SF Design, you get heaps of choices, hipsters & higher waist fit, resizer or not…I have to say…the fabric of the pants is just to-die-for ! I teamed mine up with the muscle tank from SFD also, purrrfect match!  50L per tank or a great big fat pack of all 10 for just 250L (gawd I just love that belt to death) The faux fur jacket I slung on is also from SF Design, I bought a whole bunch of these wayyyyy back in 2008 and hurrah now its been remade with a luscious sculpted body and much fluffier furr !!! Its deeelicious and the furr moves and sways…thanks Swaffette for updating me and not laughing too hard at that 2008 photo of me in my old one *winks*…grab yourself one before the winter chills you, only 300L !

Had to show you the leather pants in my favourite shade of rich brown, worn with my very old suede engineer boots and another of those oh-so-useful muscle tanks, pants also available in blue..150L a pair..the burgundy shade is free!

Leather biker pants, ladies muscle tanks, faux fur jacket: SF Design

arm band: Kosh

necklace photo two : group gift dark mouse

poses: hate me eat me

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Silver Lady

Happy Wednesday! A few things for you today…above Im wearing a fabbo outfit from rhetoric, the  silver stars outfit is available in the discount area (right by the product camper chairs) for 0L…there is an array of gifts to collect from 0L – 5L. Peephole top with a slashed back…

and a very wearable pair of cuffed jeans…sooper details on this and the texture on the pants is lush! Teamed up with the pila silver sandals & silver bangles from chuculet at 1L each a real bargain. The skin I’m showing is from Spearsong and is currently out as a gift for group members, callled Kym its a flattering shade with dramatic smokey eyes, it also comes with an open mouth alpha and teeth prim for those of you into that kinda look ! Newwwww poses from hate me eat me are out ! 75 for a fat pack orrrr 25L per pose … thanks riri xx

Stars outfit: Rhetoric

Poses: hate me eat me

sandals & bangles: chuculet

Amy Skin: Spearsong

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Estelle is ma belle

Ahhh “Estelle” a name that conjures up jazz clubs, smokey bars and sultry voices (in my head anyway) The brand new release from SF Design ! A real eye-catching gown, slit down the side to reveal your legs as you dance or walk…figure hugging glittery fabric that clings to each and everrrry curve. Diamante that catches your eye on the spaghetti straps and at the V-shaped parting over your legs…terrific stuff…it comes in three colours, the deep red you see above,classic black and a rather lush dark blue..and thats not all…

With each gown comes its own pair of verrrry high heels..superbly made, with a simple dimple HUD for skin & nails etc..(squillionsss of pedicure shades yay!) The thing I reallly loved? I didn’t have to change the skin tone ONE bit..and thats the one thing that is bound to have me screeching like a banshee and running in circles …there is a vast selection of skin tones in the HUD..(I adored the red gown and shoes the most, have to admit !) You will find this outfit in the new arrivals department in the High Society building…thanks Swaffette xx

oh pssst…just to show that the monday mania item from SF Design also looks deelicious on us girls.(because Steve got it blogged before me dammit ) it is ! Available for just 25L today only from the midnight mania board. Colour change hair, colour change hat…love it!

Estelle Gown & shoes : SF Design (TP board where you land to all sections)

Pose: Glitterati

Lip Gloss : hate me eat me makeup (thanks riri xx .. youll find some divine make ups here that are different from the norm and some great lippy gloss !)

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Arisaris with a whole lotta boots

Oh yus…more summeriness to titilate you with…this time from Arisaris…Im wearing the new stripey get up called “Karma” (I love that word and what it means…dont you?) Short tight dress with a sumptuously thick grey belt to cinch in your waist…220L its all yours..infact while you’re there, why not join the group and collect these freeee boots that go so well with it…

Stunning aren’t they! The reallllly good news is that you get them in two colours, silver-grey as above and cherry red ! Just join the group and walk to the top of the stairs…you’ll find them there along with a whole host of other goodies for free.

Last up is the Sunray dress, purple & lilac seems to be really in this summer and its in abundance with this outfit. You get the clinging dress that’s super shimmery and bright plus the bag ! 220L for the complete set…

Go join up: Arisaris all poses used by hate me eat me -thanks riri x


Bubblez with a little grog

Bubblez & hate me eat me

I’ve been feeling really *weddingy* this England gets into a frenzy of Wills & Kate…I just had to wear this hat.called grog…its by “hate me eat me” and can also be worn as hair (as I am above) Such a unique item, comes without the petals also, but I don’t think a girl can ever have enough flowers . Absolutely squillions of shades available..grab it up for just 200L per shade (you get both versions in one box)

The earthy spring dress “meko” I’m showing is by Bubblez..and its the new luckyboard item..easy hip wrap fits snugly around you..with a revealing V neckline..all set off with cuter-than-cute fresh daisy at the cross section of the halter top..perfect…thank you riri bazar & milo bubble *squidge*

Go get dressed: Bubblez     hate me eat me

Credit: pose by hate me eat me (poses priced from 2-25L)


85% Off Sale is Sweeter Than Candy

STC Lena Taupe 18L

*squeal* ohmaiiii Sweeter than Candy are remodelling their store and they have an 85% sale on! It lasts until Thurs 4pm…so get your skates on! I was in a beige mood so the Lena dress really comes with two versions of the skirt, short n frilly or snug like I’m wearing.

STC Lya Slip Dress Taupe 18L comes with shoes!

The Lya outfit comes complete with some dahling shoes (they have fluffiness on them!) Its got a sort of crinkly hem line which  is super pretty, and has some sheer thick topped stockings to top it all off. Just 18L *gasp* Heapsss of other colours available.

STC Amy Jo Plaid Brown 7L

Last minute scooped up this perfect plaid top..for just 7L! Lots of other colours prim fiddling required and we like that..dont we ? Handy for tossing on over shorts, jeans,leggins..a real steal.

Wondering where my sooper new poses are from? New-to-me store “hate me eat me” is where I found them, fantastic prices for some different & unusual poses, prices start at 2L per pose and rise to 25L per pose..triffic value, thank you riri Bazar for the lulliness!

Head over before the sale ends and snaffle up those bargains …I’m rather excited also to see what the store revamp brings us too!

Go get candy: STC    go get posed : hate me eat me

Credits: Hair Liriope,all jewelry chuculet,skin curio,lip gloss glamorize