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Looking Poised

Argrace NEW - Haku hair - Poised November group gift FREE Flor sweater

Better dash to grab up the November group gift from Poised, only today left ! It’s this lovely sweater called “flor”, ribbed knit with a dainty shirt collar peeking over the top. Such a useful addition to your wardrobe no? The group is free to join – what are you waiting for?! I’ve also got newwwwww hair from Agrace. I whipped over there as soon as the new releases came out. Three styles in this release, I’m showing Haku, which is a sweet tousled style – I always go for the light blonde pack , 250L per pack with five tones in each shade.



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I told you! (Freeness).

I told you I actually own more than just Mina hair (t’s just that I hardly wear anything else) however check out this new hair from Argrace.


Hair with hats are hard to get and it’s even  harder to get such an amazingly good fits as this one.  Even though this is the standard 250Lds you get not just a colour shade pack, I picked dark brown and I forgot to count how many shades of brown you get but it’s probably the usual 5 or 6 shades, but you also get a Hud.  This Hud gives you 4 hat shades,  4 lariat(?) shades, 5 different types of hat bands.  As you can see in the picture the texturing is excellent.

I’ve just remembered that you can get this hat for male and female plus if you don’t like this plait then you can have the same hat with a cute cropped hair do or it all lose and hanging down.


And then of course I checked for any freebies and found some real goodies.  There are 2 freebies, although they’re marked as Group Gifts I clicked on them and didn’t have to join.  The hair is the same but if you look closely you will see that in the top picture are 2 subtle slides and in the bottom picture the slides are missing.


A cute, simple, sexy and unisexed hair with a MASSIVE colour selection! I gave up counting but there is every shade from the lightest of blondes to the blackest of blacks and everything in between.  There is also a flower hair accessory and a longer hair with ear muffs but my invent ate them!  Yes it does happen.  This great freebie is on the desk in the entrance and I’ll be sending Baylen in to grab them for himself.

I like a lot of bloggers bought Argrace’s brilliant “wet look hair” and I had a bit of a glance around and she definately seems to have cornered the market on hair with hats and the wet hair look.  I can’t wait till I have some more free Lindens to treat myself to more.



Argrace Marketplace

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Frocks & Heels

KoiKoi - Salsal shoes - SLink High foot coldLogic crane top and capri pants NEW!

I’ve been rooting about in the coldLogic Spring release and found a few more items Id love to share with you. This is the “crane” Capri pants and shirt, they come as separates but team up perfectly. The pants have a geometric type pattern on them which is really funky and fresh. The blouse is such a flirty little piece, slightly flared and halter neck, its a dead cert for spring & summer , can be dressy or casual. My shoes are from KoiKoi and are called “Salsa”, I went a bit off piste and fiddled about with the HUD to create some fun-tas-tic colour combo yay!

KoiKoi - Salsa singles or fatty pack

You can colour each strap, heel and back of the shoe – so if you’ve got the fatty pack – you’re in for a treat. These are for the Slink high feet, which you will need to buy before you can wear these gorgeous shooz.

Argrace NEW!

My hair is sooper-fresh new from Argrace… I’ve been loving the latest new releases and usually dash over there to treat myself to them ASAP. This is Kaoru, you get a choice of resize or not, and the sweet bow has a colour change HUD, I am totally addicted to the baby blonde !

coldLogic NEW! Argrace NEW!

This is “warbler” from coldLogic, and I adore its simple lines and clean cut good-girl style. From the sweet Peter Pan collar, to its A – line skirt, I think its just terrific. Lovely swatch of colours to choose from, all Spring time classics. My hair is another new release from Argrace. Its called Haruka and is a lovely windblown affair.

KoiKoi - Tahitti - singles or fatty packs

This is what I dibdibdib – dobdobdob pinkie promise cross my heart swear on my next currant bun – was wearing on my feet in that photo above ! I just didn’t happen to like the full length photo I took (h.o.n.e.s.t.l.y.) These are also by KoiKoi and are called “Tahiti”, the newness is in the colour finish, brilliantly done by Eku Zhong, they really do come ALIVE in your face – dead scrumptious. (These are also for the Slink high foot btw)

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