Born to be Wild…

Oh yeahhhhhh we have the newness from Poison..and its one of those I-gotta-have-it items. You’ll wear and wear this..Ive got (naturally) the chicks version of the “Riders leather jacket”, there is also one for you guys which is slightly more butch looking with big long length arms. Of course I think the chicks one ROCKS …hints of colour in the leather…this is *yellow* but as you can see it’s not really yellow..itsa kinda aged leather with a yellow hue..verrrrrry deeeelicious.

Theres also, brown blue,black,green & red to choose from..but at just 350L a pop…get a couple ! Everything has resizers in it so you can be sure of a great fit…and seriously..if youre into highly detailed gear…youre gonna love this..check out all the buckles & zips..the cracked old leather….thanks Corocota x

Go hitch a ride: Poison