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More Shorts.

Sometimes when I’m pulling poses in a public place I wonder what people around me think I’m doing but I was at a shopping sim killing time working through my notes and also waiting to see if my initial comes up on one of the Lucky Food Stalls and I decided to pull a pose.  They’re quite a nice touch as instead of the usual lucky boards you have food stalls, 3 of them, and if your initial comes up you sit and find yourself serving food LOL.  As it happens when I went back to LM grab I won some SLink nails.relashorts

As I was waiting I cammed around and spotted a Gacha in the RibboN shop so I chanced 20Lds and won these shorts.


Definitely not as short as my previous short shorts! and as a Gacha item its pot luck on the colour but none of them were bad ones so I would have been happy to win any shade but they do come with a word of caution.  My AV is on the smaller size so I usually wear the XS,S or occasionally a M size but these are the L! So if you’re an average sized or a curvy lady then these shorts aren’t for you.

If the LM takes you inside the main Soul Shop then you will have to walk outside to find the small shopping mall with a variety of little shops and of course the Lucky Food Stalls. There is also a brilliant Gift in the Pinky Girls shop this is a free pastel mesh dress which tbh has been a freebie for so long not only I but every blogger has probably blogged it before BUT it is still a cute and quality item so if you’ve not seen it before it’s worth checking out.

Love Soul Shop and Shopping Sim

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Ohhhh to satisfy my craving for something natty to wear…just in time *RibboN* have got a newwww gatcha out..its a BUNNEH! yipppeeeee…these are unisex..and come in alllll sorts of colours..and best of all…transferable…(I’ve got a green one for Zan!) Super easy to alpha & one bunneh voila…off you go…oooo and guess whut? Its only 31L per play…go go go !


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Be Beautiful for less

I trotted over to Ribbon earlier and snapped up this dollarbie mesh skirt..flowing and long..perfect for the summer (if we ever get one in England!) I had a mooch around while I was there…and spotted this gorjus crochet blouse…the colour just worked so well with the dots on the skirt..and ohmaiii..just 30L …

I keep meaning to tell you about this new jewelry store I found called “Amorous” (one of the girls in the MOCK group told me about actually) and wow…its a spectacular store…and the gear is just awesomesauce…last week this set I’m showing was in the notices as a group gift – fingers crossed it’s still there for you (yesyesyes I know I’m slowww) Have a good look around..I picked up a few items on my trip…reasonably priced and great quality !



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Top Tee’s

Got a few tee’s to show you this mawnin..great new group gift from Ribbon is first up..bold black & white stripes and a sweet bow at the top ..fahhbulous tube top…group is free join, so head over and grab up one for yourself ! (Join the subscribo and then look in the history to find it)

Wanted to show you two of the new tee’s from B&T also..this camo print one is a sure winner for moi..Ive been wearing it with my most awesome new sweet n low jeans from Jane

andddd totally love the retro lone star one also ! Couldnt resist breaking out my pop gun for it…demos available & standard sizing…go take a peek.



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She’s the Devil on my shoulder !

You may recall me mentioning Ms Carmella Ruby before…mmhmm….well Im gonna tell you…yes Iam…shes that naughty voice in your head…you know, the one that whispers “go onnn…do it do it do it “…hmm? I had a note from her today- which is alwayssss a lovely thing, BUT..this one was showing me STUFF…adorabubble STUFF…stuff that I wanted…neeeeded…HAD to have…tsk..soooo off I went all meek and mild , thinking to myself..”I will just look…I dont need anything…yes indeedy…just LOOK”…pah! Look my ass…*laughs*…

Carmella had found Miamai, a place I havent been to for eons..and whatsmore..shed snapped up this gorg outfit called “Feeling”, fabbo denim pants and a camisole/ bustier style top…really really lovely texturing for a lived in appeal to the fabric…and at just 90L the set…steal! I love love loved it so couldn’t resist buying it in PINK…great faded pink…carmella preferred the *goldfish* version, which I have to say totally rocks on her ..both these items can be found in the “Discount” section….(photo above is the one she lurrrred me to go shopping with-thanks xxx)

I tossed on a sweet little jacket from RibboN over mine..only 25L and available in 3 colours…thought the light grey would compliment my newwww outfit purfectly…Im also showing a new necklace from Dark Mouse, the dainty bow is colour change, so lotsa flexibility for ooodles of is usual with DM items, you get a choice of spine or chest attachment which is sooper handydandy! Its called “Happy Bow” and is out for  Project Themeory priced at only 75L…yay! Thanks Carmella for the tip  xx

Feeling outfit: Miamai

knitted jacket: RibboN

Happy bow necklace: Dark Mouse

Carmellas necklace: Spangle

Carmellas pea coat: SF Design

Carmellas hair: Sale at Analog dog

Carmellas booootz: Ruby Skin

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Fit for Life

Popped over to Ribbon last night…didnt get lucky on the lucky boards BUT..I spied a gacha on the way out, 15L will bag you this awesome track suit !

This is how it came outta the box… mucking about. Great prims for a baggy effect..its called “Uncool Jersey” but I’m not seeing anything uncool about it…adorbs. I won it in purrrple but you might get another colour…also wearing my trusty old HOC lowtops..umm 55L now I think (?) with colour change, all time fav sneaker ! The pose is from Magnifique “soccer star” 6 poses, 6 soccer balls for each one…just right to show me off working hard for the 2012 summer bod !

Tracksuit: Ribbon main store

Lowtops: HOC

Soccer poses: Magnifique


The latest gift is also out from Ribbon, if you’re impatient like moi, one satellite store has it in the blue plaid above as a gift, or you can waitttt for your letter to come up for other colours in the various other ribbon stores!  It’s a dear little frock…all flouncy frills, very demure and a well made item to boot.

Gift dress blue: petit pas ville store

Luckyboard for pink:  Ribbon main store

Luckyboard for red: RMK gothic mall

Luckyboard for yellow: Love soul mini mall

Pose: marukin


Ribbons for her hair

Ribbon  has a special offer on at the moment (not sure for how long) two sweet little lacey tops,each just 7L ! They come with a jacket & shirt layer so you can be brazen like moi and show a bit of nipplage…

.or wear both and cover them up ! Absolutely adore the white..sooper summery and perfect for jeans or a denim skirt…there are also two lucky boards to stalk, a gatcha machine with hats and the store is literally stuffed with inexpensive prettiness !

Go get laced: Ribbon