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Christmas isn’t over for your home.(Freebies n cheapies).

Popped over to another shop I’ve not visited for a while, Bazar and to my surprised Christmas is still ongoing and there are pressies old and new still waiting to be collected.


Lovely shades of white and grey with some really nice poses, and props?  I can’t now remember but I’m sure that there was a comp surfing one and a hot chocolate drinking one etc.  I was such a rush to get this post done.  The vase you can see tucked behind it with the twigs and the bulbs is also included.  There are more gifts boxed up waiting for you to click and collect.


A simple cloth-covered table and that lit tree behind is also in a pack but this isn’t one of the Christmas boxes it’s on a stand nearby and is also a gift for all.  I’ve not shown you everything in the Christmas boxes I’ll leave the rest for you to find.

Now for the not so free but at 30Lds for the stand and 35Lds for the bag they’re pretty darn cheapo and check out the QUALITY!


They come as separate items but they’re so perfect together.


Only 1 prim each! Quality design and texturing.

The LM does takes you into the mainshop where the freebies are and simply turn left to where the bedrooms are and thats where you will find the bag and the stand.

Once you’ve grabbed the freebies and maybe treated yourself to the bag and stand then just outside of Bazar is a display of plants which are simply stunning.  This shop/area is called Terrashop and although there are a lot of seasonal items here such as Pumpkins and snowmen there is also some beautiful and low primmed planting.  Spring bulbs, rose covered trellis and all reasonably priced and all stunning.  I’ve not bought anything yet but I certainly will be in the Spring but you may not want to wait till then.  If you’re after a Valentines gift then follow the second Link World of Wood as Terrashop has more items up there inc a stunning bouquet of deep red roses which amazingly are only 6 prims! If you go see you will also be amazed at so much detail for so few prims and what that means is your loved one can rezz it in their home as a beautiful decor item.  I’ve not bought anything from this shop as yet but I will be going back for the rose covered trellis, if I buy them now by the time Summer comes I will have lost them in my invent LOL.


World of Wood