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RFL Home & Garden Expo Hunt

Surplus Motors Hunt Prize - mini & full size versions inc.

The RFL Home & Garden Expo is open – and its a HUGE event covering multiple sims. Apart from all the goodies on offer for the event there is also a hunt – each prize costs just $10L and 100% of that goes direct to the charity. I had to go and hunt down the terrific little car prize by Surplus Motors – there is a mini version and full size version included. Fully driveable and with all the bells & whistles included – love it !

Travellers Fireplace - Hunt Prize Dench Designs

I also hunted for the Dench Designs hunt prize – this truly awesome travellers fireplace. Full of beautiful details, with a working lamp and fire – Going to have to find a place for this in my SL home.

RFL Home & Garden Expo Blog

RFL Hunt info & pics

All sims with stores located on them

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Christmas Expo

Sage Noel Dress -Ivory & Pink various colours - Christmas Expo ! Argrace hair NEW KOYOMI

Couple of items I plucked out of my inventory to share today, both on sale at The Christmas Expo. Above is the “Noel” slinky dinky sweater dress from Sage. Absolutely love this ! I’m wearing the cream & pink version, so the pattern of the snowflake is pretty subtle – other colours available which have more of a contrast. Dont forget 50% of each of these dress sales got To the Race For Life fund ! Newwww hair-do from Argrace which is dead cute called Koyomi. Tights are from Sweet Tea, these are my winter essentials. $100L a pack with several colours in each, traditional leg and applier versions included – brilliant!

The Dark Fae's Holiday gown 100 donation

You all know I’m not a gown kinda gal, but when I saw this from The Dark Fae – I felt all Chrismassy! Superb mesh dress, with a button up back detail and several colour options to choose from. I’m wearing it over my Slink mesh body, great fit too.

Second Life Christmas Expo blog

The Dark Fae


All jewellery by Eclectica


Sweet Tea

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2015 Second Life Christmas Expo!

Christmas Expo - Santa's Sleigh ride

Tada! The Second Life Christmas Expo has flung open its doors and you’re gonna find SO much to do and see and buy. I popped over ahead of the opening to scope the place out, naturally I hopped on Santa’s sleigh and took a ride around. Really a beautiful way to get your bearings and have a little snowy fun. Here’s the Expo’s own word to introduce the event:

“The 2015 Second Life Christmas Expo will consist of both holiday and non holiday items from some of the best creators and designers in Second Life, spread across 8 sims!  The Expo will feature special events, including live performances, djs, skating parties, a Snowman Building Contest, Hunt For the Bells, Naughty Or Nice, a Christmas Tree Lot, holiday raffles and gotchas, and of course photos with Santa!   The Holiday Of Hope Ball, for the 5th year running, will be held at the Christmas Expo. And returning to the Christmas Expo as a special event this year is the  Avi Choice Fashion Awards.”

Christmas Expo -Photo with Santa

“The fifth annual Second Life Christmas Expo will be held on December 3 to 14, 2015 and is a mega event that raises funds for Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL). 100% of registration fees, sponsorship fees, kiosk donations, hunt, raffle, auction, and vendor donation items are paid to Relay For Life of Second Life. Relay For Life of Second Life is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and is a virtual version of The Society’s signature real life fundraiser – Relay For Life.”

You can also get your photo taken with the Big Guy himself  here – sweet! Opening hours are – here. I will be posting a few of my favourites over the next couple of days and I was going to poke Zan to go try her luck on the hunt – so expect more news soon !

Second Life Christmas Expo landmarks & exhibitors list


Home & Garden Expo part deux

HGE Cleo Design - Shabby Tabby Autumn mantel decoration

It wouldn’t be the Home & Garden Expo if I didn’t get to share something from Cleo Design would it?! The lovely Cleom Bailey sent me some of her items over and I adore this brand spanking new bench. It’s just so pretty and cozy, perfect for Autumn. It has single and couple poses included plus a working little cubby hole underneath. Ohmai gosh….

HGE Cleo Design Shabby Tabby

…the fabric on the pillows are gorgeous! Cleom always seems to have textures in her work that make me want to stroke them, I usually spend an age just eye-balling them.  The fireplace is also by Cleo Design, a good solid classic piece that will keep you cozy right through to winter . On the mantle is a lovely item from Shabby Tabby called “Autumn mantel decor, its only 4Li and is sooper pretty, it really looked at home up there. Actually I’ve got a few more items from Shabby Tabby to show you later – patience !

Cleo Design @ The Home & Garden Expo

Shabby Tabby @ The Home & Garden Expo

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Home & Garden Expo (squeeee)

2014 Home and Garden Expo Logo 512

Well hubbidy Hubba its time for the Home & Garden Expo yippeee ! I’ve been over and zoomed around – eyes wide and stunned by the glory of it all. Seriously, you MUST go !

Home and Garden Expo 2014, benefitting RFL of SL, opens on September 16, and runs through the 28th. Spread over nine sims, HGE features the finest in Second Life Home and Garden design product and creator tools. Over 85 participating creators have joined HGE, one of the first mega-events of the 2015 Relay For Life fundraising drive in Second Life.

Relay For Life of Second Life is in its tenth season, as Second Life residents across the grid band together to raise funds for Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society. The funds raised go to finance cancer research. During the 2014 season, RFL of SL broke the $415,000.00 USD mark for total funds raised.

This year’s HGE is supported by nine Platinum Sponsors and eight Gold Sponsors. It also includes, for the first time, a comprehensive shopping guide listing all donation items, new releases, hunt, raffle and gacha items. New rules and a new layout for HGE reduces lag and provides ample display space for each of the participants’ products.

Home Expo - Master Map 1024

This is the map of allllll the stores covering  as you can see its a HUGE event. 100% of the funds collected from sponsors, exhibitors, contributors, Relay For Life vendors and kiosks, the Live Auction, Silent Auction, Raffle ticket sales, and the RFLofSL gacha machines,  get paid to RFLofSL, in support of cancer research. RFLofSL is an American Cancer Society fundraiser, but research for a cure is globally supported, with 15% of the research funds getting dispersed internationally.  After all, cancer is a global problem.

HGE Spargel & Shine Maison

As I was gliding about I spotted this home build by Spargel & Shine and instantly fell in love. Its called “Maison d’Ete” and is magnificent, its massive and amazingly detailed. Tess Spargel certainly out did herself with this show stopper, renaissance style design, rezzing drapes options, texture change windows, and warm marble fireplaces. I found myself peering at the little intricate details, the window knobs, the fantastical painted ceiling…Frankly I got a bit breathless ! There are also interior pieces to decorate with – which if time allows I will show later. (I’m fighting with my graphics card at the moment- we had a tiff)

HGE American Cancer Society Garden of Hope

I also wandered over to the American Cancer Society sim – which is part of the collection of Expo islands and visited the garden of Hope. It’s always one of my favourite spots and I visit it each year. Cancer isn’t all about dying, it’s about survivors (more survivors these days than ever) and of course it’s about hope. I love this inscribed stone – I think I photographed it last year, the words are lovely. It’s not all about shopping and there’s plenty to do and see and participate in such as hunts, classes etc. See the blog for more info right here: 7th Annual SecondLife  Home & Garden Expo

Instead of a lengthy list of landmarks, heres all the exhibitors and which Expo sim they are on – just get your map up and type in Home Expo, and a list of the sims with appear, tp to the one you want (or just visit them all!)

A.D.D. Andel! #1
Abby Lane #1
Absinthe & Others Historical Beverages #3
Apple Fall #3
ba – barnesworth anubis #8
Bee Designs #2
Beyond Prims #7
Black Tulip #P
Blueberry Hill #1
By Dorian #4
Casa #5
CIRCA Living #6
Cleo Design #6
Clutter for Builders #7
Convair #2
Cosmos Boutique #5
Culprit #2
DaD Design #5
Dekute Dekore #4
Digitize #8
Disastrous Beauty #1
Dominion Homes #6
Dragon Magick Wares #3
Dreamscapes Art Gallery #4
Dutchie #2
Dysfunctional Designs #3
Dwarfins #3
EED Home and Garden Center #2
Fabric Lab #7
Fairy Unique Designs #7
Funky Junk #8
Follow US #4
forest feast #1
Galland Homes #6
GF Creations #7
Glas Houses #5
Good Furniture #5
Heart Garden Centre #2
JOH Technologies #5
JoHaDeZ – Poetic Furniture #6
Kabuki Animations #2
Kaerri #8
Katy’s Kreations #7
Koko Ashworth Homestore #5
La Galleria #4
La Vieux Carre #8
Lok’s Low Prim Furniture #8
M.Law Designs #5
Maven Homes #8
meadowWorks #8
Meshopotamia #7
Moco Homes Emporium #1
NACH Home Furnishings #1
Nexus Arts #3
N4RS #2
Organica Landscaping & Furniture #6
Overland Trail #3
Paper Flowers Home Decor #1
Park Place Home Decor #6
Percent Furniture & Lighting #2
Persnickity #3
Pestique #5
Pixel Fusion #4
Potomac Signature Homes #1
Prim Perfect #5
R(S)W Home & Garden #6
RE Blueprint Designs #5
Resplendent Rose #7
revival #2
River Beds #8
RNP Animations #7
Roawenwood #3
Serenity Style #3
Shabby Tabby #8
Spargel and Shine Homes #6
Steaming Ahead #4
striped mocha #1
Studio Skye #4
Thaino Designs #1
The Cube Republic #4
The Jewel Garden #1
The Vintage Touch #8
Thistle Homes #1
Tool Shed #7
Trappings Furnishings #1
Treasured Cove #7
Weekend Salvage #5
West Studio #5
Wood Works #3
Zwicked Textures #P


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Fantastical Fantasy Faire

Sax Shepherd Fantasy Fair NEW!

Unless you live under a rock, you can’t fail to have noticed that the Fantasy Fair has opened its doors ! I’ve been spoiled rotten by Sax Shepherd, who has allowed me to share his creations for it with you right here! I’ll be honest, before I knew Sax I just wasn’t into the whole “half-naked nymphet” type thang. Heres the rub though – I’ve been strutting my stuff the last few days around SL JUST like one. Once I got my paws on the gear and tried it on – it’s just SO hard to take it off . When I’m adorned in it all – I feel special, sparkly , dazzzzling ! This is the Nia Moon set, which you can grab from the Fantasy Fair gacha Carnival.  (24 common items and 1 rare, the rares having 24 jewel choices, the commons 12.) The nipple shields are available at the Sax Shepherd mainstore btw – I don’t think they are at the Fair. (might be wrong I haven’t had time to get over there) I have to mention my hair in this photo, its newwwww and made by KoKoLoReS ! There are two styles released , this is called “Frenchy”, lotsa colours and I absolutely adore it ! Its a rumpled stylish little bob cut, so chic.

SSD Fantasy Fair NEW!!

This set is called Nyx, say hello to my clothing for the last few days ! . Theres also a mesh bikini bottom to cover your blushes if you’re not as shameless as moi.

SSD Fantasy Fair NEW!

Showing it twice so you can see how different it looks in the various metal tones.

SSD Fantasy Fair NEW!!!

I just can not go back to wearing those fabric type pasties after trying out the nipple covers, they are incredibly pretty and sooper easy to wear – I didn’t have to fiddle around with them at ALL. I’ve got ooodles more to share with you from Sax, the fair is on till the 11th !

Sax Shepherd Designs @ The Fantasy fair

Fantasy Faire web site


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The Magic Of Christmas Breedables Fair


It wouldnt be Winter if I didnt do at least one post containing a onesie right? This pretty terrific set of PJ’s are set out as a free gift from Biobreeds at the Breedables Fair. I love love LOVE them, sooper snuggly buggly , the pattern is dead cute and they fit like a dream. The Breedables Fair is running alongside the Christmas Expo that I told you alll about yesterday. I had to mooch and try not to get lured to buy yet more stuff – cause I adore breeding pets in SL !

Breedables Xmas Fair MAP & Exhibitors List v2

Info map above so you have an idea of where you favourite stores are or explore a few new ones. The sims are really gorgeous to walk around and pretty much lag free. The naughty or nice gift boxes are also out – touch them, if youve been good you will get a gift! If, like moi, you have been bad, you’ll get a lump of coal.

“The Fair will again feature that amazing ONE-OF-A-KIND Breedable Auction For Life.  This spectacular fundraising event is one of the highlights to the Breedable Community every year when they raise an astonishing average of 2 MILLION lindens every year and all proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society.  This auction is one to post on your calendar… and not to be missed..  there is nothing quite like it! “


Magic of Christmas Breedables Fair 1 – Sponsored by: Meeroos

Magic of Christmas Breedables Fair 2 – Sponsored by: Meeroos

Breedables blog for all info