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Something old…Something new

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned before, that I collect Teddy bears in second life…but I do! I’ve got a huge huge HUGE collection. Linden bears…valentino bears…and my very first Teddy Bear I was given in Second Life, called “the friendship bear”. I had no idea whatsoever that this circa 2003 bear had been made by Damien Fate , and here he is above…such a sweety. Player gave him to me as a gift to go on my bed …

Fast forward to 2012….and Damien Fate is celebrating his NINTH rez day …gawd…old timer ! To celebrate , he has revamped the iconic friendship bear, andddd here he is…aint he a sweety? You can wear him (he has a hold pose) or place him in your home…at 1 prim, place a few ! He is also copy and transfer and free, as per the note contained in the box:

“In celebration of his 9th year as a Second Life resident, Damien Fate has recreated the first object he ever created in SL, the original prim “Friendship Bear”.

Please pass this bear freely to all your friends and give it a loving home! “

You can get a bear from the market place or inworld at FATE island…thanks Damien and many happy returns !

Couldnt put my new teddy down to show you a new release from Pink Cherry ..the adele casual outfit is almost as snuggly as eddie-the-teddy (YES ok, I named him, deal with it) Sooper lush sweater with a hint of chenille fabric about it…comes complete with some fabbo mesh leggings and a cowl baggy scarf…delish! Lots of colours available in this so do take a peek. In the background you can see a new item from Zinnias…the ” Quilter’s Armoire” its a beatiful piece for your home…light wood with real depth…

..the doors open and inside you will find some items such as books…scissors, cotton reeels etc ….Im going to sit a friendship bear inside mine ! Thanks Zinnia ❤


Fate Island

Market place for teddy


Suede ankle boots by DUH! 25L : DUH!


Can it be 4 years already?

Yessss it can ! Oh my lawd…where did that go. Only seems a little while ago that I started in SecondLife, but today I took the time to go through allll my photos, and look at  the years Ive spent in and around SL.

I think Im fairly lucky in that I have the same friends now, as I had in 2007, and the same partner also..Im like super glue I guess…you get stuck with me !

Found this little gem whilst perusing my piccies..might give you a giggle or five of my noobish was a photo for advertising my first ever rental homes, awww

Circa 2007

Natty shorts set huh? My first ever bit of land, I still miss that place…SO much happened there ! It was where I met Zan, was Players first ever home and where we hung out for almost a year together…Im so chuffed that those I held close to me then..I stilll do today ❤

Thanks to all those who wished me a great day…youre awesomesauce xxx