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A Perfect Game

Faith mentioned the other day about the Retro Swap Meet going on down at The Wash and the fact that there was guy’s stuff up for grabs, well, I had to head on down and see what was what. In a stroke of luck, the first stall I ran into was artilleri’s. Their retro gear always rocks and what they have for sale here is no different. I picked up this funky red and black bowling shirt and Clubmaster sunglasses for L$10 each!

The *diamonds* bowling shirt is an awesome looking casual shirt that can be worn in different ways as it comes on all layers. It also comes with a prim collar that fits perfectly and has two attachment points (neck or chest). The Clubmaster sunglasses have a great retro look to them, super details and come in a funky brown and gold colour. You get three versions of these sunglasses corresponding to three different attachment points, very handy.

After stuffing these purchases away, I took a stroll around the rest of the Swap Meet and happened across this shirt from The Little Bat. I have to admit it’s a very simple top, no prims or anything like that, just the jacket layer (one for guys and one for girls). But…but…but it does have the Atari logo on it and when it comes to games systems, the Atari is the epitome of retro for me as it was the first one I ever had growing up, I loved that thing. There was just no way I wasn’t snapping this shirt up. Besides which, it is still a pretty well made shirt with some nice creasing and it being black, it goes with just about anything and, well…Atari!

Most of the items you’ll find at the Retro Swap Meet are L$10 and, like Faith said, some even less than that. The word bargain isn’t even in it. You definitely ought to take a trip and check it out.

Get the gear here: The Retro Swap Meet

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Retro Swap Meet


o.O I love love LOVE when The Wash has an event on..they are always such fun and great value ! This time its “Retro Swap Meet”, kinda themed around retro (of course) and a yard sale type of thing…groooovy! Most everything is an astounding 10L..I found other things for even less though, such as my fabbotastic “omg, I’m so retro” framed print from Fire Beach Designs 5L…and my wearable 70’s style glitter disco ball was only 1L from Mind Games are from [MV] and a real steal deal at 10L (lotsa colours available in these) but my favourite of ALL..has gotta be this darling mesh dress from “Bag Lady Designs” omg..10L ! Guys, theres gear for you also…plus furniture, jewelry etc etc…

Theres ooodles to see and buy…at those prices you can afford to snap up heaps !

The Wash Retro Swap Meet