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Neve goes Tick Tock

New at Fameshed is the tick top and the tock skirt by Neve – fantastic tight fitting roll neck sweater which you can make cropped via the Hud . Comes in a multitude of patterns and colour packs. The tock skirt is so retro ! Patterns and plain fabric packs with a cute button detail and happy patch pockets. Perfect with a pair of boots and some thick woolly tights ! Thanks Neve team ❤


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Sucking hard.(Freebie).

Guilty of click bait but I bet I got you to look.

Yup RL sucks and to add to all of that I have no chocolate!  but I do have a Freebie.

The retro shirt and pants are a combo that comes in many fits. SL is reflecting my RL at the mo because I’m not sure why but in all my pictures the high waisted jeans look black and not the dark red they actually are, in fact since there seems to be smudging on the turned up cuffs on these jeans I have a feeling that the colour is blood red.  This retro outfit comes in all the sizes and although it’s in the Rowena’s Design shop you have to join the SL frees & offers group to grab.

There is other gifts/LB’s in the Rowena’s shop and I did notice on my mini map a lot of other AV’s close by so when I log in to LM grab I’m off to spy on what that group is doing.

Time to log out, or fly out, and if you’re wondering the other AV’s are just the models in the entrance to the Rowena shop but the LM should take you to where all the goodies are.  I will probably be MIA in SL tomorrow but by Wednesday I’m hoping to be back to full steam.

PS. Stay strong suckers.

Rowena’s Design


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Retro babe

ArisAris NEW - Nostalgically - 50's inspired outfit with HUD & 3 patterns

ArisAris have a darling outfit newly released for the better weather. Its got a 50’s vibe going on with polka dots and halter neck styling. I really really love the transparent layer on the skirts, gives it such a girly twirly feel !

ArisAris NEW - LOQ hair - label motion magazine pose

Sooo not only do you get one outfit, but with the HUD you get threeee ! All this for just $249L – thats uhm … $83L per dress, steal ! Thanks Ariadna ❤

ArisAris store

ArisAris market place

ArisAris blog