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Biker Chic

Always a cause for celebration when Poison has a new release ! This time its biker pants, I was gonna wear them with the riders jackets that came out recently..but then…I recalled that retro leather coat that I lovvved “thissssssss” big…and went with that! Sooper detailing on these..that follows on to the back with thee cutest butt shaping I ever did see yum. Fab cuffs with button detail also.(two sizes of cuffs to make it easy for you)

Choice of a few colours but I SO loved the brown..and also the blue..which is a veryyyyy crisp tone and went totally awesomely with the white riders jacket I toyed with earlier …thank you Mister Torok ❤

Biker pants 175L a pair: Poison

Biker jacket (2nd pic) 350L: Poison

Retro Leather jackets 350L : Poison

Merry Christmas prop GFW 15L : Sparrow Tree Studios

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Retro Yeehaw

Yeeehaw…when I saw the newness from Poison I came over all cowgirl’ish…dunno why but it was a good excuse to lurk around a Saloon and wear my cowgirl hat ! The retro leather jacket is pretty cool beans…sleeker than the baseball shorty styles…and would look awesome with pants , jeans..even over a skirt..classy classy classy.

With its smooth jet style pockets and sleek cuffs…its really one piece of essential kit for winter and beyond..slipped on a Poison tee with vintage print and jens..Im good to go Western..dont worry boys, there’s also one for you ! Male or female will set you back just 350L…gorjussssss , thanks Corocota xx (psssst dont forget to join the group and snap up the oooodles of gifts while youre there!)

Retro leather jacket: Poison