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Oops I said “No”! (50Ld Group Gifts).

Sorry,I’m tarnishing my Cheap B* status by doing another post where it’s going to cost you a few Lindens but since I was already in the Fetch group it’s not cost me anything. Because I thought I already owned these glasses when the notice was sent out I ignored the notice but it turns out that they are a new Group Gift and I LOVE them.  You get a hud of colours to change both the lens and the metal.  Cute or smart depends on which options you chose.

The outfit is something you may recognise as it is one of the old Group Gifts.  As you can see on my hips there is a bit of breakthrough and I also had to edit my lady parts out and that’s because this is a Maitreya fit only. You get a hud for this PJ set, 3 for the top and I think it was 3 for the bottoms.  You can’t see it but the top is raised a bit so you get a flash of underboob.

It’s been a while since I’ve checked Fetch out and there are 4 other pairs of excellent glasses for it’s VIPS and a couple of items of jewellery etc so check em out because for the initial 50Ld joining fee just in the glasses you get your money’s worth and much more.  Fetch isn’t a big shop but it seems to have something of everything and there are some plain t-shirts with “six-letter slogans” which I would seriously be tempted to buy and wear lol.

Fetch(Turn around they’re on the wall behind you).

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Sundae lick


coldLogic haver - Clawtooth Bee Bop Betty @ colabor88 - DUH! Sunnies

Ok so I couldn’t resist, I showed you the “beam” dress from coldLogic yesterday and mentioned this one – but really didn’t have much time to take piccies. However, its that today I’m taking photos yay! This is “haver” same style as “beam” but yet so different. Its got a sort of nubbly look to the fabric, sorta towelling but also cottony…Gawd its hard to describe really. You could get away with flats or heels with this sweet lil thing. The colour palette is really everything I love about ice cream…this is neapolitan, which happens to be one of my most favourite flavours. (pistachio is my ultimate for enquiring minds). Anyhoo, it’s a skirt and top, so you’ve got some flexibility built right in there. The cropped style top would look fab over shorts & jeans and of course other summery skirts. I’m wearing the physique option , no alpha layers required (on my shape at least – which is pretty standard) This outfit should also work quite nicely with the Maitreya Lara mesh body, plus you get all the usual mesh sizes.  I’ve been on a bit of a hair fest the last few days, another new one for you today is from Clawtooth. This is Bee Bop Betty and it’s currently out at collabor88. You can pretty much guarantee that I will be front of the queue to buy Clawtooth hair, always fits, always on trend – so voila ! Sweet sunnies are from DUH! “Swift”, fat pack is only $80L and you get five colours, or you can buy singles for just $25L a pop .

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Thrift Store Chic

coldLogic top & calle jeans - DUH @ The thrift shop event glasses & running shoes NEW

The Thrift Shop begins today hurrrah! There are always so many bargains to snaffle up and one of my favourite stores is in this round. DUH! Has some totally adorable glasses on offer, you can buy them individually for 12L per pair orrr a fat pack for just 40L. I love the retro shape and matt lenses. Make sure to pick up a few pairs they will be SO useful. My fabulous running shoes are a new release instore, they come in male and female sizing and have a resizing ability so you can get a really perfect fit. My jeans are by coldLogic “calle”, I think you’ve seen me wearing these several million times already, and my top is also coldLogic “nicks” – don’t forget coldLogic has a massive 50% off everrrryyything sale on at the moment.

coldLogic top & knight leggings - DUH @ The thrift shop event sky snow boots (other colours available)

DUH! also has these dead cute fur topped snow boots at the thrift shop, again just 12L per pair *faint*. They fit so well, no editing at all , I’m wearing the delicate “sky” colour above – along with my coldLogic “knight” cream leggings which I lurrrrrve. (Ohh btw the coldLogic sale is only at the mainstore, not on the market place.)

ps. I have tried to get into the thrift shop, but the sim is closed at the moment, might be worth trying later on today.

The Thrift Shop



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Kiss my shoulder

coldLogic shorts and sweater

Golly Gosh its been a busy few days for me r/l…and I’ve so been wanting to share some of the new collection that’s out at coldLogic.  I’m wearing the morrison long denim shorts, they come in other shades of blue too. Ive looked and hunted and searched for some three-quarter length mesh shorts that don’t cut into my chubby legs…and these fit like a second skin, hooohahhh! Over the top, and just perfect for a beach stroll is the mason sweater. Lightweight and with that gorgeous bared shoulder style going down…scrummy ! I’m  sooo into greys & whites at the moment this version in an icey grey is perfect for me.

coldLogic newness_001

More scrumptious shorts…you know, I could get really carried away with the virtues of this length shorts, I’ll try to rein myself in..but but but…great with flats, sandals, or heels…cool it dowwwwn with a t-shirt or hoodie, heat it up with a silk blouse and stilettos…really, there is hardly anything you CANT do in these babies! This version is called pitt…effortlessly chic no? Various tones available…Ive teamed it up with one of the new shepherd blouses, darling spotty fabric with a front tie and of course, those daring bared shoulders. My hat & hair combo is also new, it’s from Tameless and is called Emily. The really fun thing is you can playyyy with the colours via an easy peasy to use HUD, fix up your own shade to match clothing or choose one of the preset ones, I love that !

coldLogic murray in strawberry - Eclectica office chic glasses with chain

Dresses are in the new collection also and this is murray… dip dyed shades which are sooooo sunny. This is the strawberry colour (which I can never ever resist). White top, seeping down to the strawberry body, so casually classy. Oh oh oh ! Check out my new sunnies…I spied these at Eclectica and fell in love with them, they have a hanging chain which you can wear with them (or not if you prefer), and as usual with Eclectica you can pretty much customise the whole item via a HUD…actually there is quite a good selection of glasses, mostly retro looking… go see.

coldLogic keleti shirt - morrison shorts2

Little bit of shopping time and I slunk around in a lighter tone of the morrison shorts, this time with the fresh crisp keleti shirt in a beautiful cornflower blue…something about these shorts and shirts that make me wanna book a vacation?!

coldLogic NEW ! Capriati

Okkk last up for today, one more frock…say hello to capriati. This handy-dandy little dress is gonna be sooper useful ! Wear it on the beach, for wandering markets, casual with your fav flippidy flops or teeter around in strappy sandals…a very neutral colour pallete means you can go a little more crazzzzzylegs with the accessories…the fabric reminds me of that delicate knitted cotton…easy to wear and fits snuggly. Grab yourself some demos (market place also) and have a big fat trying on session . Thanks coldLogic team ❤

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