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The Promenade part deux

The Promenade TinRoof Trompers gacha NEW

I couldn’t wait to show you a few more items from The Promenade which opens on the 1st of October. I had been looking for some new seasonal boots et voila! [TinRoof] has these little babies in a gacha machine at the event. Ohmaigosh so cute huh?! These are NOT for SLink feet btw – just slide your ordinary tootsies into them – simple dimple. Such a gorgeous range of colours to win, I really liked this brown & pink though, and for me to remove my slink trotters to wear them – you know they’ve gotta be good right !

The Promenade Bye Bye Blackbird gacha dresser - hippie dress - Tinroof boots - Pollen hair Riva

Another new store for me is Bye Bye Blackbird, they have a few items to snap up, I adore this vintage styled “Marcia” dress, 60’s inspire I’m sure. The vintage dresser is sooper cute, different versions to win from the gacha machine. My hair is by Pollen, and is called Riva – perfect for a retro look with its chunky fringe and beads.

ByeBye Blackbird dress & dresser - Tinroof boots - Pollen hair

Heres a collage to get a better view of everything and because I like playing with my snaps ! Plenty to see at The Promenade, get yourself down there and have a few spins on the gacha machines. (all gacha items transferable of course)

The Promenade

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Vintage appeal & New hair

HOC Infiniti Miss C

I’ve got a few stores in SL that I always return to on the off-chance they’ve had some new releases, so I was a happy bunneh when I spotted that HOC had released a new frock. It’s so girly and retro, a sure-fire winner for the warmer weather. The most fantastico thing about it is that you actually get it in THIRY FOUR options for your 200L ! Let me work that out..thats uhm…5.8L per dress, what a deal.

HOC Infiniti Miss C NEW!

From retro florals, to polka dots, all with that darling little collar I so love. Ohhh my poses are by Infiniti, I snapped them up at the pose fair that’s on at the moment. Blowing bubbles and catching bubbles, lots of fun and really unique.

HOC Dress - Miss C hair - Frogstar Journal gacha

I guess you all know by now that I totally adore spotty clothing ..and this sweet bargain has absolutely oooodles of them. My journal is from frogstar, it was super cheap and there’s some really natty designs to win in the gacha machine, only 25L a pop !

HOC HUD - 34 Options !

So, here is the HUD, look at all those patterns and spots and cottons . This dress will become a staple in my inventory, I’ve got bags and shooz to go with alllll of them. (seriously – I really do – my inventory is hovering over 70,000 currently!)

HOC Vintage mesh dress 34 options in HUD NEW! Miss C hair NEW!

Heres a few more, as I really couldn’t decide which to show you. I’m so glad to see some classic black in the HUD, a girls always gotta have some polka dots in black & white right? My hair is another good deal, it’s from this round of Designer Circle, and is by Miss C. Just 100L – and there are four styles out to choose from. I’ve had my eye on MissC for a while, and bought a few before, this one is my favourite by far! In the pack is a huge load of colours, platinum to black – so something for everyone.

HOC mainstore

HOC market place

Designer Circle Miss C

Infiniti poses at the pose fair (forced landing point- its riiiight down at the bottom)




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A Perfect Game

Faith mentioned the other day about the Retro Swap Meet going on down at The Wash and the fact that there was guy’s stuff up for grabs, well, I had to head on down and see what was what. In a stroke of luck, the first stall I ran into was artilleri’s. Their retro gear always rocks and what they have for sale here is no different. I picked up this funky red and black bowling shirt and Clubmaster sunglasses for L$10 each!

The *diamonds* bowling shirt is an awesome looking casual shirt that can be worn in different ways as it comes on all layers. It also comes with a prim collar that fits perfectly and has two attachment points (neck or chest). The Clubmaster sunglasses have a great retro look to them, super details and come in a funky brown and gold colour. You get three versions of these sunglasses corresponding to three different attachment points, very handy.

After stuffing these purchases away, I took a stroll around the rest of the Swap Meet and happened across this shirt from The Little Bat. I have to admit it’s a very simple top, no prims or anything like that, just the jacket layer (one for guys and one for girls). But…but…but it does have the Atari logo on it and when it comes to games systems, the Atari is the epitome of retro for me as it was the first one I ever had growing up, I loved that thing. There was just no way I wasn’t snapping this shirt up. Besides which, it is still a pretty well made shirt with some nice creasing and it being black, it goes with just about anything and, well…Atari!

Most of the items you’ll find at the Retro Swap Meet are L$10 and, like Faith said, some even less than that. The word bargain isn’t even in it. You definitely ought to take a trip and check it out.

Get the gear here: The Retro Swap Meet


Ivalde Grand opening & Hunt!

Ivalde Willia hunt gift

Boy-oh-boy are you in for a treat today..Ivalde has opened its new glorious store anddd they are having a hunt to celebrate! I think it’s just for ONE hurry along. As you enter the main doors there is a box that contains photo hunt hints for each gift…its pretty simple but requires lots of walking around so comfy shoes girls . I was totally bowled over at the quality of the prizes and am sooo keeping them all ! As this is a quicky post (and whooo doesn’t like a quicky hmm?) no fancy props or poses..I dont want you to miss the fun! Willia the white dress is my absolute fave..simple…elegant and classy..

Ivalde Maggie hunt gift

The juicy fresh Maggie dress is super appealing..zesty and spring like..loved the sherbet lemon tone sooo very much! Such a feminine lace bodice too.

Ivalde Lolina hunt gift

Of course I adored the Lolina outfit..its pink! Terrific black edged cami top and a sweet belt cinch your waist in perfectly.

Ivalde jenay hunt gift

The Jenay outfit has a more structured appeal, with its 80’s inspired shoulder pads and tightttt pencil skirt..gorgeous olive green shade too.

Ivalde Janita Hunt gift

The Janita dress is bright & comes with two skirt options. The sculpted flouncy one I’m wearing above and a slinkier tight pencil skirt. A perfect combination of summer tones and sultry appeal.

Ivalde Adora Hunt gift

Adora is a complete Capri pants outfit..dark denim,cuffed pants and a stunning ruched shirt with teeeny bow detail. I’m going to wear this one for the rest of the day! Perfect cuffs for the Capri’s means no prim fiddling hurrah!

There are twelve gifts to find..this is just a taster for you, go seek and find them all .

Make sure you take a good long lingering look at all the new goodness on display, Ivalde is a treasure trove for vintage & retro clothing, classy styling and extraordinarily well made. The new store is just jaw droppingly pretty, it was actually just a pleasant place to wander around, gorgeous waterfalls and grassy gardens filled with wild flowers, very relaxing !

Go get gorgeous: Ivalde