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Cozy up

Aphrodite Alpine Lodge new

Heart Homes has released this lush Alpine retreat just in time for the best of the Winter weather. The snowy roof is optional so it could really work for you all year round. Heres the deets:

This house is about 15x 15 meters in size with porch and about 12,2 m meters high with chimney.

2 rooms on the ground floor (one with a sweet little optional 5 LI kitchen (with 11 animations and 8 props), the other with a fireplace, and 2 rooms upstairs, with fireplace made for a bedroom.

Warm woods all around. rear door to put to a hill, front door to the porch. raised construction against cold and high snowfall.

Aphrodite Alpine Lodge with animated kitchen (optional)

I really enjoyed messing about in the kitchen, you can remove it if you’ve already got your own but give it a try, it has some super animations and wearable props for cooking, cleaning etc.

Aphrodite Lodge interior

The wood textures are so warm, upstairs would make for a spacious bedroom and separate bath room for a single pringle or couple. If you need a nursery it could be utilised as that. There is lots of scope for making it your own cosy nest!

Aphrodite store (demo rez area)

Aphrodite market place

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My Big Fat Furnishing post

Scarlet Creative TMD

Over at the Mens Dept (TMD) Scarlet Creative has this superb build out for sale. It is kinda “manly” and a little industrial in parts BUT – I love it for meeee! It’s a brill size for a water’s edge retreat, low Li and superbly made. There are two interior living spaces, a large spacious deck at the front, plus a smaller deck to enter the door. You could go crazzzzylegs decorating. Its called “craft cabin” and at the event is just $200L.

Scarlet Creative

I wanted to show you how some of the build is put together, really beautiful old nuts & bolts, timber beams and old plastering in some of the rooms.

CIRCA Bombay Retreat Hanging chair new

CIRCA have been super busy lately, with a whole bunch of Fall releases. I love this Bombay Retreat hanging chair, singleton & couple poses galore, plus colour/texture change for the cushion and pillow.

CIRCA Bench set NEW

Theres also this Autumnal bench set filled with lovely poses for females and males, coupled with two planters that have pumpkins and colour change planters. My basket of kittens was just $10L on the MP, rezzable versions plus wearable versions – cute !


Last up for today is the Montane gazebo set, I adore the shape of the chairs – low slung and über comfy looking. They come with a multitude of colours and patterns built right into the menu!


Even the fire pit has poses built-in ! The planters are totally beautiful and very low prim, so you can go to town and scatter them about all over the place. The Montane gazebo is available in other wood tones, so go check it all out at the mainstore. Thanks Cherelle ❤

The Mens Dept

Kittens in a basket

CIRCA store

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Dry Your Eyes (Suicide Awareness Hunt)

I have been waiting for this hunt for weeks to start.  I count my blessings that no matter what poop RL has thrown at me I’ve managed to come out stronger, wiser and yes maybe  a little bit sadder, but also with a gratitude of just the plain simple things in life. Such as being able to look at the sky and appreciate the beauty no matter how dreary the day has been. However some are so weighed under with their sadness they cannot raise their eyes off the ground and see how good life can be if only they reach out and ask for help.
We all believe we are strong and nothing like depression, suicidal thoughts or other mental health problems would affect us or those we love – but it DOES! My own dear Mum who was once a stong vital active woman  fell prey to Alzheimer’s, and I watched her become a sad shell of fear and confusion.  Now sadly with the advent of Social Networking sites, people seem to be able to spout venom and bile and those who are not strong enough to turn it off and walk away. They take this poison to their heart, and too many good people make the wrong choice and end the pain in the worst way ever by taking their life.

OK  that’s enough preaching now lets talk HUNT! Lots of lovely shops are involved and I’ve been so kindly sent a few items to review (they must know I’m useless at hunts)  and if this is the standard of the hunt items then how generous.

If your room is without a view then you must snag this lovely framed faux window.  New shop to me and the first thing I saw before I fully rezzed was a lovely upright boat bookcase for a mere 25Lds, then the LB and then the Gatchas.  Drat the woman is an artist, and now I wish I had taken a better photo for the Blogg because inside on the walls for sale are in world photos, she has a talent for capturing SL in all of its glory.  However the hunt item is not just the faux window but  also a wall hanger with various items hanging off it.  You can see an example of just inside the door. Grab the group gift because you don’t even have to be in the group;-)

Chiana Oh

The mesh top I’m wearing is from Wunderland.  A simple grey vest top with a great message “I love my life”.  This shop has some excellent retro bell bottom pants which at 99Lds is breaking my resolve to keep to a budget in SL. Even worse is next to them are some Nordic knitted mini skirts and right next to them some great looking bags.  I’ve slapped the Subscribers board and I’m now TPing out of here before I splurge my budget in this shop.  OOO Just as I was getting the LM for the shop I spotted a Gifty.  A pair of patterned tights.  Yup I’ve made them sound great didn’t I,  but I say GET THEM, GET THEM, GET THEM.  Bright with a knitted look and they look excellent under the shorts I am wearing. So nice  I will probably get a shot of them in a different picture soon.


Mental Health Awareness Retreat

Skittles in The Pit (the blogg)