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Bargain bin.(38Ld Gacha wins & Mention of Freeness).

Spectalchic has a small Gacha retirement sale going on and at 38Lds a try such a bargain price.

I’ve deliberately left the breakthrough on the wrists showing on both outfits so you can see that even a non-Maitreya can still wear them.

As always I only do Gacha’s when I think all the prizes are worth winning and I’m more than happy with these 2.

PS. There is a Free group gift in the Spectaclechic shop but I think I have shown it to you before but next door is the MiWas shop and it also has some free GG’s and upstairs is also a bit of a sale as well.  Those outfits seem to be 100Ld, they’re not Gacha wins, but they’re too Kawaii for me but you may want to check them out as well.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Disco Diva

Disco Diva

Once I got the notice through that  SHI was having a retirement sale I TPed as fast as I could because not only could I snag some goodies but it was also a good excuse to repost a piccie of one of my ultimate fav outfits.

One of the items being retired is this retro pair of high waisted pant.  Sculpted flares and in the bright orange colour I chose just screamed Disco to me.


Because you don’t get a demo with this the next photo is a close up of the colour which is a lovely earthy orange. Sorry the Hawt belt is from an old outfit.

This is the Hoodie that I adore. Side boobs and draped hood makes it moody and sexy at the same time.