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Early Bird.

Hat11Sadly it’s too early to use my Mistletoe but I finally found a beanie good enough to make me pull my finger out of my lazy ass and edit a hair to fit a beanie.

Hat222As you can see in this picture the fit is close to the head so you don’t get that “helmet” look.  You get a resizer version as well as the standard fit so you got a  big head NP you got pin head NP. Hat and snood are one purchase (150Lds for both) but each comes with its own 8 colour hud which means you can either make them match or have them 2 different colours.

SF Designs still caters mainly for the non mesh market but doesn’t lack in quality and styling for it and of course not everyone wants or can use Mesh, however swaffette Firefly is now creating her own mesh and this beanie and snood are prime examples of it and if you want to see more of her Mesh items then look higher on the walls.  This hat/snood set is in the main entrance but the other mesh items are higher on the walls with also hats and hair and other items.

There is what looks like a matching pair of gloves to go with the hat/snood but that’s a group gift. Not free to join (100Lds) but this is a group that doesn’t forget to put out monthly group gifts so you certainly get you’re moneys worth for it.

SF Design

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Pastel Princess (Freebie).

I had just noticed that my pictures were all looking a little dark and Autumnal nothing wrong with that but I was hankering for some colour and I just as I thought I must get something light and bright I found this dress (and it was also a good excuse to use a prop I’ve had for absolutely ages and never used).

Dotcircle This is a lovely bright mesh dress from Pinky Gals and it’s free for all.

Dotcircle2The fabric has a satin look to it with quite a bright sheen which you can really see in this picture.  There is also a couple of other freebies and a couple of Gachas.  I bought one of the cute straw hats for only 30Lds but as luck would have it I won the only colour that wouldn’t go with this dress (black) but you may want to have a try as the hat does look as though it would suit it really well.

Dotcirle4Then of course the latest Mina hair.  I have to say that I wasn’t going to do it straight away but she has so many new styles out and as soon as I put it on I  knew I had to do it.

DotcirclehairHow fruity and juicy does this red look.  I’ve got 3 different colours on in the 3 photos so you can see you can get every shade from black to blondest of blondes but they’re not flat uniformed colours.  Blended to perfection.  This hair is called Tabita I should have taken a behind shot because although this is a full head it doesn’t have that dreaded Helmet Head look that this style can have.  When I put on a new hair I cam and zoom all around it to make sure it looks great and it does from every angle.  Demo available of course because what one person rants about another thinks “wtf!” lol.  BTW if anyone is wanting a great look in her shop she has a Cat Woman hair and mask which is seriously sexy.

Special Mention to kaori0514 Karas (Pinky Gals) sim.  She has the whole sim set out for all with some great seating areas, a club etc so when you’ve checked out her shop have a look around because we all need somewhere to chill.  DOH and I mustn’t forget to mention that if you’re a horsey person then walk out of Mina’s main store and you will find that she too has an open sim of hills and grass and beaches and lovely neighy(sic) horses.

Pinky Gals

Pinky Gal Blogg

Mina Hair

Mina’s Blogg

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Gatcha Cloud 9 Delight

I’ve grown to love Gatchas for the simple reason that they usually allow you to try out a stores wares and quality at a very discounted price.  So when I got the notice about Zero Cool Designs Gatcha Event and then when I landed and saw this lovely SkyGarden I knew I was in luck.  The balloons you see are each holding up a Gatcha Board and plenty of choices from jewelry to plants and even nicer to see some mens stuff.

I do believe Faith has already been here but I warned her this hair was mine to blogg as I thought it was so cute.  This is the Hinako, smokey pink hair and it cost me a small 39Lds!  So I was really pleased when it not only came with an easy resizer but a whole choice of colours and patterns for the scarf. But of course this lovely bargain made me want to visit Hinako’s shop and I was happy I did. They describe their hair as being “We’re offering you nice, comfortable and natural hair” I beg to differ this is massive curls, hair heaped on top, super cute, stylised, statement hair.  Fun and frothy.  Hair packs downstairs start at 250Lds but pop upstairs and they have a whole wall of hair packs for 100Lds.  Look cross the room you will also see a small selection of clothes as well.

Zero Cool Designz Cloud 9 Gatcha Event

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Long,Thick and Magika(l)

I was looking for an “updo” and ended up getting tempted by this  long and luscious look.  Now we all know that when you have long hair it usually comes in 2 sections and therefore you have that dreaded “break” in the flow where the 2 hair parts meet but this one is PDG (pretty damned good) at smoothing out the join between the 2 parts.  With some poses you still get the break but this is the first long non mesh hair that I thought was worth spending my lindens on. What makes this a bargain barnett (English slang for hair do) is you have so many options.  Ren is the hairs name and as  standard you get 8 shades of colours in each pack (I chose the safe but sure browns) but using the HUD you can change not only the overall colour but have the top half a different colour from the bottom half.  You can wear the top half only so going for a short shoulder length look!  Then you have the choice of “Mirror Image” which turns out to be you can change the side it’s on so for example the fringe is draped over the right eye but I can wear the mirror image and have the fringe, over the left side.  How clever is that.  As mentioned you get a Hud which you can do the usual ie change the sizing and colour but you can also have a strand of hair in your mouth as an extra bit of quirkiness.  199LDs for a hairdo with so many options and long locks is a Magika(l) Bargain.  Everything comes with Demos and there is a pretty and pink free mesh hair waiting to be grabbed at Magika.