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Dipping a toe into the Dirty Turkey (freebies)

Dirty Turkey Hunt gifts FREE!

One of my all time fav hunts has begun – The Dirty Turkey hunt has become a fixture for me each year. I dipped a toe in and came up trumps with two prizes straight off the bat. The posture collar is from DUH!, you get two versions – one with a ring and one without. The outfit is from Mooh, lovely neutral beiges – skirt and cardigan. I’m wearing it over my SLink Physique mesh body – great fit! Hunt blog listed below that contains all the landmarks and hints – get crackin!

The Dirty Turkey Hunt Blog

Hair by Elua


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Brrrr !

Neve zeezee lively - campus stripe NEW! DUH! Stitched western boots $40L !

So alrighty ! We’re dropping into the Fall arena pretty swiftly and there’s heaps of new gear around for the season. Neve have released another bundle of goodies with some really unique fiddly bits. Above I’m wearing the “zeezee” leggings, this scrumptous teal colour is from the lively pack, now the coolio thing is with these little darlin’s you will never need to stress about that old “legging – boot” scenario again hurrrah! In the HUD, is a wee bit of trickery that allows you to alpha out for boots of different lengths. I didn’t have to use it with these stitched western boots form DUH! – however I did try it out with other pairs and it’s SO brill. I’ve teamed the leggings up with a gorgeous new Autumnal sweater called “campus”, various packs of this in store, this is the stripe version. The HUD lets you remove the undershirt and recolour it, you all know I adore a bit of versatility.


These western boots by DUH! come in a whole heap of colours (I’m showing just a few here), they came out a while back but are so darn handydandy I use them a lot. Only $40L per colour, fat pack available too.

Neve zeezee floral - Breeze neutral NEW!

Another version of the zee zee leggings, a rather delicate tone from the floral pack. Over the top Im wearing the “Breeze” top, the HUD allows you to recolour the insert shirt also. There is a lattice version of this that’s ever so pretty – go take a gander and grab up a few free demo’s .

Neve zeezee neutral - campus neutral NEW

Here I am pottering in my SL garden and wearing the breeze top in brown from the neutral collection over the zee zee leggings (also neutral) This sweater is more organic and sort of nubbly. I thought it was just perfect for tottering about outside in no?

Duh! Boots (many colurs available)

What you can’t see above are my fabulous boooots from DUH! Gawd I love these and I don’t know how I didn’t see them before in the store. These are the combat boots, such a lovely array of colours to choose from, because I’m so deadly dull I of course chose beige . Just $50L per pair, basics pack $100L, fat pack uhm…$200L I think. Nifty touch to resize function and you don’t need mesh feet for these – nice !

Neve store

Neve market place

Neve Blog

DUH! Store

DUH! Blog

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This is Neve

neve NEW! Sophisticate vines dress with scarf - ArisAris clutch bag NEW

This is going to make a lot of you SO happy ! coldLogic has a new part of the brand located instore called “Neve”, and it really really reallllly is going to go all out to cater for not just the traditional avatar body but all the major mesh bodies too ! I cant think of a time when I’ve been so chuffed about my meshiness, Ive been enjoying the Slink Physique addition in the coldLogic packs for a few months, but now its an integral part for all you mesh bod lovers in the new Neve collection. (Maitreya Lara, Belleza Isis, Slink Physique are now in the packs) Also new is a low impact HUD included with your garments, you can alter items colour and patterns, some pieces even more , I do so love to be able to personalise my outfit.

neve NEW! Sophisticate vines dress with scarf - ArisAris clutch bag & SHOES new!

Theres more ! We can now buy gift cards yippeeeeee! I’ve so wanted that for ages, you can grab a gift card for your friends & loved ones to enjoy the store, brilliant news. Oh… you want more good news huh? Welllllll you will now be able to join the “Neve VIP Group”, its free to get into and you receive a scrummy 5% on all purchases added to your shopping account, save up and get an item for free ! There will also be gifts from time to time and of course you’ll stay right up to date with all the news and releases as they arrive instore. Neve, will over time, take over from coldLogic, but the best of the coldLogic range (for now) is going to be kept in a separate area so you can still grab items you want.

Neve Athena Boho NEW - Magika itch NEW

This first Neve collection really has something for everyone, I just adore this “Athena” dress. It has a HUD that allows you to change the top, bottom and ties so you get many looks in one piece – what’s not to love about that! Athena comes in three versions, I’m wearing the Boho one over the Slink Physique mesh body, it’s a superb fit – go try a demo and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Neve ballerina lively - Magika hair NEW!

This is the “ballerina lively” dress, its dead cute and the way the skirt is full and swirrrrrly – it almost seems to have movement built right in. Three versions again in varying colour palettes. Ive got SO much more to show you over the next few days !Thank you Neve team ❤

Neve store

Neve blog

All hair by Magika

Gold shoes & clutch bag by ArisAris for the Festival of Sin

Sun glasses by DUH!


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Thrifty Girl

Hanging Chair - mesh - $30L

Just a real quickie to brighten your day – I just got the list through for 30L Saturday, and headed over to check out this chair above. It’s by Mistique and is 10Li all mesh. You get eight poses, four for the girls, four for the chaps. I love it to pieces ! The fabric on the cushion is a rich lush satin, so gives a feel of the exotic in your back yard – or in my case on my concrete boat. All yours for only $30L .

DUH! Two Tickets mirrored sunnies -   Silver & Gold versions included

Also I had to share these brilliant sunglasses from DUH, super-duper handy and sexily mirrored with a tropical scene reflected on the glass. You get two versions in the pack – gold & silver for only £30L – steal! (Yes yes, I know I have a strand of hair going through the glass, but I was rushinggggggg to show you lol)



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Sundae lick


coldLogic haver - Clawtooth Bee Bop Betty @ colabor88 - DUH! Sunnies

Ok so I couldn’t resist, I showed you the “beam” dress from coldLogic yesterday and mentioned this one – but really didn’t have much time to take piccies. However, its that today I’m taking photos yay! This is “haver” same style as “beam” but yet so different. Its got a sort of nubbly look to the fabric, sorta towelling but also cottony…Gawd its hard to describe really. You could get away with flats or heels with this sweet lil thing. The colour palette is really everything I love about ice cream…this is neapolitan, which happens to be one of my most favourite flavours. (pistachio is my ultimate for enquiring minds). Anyhoo, it’s a skirt and top, so you’ve got some flexibility built right in there. The cropped style top would look fab over shorts & jeans and of course other summery skirts. I’m wearing the physique option , no alpha layers required (on my shape at least – which is pretty standard) This outfit should also work quite nicely with the Maitreya Lara mesh body, plus you get all the usual mesh sizes.  I’ve been on a bit of a hair fest the last few days, another new one for you today is from Clawtooth. This is Bee Bop Betty and it’s currently out at collabor88. You can pretty much guarantee that I will be front of the queue to buy Clawtooth hair, always fits, always on trend – so voila ! Sweet sunnies are from DUH! “Swift”, fat pack is only $80L and you get five colours, or you can buy singles for just $25L a pop .

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic Blog



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Entering a new Phase for year three

coldLogic NEW!! DUH! running sneakers NEW!

Its coldLogic’s third year and things have surely evolved in that time. With a lot of us wearing mesh bodies these days coldLogic have responded to make it easier for us – which is great news ! (I have to admit that I’ve never had an issue with coldLogic clothing and my Slink Physique mesh body, everything fits just as it always has. But that might be because of the shape I wear – I don’t know really) So the latest releases will fit those that don’t wear mesh bodies and those of us who do. I tried everything without wearing my Physique body and then again with it – just so I could see if I had any issues – I didn’t, hurrah ! Above is a new outfit called “hance”, you get the pants & sweater, the sweater actually tucks into the front of the pants which is super stylish and coolio. i also tried the hance sweater with other pairs of coldLogic pants in the latest releases, and they slid in effortlessly – nice touch that you could wear these as separates.  My sneakers are from DUH!, I love love love these cute babies, only 15L a pair and you get guys & girls in the pack – no slink feet required btw.

coldLogic NEW! DUH! Loafers

Onto my favourite pants next “valens”, big houndstooth checky pattern which I just adore, lots of colours to choose from. My sweater is “york” its the ultimate smoochypoochy snuggle-me-up type of thing. This colour is called purple, but it’s really a lovely smudgey sort of lilac-pink. My loafers are by DUH! again no slink feet needed and just 40L a pair – other colours available.

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

Duh! store


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Free things – lots of free things!

FREE mesh jeans & tie top

The Free dove has been around in SL for like EVER. Renee Harvey (Creator at DUH!) reminded me that they have a hunt going on, in fact several hunts at the moment. The Free dove is stuffed full of goodies, not just for new residents – a lot of it is fantastic for all tastes .

FREE mesh top - Free makeup - FREE necklace

If you look around you will see the usual boxes of free goodies but look closer and you will find little flowers dotted about. DUH! have ten prizes to find, you can see them all here ! I popped over and filled my boots (literally) and really loved this little mesh outfit I found from Unique, lovely and fresh. My makeup is also a hunt gift from 7deadlyS{k}ins !

The Free Dove