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Stunning Red, Glorious Gold.(Freebie).

This is a shop quality stunning FREE FOR ALL gift from Ison, you will find it near the LM and all you need to do is click and buy for zero Lds.

Both of the shades are stunning and the mesh is finished to a shop quality finish but my picture just isn’t the best.  Because of the way the living room is lit I was struggling to a nice even light to show off the dress and my face to their best and failed so I edit the picture a little to even out the light and ended up making this dress look almost matt when it does have a light silky/satin sheen to it.

One of my New Years Resolution is to make myself a fancy dressing room that I can rezz and use as a simple backdrop rather than either the plain curtains I resort to or having to edit a picture and detract somewhat from the details until then take my word for it this is a lovely dress/gift and I’d grab it now.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed


I slipped into my jeans feeling so pleased that I finally seemed to have shifted some of my Christmas weight off and they felt nice and loose, then I spotted I’d forgotten to do up the last button..DAMN!

I was planning on house hunting but as always got side tracked and then had some “selfie” fun.


I have, to be honest and say I’d spotted this dress in some of my Flickr groups but I was pretty sure that Kaithleens was a paid for group so I ignored it.


I only went over to the shop to try some demo’s on of some seriously sexy unzipped dresses, wasn’t planning on buying them I was just going to wear them admire my sexy self and then bin em.


But since I was there and the Group Gift was right there as well I did a quick check and I was wrong, Kaithleens is a Free Group and so I snagged it.


A “Red Hot Mamma” look, comes in all the mesh and mesh bod fits.  I’m subbed to Kathleens and so get regular updates so I don’t need to remain in the group but next time I see a notice about a Freebie I know to haul ass and go get it.  But remember to check the shop out the sezy unzipped little number I was trying on is on the wall near to the GG and the entrance and you might just get tempted to buy it.

Kaithleens(or is it just Kaithleen?)