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You’ve got some land- what now?

Over the last few months Zan and I have moved home – primarily to downsize to a more affordable situation. We went from a homestead to half a homestead – it seemed at the time such a mammoth move, starting afresh, choosing new homes and landscaping what land we had.

Before we did anything with the land we both decided to hunt down a new home. Take your time over this, as everything else you do afterwards really depends on what style of home you choose. Check the market place under “Buildings and other structures” then select “residential structures”. Please do go and visit the inworld stores – I cant suggest this enough ! Pretty photos on the market place give you an IDEA of what a build is like, but seeing it in world is totally different. Think about the land impact, and what that leaves you to decorate the interior of the home and landscape the surrounding area.

If you are renting a chunk of land, you can edit the terrain but you may not be able to alter the terrain textures – we’ve found that “land forms” as shown above can be really useful. Zan has these from HMPD (not listed in their MP but in the inworld store) Also Alex Bader of studio-skye does some amazing mesh terrain, rocks, cliffs etc to totally transform your land and add character that a blank chunk of land just does not have. I’m pretty old school and I like to play with editing the land, shaping it, lifting it etc. The most useful tool I have for this is the “Land leveller”, basically its a wooden rectangle that you move around and the land follows – if you’d like a copy just drop me a note!

Once you have decided where to place your home you can then landscape around it. Zan and I have been in SL for a lifetime so over the years we have accumulated a LOT of stuff. We have our favourite designers for plants & trees, rocks, furniture etc and I will list a few below if you’d like to check them out. The key thing is not to rush and buy a ton of items, try and let it evolve and change – you might be surprised with what you come up with ! When I started in SL everything was tiki and beach based!

Moonlit Bay NEW

I’ve just scrapped everything on my side ! Both of us love love love to change homes and I was lured by the Dome home by Rebourne, its been out for a while but I had a hankering for it when it was released. It can be sky or land based, luckily for me Zan agreed to landscape around my new home – looks amazing ! Dont be nervous about editing the shape of your land, add a beach, add hills and fields, cut the plain shape up to create meadows and gardens. We have used a lot more open water between our homes, takes up no prims. Add a few waves et voila !

A short list of places we both love to spend lindens at:

HPMD – land forms & trees

Studio-skye – all types of landscaping

Dench Designs – furniture

3D – Trees and plants

Bazar – furniture

Hisa – homes

Salome Designs – ancient style homes

Trompe L’oeil – Homes


Real Waves by Antreas Alter

Rebourne Homes

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Shock, Horror I Spent LINDENS! (and grabbed a FREEBIE at the same time).

It takes a lot to make me spend my Lindens and yesterday 2 shops made me to just that.  The first was !gO but I’m not showing you the skirt I picked up from there but I’m hoping to show that off in my next post. Till then check out my new Woolies!


I popped over to FAC (FA Creations) to pick up the new free group gift but as soon as I saw these new sweaters I got stopped in my tracks.  As it happens there is also an AV right next to the new item wearing this jumper  modelling it and everything about the quality struck me in the face, a unique look amazing texturing, realistic folds in the shape and on and on.


I even deliberately wore one of my long Mina hairs just to show you that you don’t have to wear it just with short hair.  Add to all of this a price tag of just 99Lds and that’s NOT just for the 1 shade but a colour changing Hud with 4 shades!  Also although I ended up picking the darker earthier colours there is also a more pastel pallet and a patterned option to choose from.  Each colour pack is only 99Lds.  Of course Demos available for you to try.


This is the Freebie from FAC and it’s a great gift.  The fact that the skirt and jumper comes as separates is always much appreciated.

Special mention, I notice that Danny Bourne has a new build up on his sim and so I decided to just pop in and check it out and spent so much time wandering around the amazing builds.  The designs are so varied and so complete I can’t really describe them so I’m going to give you the LM and let you see some amazing SL homes.  When you get to the LM just grab the Hud and you can TP to every build and again trust me even as a hardened SL home owner I stand there whimpering because although not cheap they’re worth every Linden but my biggest problem is I wouldn’t know which home to buy and sadly for such quality you need a healthy prim balance but I can still wander around them and dream.

UPDATE because I couldn’t resist it and it was right there.  As I was LM grabbing for Rebourne I noticed that the new build, The Lakehouse, is right outside of the glass cube you rezz in so a quick cam and a quick snap in the sim setting just to give you a taste of what to expect.


FAC (FA Creations).