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At last!

Was just about to log off when Renata Dragovar sent this out, called Fernanda and I knew that this would be such an easy picture to do and a sweet Sunday treat I remained inworld just to take the piccie so in the morning I could enjoy my morning coffee and do this post.


It’s just a simple skirt top/combo but it’s a prime example of an RD Style’s Group Gift. If you look closely you can see that the top has a slightly tucked in look to it and of course great shading and detailing on the texturing.

I have a folder of stuff from here because there are so many hunt, cheapies, freebies and in some cases paid for outfits that because you get the whole look and at such reasonable prices even I can’t resist.


As almost standard with RD Styles  you get more than just the outfit you get a whole look which means that these SLink wedge shoes come with the outfit.  You do need SLink med feet for these shoes and since they don’t come with a resizer then although my xs size feet fit perfectly you may have issues but then again a simple edit of your shape and problem solved.  Skirt can be worn without the top and so really 3 items of clothing in one pack and of course as I’ve said this is a Group Gift.

There is a Marketplace shop which but if you don’t drop into her shop then you will miss out on all the Dollarbies, 2Lds (top floor), old Group Gifts (mezzanine level) etc and in fact one of my all time fav shorts come from here and cost only a single Linden but since I’ve posted that piccie twice I can’t really post it again.   So go into the inworld shop walk into the back room with the discounts and gifts are hidden once you’ve checked them out then have a really good Sunday hunting session.

Updated. This is the problem when you’re in the group you forget if it was free or not so it turns out to join IS 50Lds but remember not only do you get the shoes, skirt and top there is also a whole load of old GG’s on the Mezzanine level for you to grab.


RD Style inworld shop

RD Style marketplace


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Easy like a Monday morning.

Went to a fail safe shop called RD Style and yet again it’s not failed me.  Since this is a special Easter offer I’d pop over as soon as you can and for 25Lds you can have this super cute little Summer outfit of mesh shorts and mesh top.  Gorgeous colour and texturing for such a small amount! Brill.  You will find this in the bag on the reception desk.  She, Renata Dragovar, has a couple of pretty 60Ld Kawaii dresses out but if you wander through the shop you will find the back room with all the seriously discounted items and group gifts.


Couldn’t resist re posting this picture of the previous shorts I’ve blogged from there as they’re so gorgeous I’ve still got them and still wear them as they too are such great texturing and quality but only cost me 2Lds.

Cheap an

I also loved this months Group Gift and for only a joining free of 50Lds you don’t just get that but all the old group  gifts which are in the room with the discounted items.

RD Style

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Cheap and Lazy.

Cheap an

I’m being both cheap and lazy here, the cheapness are these shorts which  are only 2LDS and they’re a perfect  fit and great texturing. So good that when I pop back for the LM I’m grabbing any other shades of these shorts that she may have out.

The lazy is the fact I grabbed a whole load of goodies from Renata Dragova’s shop RD Style from new and old  hunt items, dollarbies, Group Gifts (50Lds to join) etc and all I can be bothered with it these shorts.  Thats not to say that there wasn’t some other lovelies and in fact I grabbed a total of 20 items some of which are tops, skits and shoes but as always time is pressing so I’ve quickly snapped this piccie.  Hopefully the LM will take you to the room with the discount and group gifts in but check out the entrance as you can see all the hunts that are taking place and if I could find them you can.  There may also be the St Patrick’s Days gifts set out as well, Baylen has just blogged the mens jacket but there is also a dress and shoes on offer as well.

Sorry the top isn’t a cheapie but since I’m wearing it and I love it I’ll let you know that it comes from Ronsem and if I put the link at the end of the post then you will know it’s still in the shop.

RD Style

Ronsem (it’s there and more than 1 colour)