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Nightclubber (Freebies).

When I spotted this outfit I thought how perfect because Nerdy Girl has sent me her latest Freebie Group Gift which I thought would go brilliantly with this free outfit from RD Designs but when I was checking the folder this SL Frees & Offers Group Gift actually included shoes as well! How good is that  (next post will be the brill Nerdy Girl Shoes I promise).


Small confession though, I am deliberately wearing one of Minas  BHD’s (Big Hair Do’s) and that’s to cover up the breaks in the top.  The Alpha for the top doesn’t fit this style, I’m not really sure if I will bother to drop RD Designs a note because I’m pretty sure most of us will have an Alpha that will fit or if I’m even more honest I’m going to bin the top but I’m definitely keeping the mini/pencil skirt as you simply cannot have enough of them.

And I’m keeping these.  When I cropped this picture I renamed it “riveted” as that’s the first thought I had when I put them on the straps look like they’re metal and of course the rivets are at the joins.  These shoes are for SLink High Feet.


Although these come from the RD Design shop you will have to join the SL frees & offers group (sic) to grab them.  This is one of the most active groups inworld with the best “spamming” ever as it’s usually just where the bargains, Lucky Chairs, Boards, Gifts and Sales are taking place.

PS because this is a Freebie I’ve had editing fun and this outfit is more of a dark shade rather than flat black.

RD Designs