guys like “cute”

ohhh yes they dooo ! I wasnt sure about casting aside my more foxy gear for a few hours…but wowser…it had a good effect on Player ! He liked itttt ! Soooo what am I gabbling about huh? Wellll about a year ago I discovered this store called Ray Skin..it was unusual and had heaps of gifts around for you to try their gear, decided to head on over there and see what was happenin…glad I did !

Ray Skin Village maxi-sora lucky chair gift

How cute is this? !! I won this on the un-lucky board (I call them that because I sooo rarely win!) Dont be alarmed when you open the boxes, Ray Skin tend to give you squilllionsss of options, from hair to hats, scarfs etc..just take your time and try on each item. This outfit is my fav…one of the scarves has theeee sweetest little mittens tied to the back..and the belt is awesomesauce..(I’ve worn one of their belts for about a year on and off, super detailed) Up to the minute maxi length skirt.  I adored the hat with hair (diff colours also included)The knitted waistcoat is lully..been wearing it all day with jeans..wear it all or break it up and choose separates !

Ray Skin "Chocolla" group gift

Snuggly buggly winter group gift…how could I pass up an outfit that sounded like chocolate…again may options for wearing & great details !

Ray Skin group gift

Check out those frilly bloomers ! Something a bit different again…gawd I love the hats…its a unique look…and yet another gift for you.

Ray Skin Lucky board

 Another gift…uhmm actually I was getting a bit frenzied & hand flappy at the time, it might have been a lucky board prize ! It comes with two different styles of hats avec hair  also.

Head over and take a gander..there are ooooodles of things to see, inside a whole wall of lucky chairs that update very quickly…pluss a love letter hunt that seems to be there all the time, dotted about are the group gifts on the walls (a little hard to spot if you get excited like meee!) Outside are also camping chairs with yet MORE gifts…have fun!

Go get snuggly : Ray Skin