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Meandering Pays

SkirtSeem to spend most of my time rushing from one special offer to another but occasionally meandering really pays off.  I popped to a lovely, new to me, shopping sim called Raspberry City.  Nice open shops, simple and well laid out streets (massive amount of pose potential) a bar, cafe and this cute little waterside cafe for you to pose to your heart’s content.  There is a new furniture shop there that looks very interesting so much so that I’ve joined it’s inworld group before the shop has even opened for business, so I’m hoping to bring you some fresh new decor items soon. Then I found La petite fleur.  A small shop with some lovely simple to wear mesh clothes and this sweet little outfit of mesh wrap over skirt and jumper which is only 25Lds!  Wear separately or together and she,YUKI (yukineko.jewell), has included all the Alphas you would need to wear it as seperates.  It’s just plain lovely and so easy to wear.  A choice of colours available as well all in suitable mute tones.  She has priced her clothes to make them so affordable and yet not skimped on the quality.

NOM use

And then I went looking at her main store and scored so many free shop quality gifts from them and you don’t even have to be in their group so I indulged myself.  Not that a 100Lds for this is a big expense plus it comes with a colour changing hud which allows you to change the colour of the collar, top and bottom, but this is a complete dress and not 3 seperates.   The combination is endless.  All in light pastel shades

She also has some Gatchas out and they “gotcha” me because there is an interesting chair (great poses) which is half a car and some other items well worth the few Lindens they cost.  FUN.

Raspberry City (lovely shopping sim)

Chocolat (free boots)

La petite fleur (group gifts)

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Hoot Hoot

Flyyyy over to “Barn Owl” and find some smashing gear! I heard about these jeans someplace and I forget where – but the store name stuck in my head, so I looked it up and skipped over there to check them out. Sooper glad I did because they are t’riffic. Traditional denim blue shade and thee cutest little turn up cuffs, very handy item for your wardrobe…and also…free ! I bought the Indi Tee while I was there in grey stripes, sweet rumply cuffs and a pretty wooly texture, just 50L..

Jusssst as I was leaving I noticed a whole heap of tee’s on the back wall…I snapped up a couple…couldnt believe they were also oL *zoinkfaint*

Also spotted this to-die-for peacock print tee (omg also free !) beautiful print, simple clean and I adore it heaps… thanks for making my Sunday mawnin smiley barn owl! Oh if youre liking my new wig, its from Raspberry Aristocrat  and is called Jane, pack of four shades just 200L (thanks swan for showing me it xx) Some really lovely styles in there..I had to leave fassssst before I blew my tier cash on more hair !!

Tee’s & jeans : Barn Owl

Hair: raspberry Aristocrat   (I went to the store just outside shiny things, there is also one located inside Jane)