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Simply Bye Bye Gachas – 50% Discounts

Simply Bye Bye Gachas - TGentacio RARE

Fantastic gacha event has opened with SO many discounts all over the place. Fashion, role play, décor, furniture and more. I was stoked to win this outfit from Tentacio for $25L – its the rare ! I so enjoyed myself, this bought gacha back to the good old days of when it was FUN not profits. At the cheap prices (the ones I played were around $25L) I was willing to give it a go and wasn’t dashed if I won a bar of soap (I didn’t). I got a lot of brilliant furniture, and a few novelties too, its pretty busy but doesn’t end until August 31st.

Simply ByeBye Gacha

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Making use !

Oh you’re gonna love this, maybe as much as I do – dunno. I failed to see this gacha machine by Lunar Seasonal Design when I visited The Garage Fair last week – blimey , not like me to walk by a gacha machine without giving it a whirl is it. Anyyyhoo low land impact and maximum cuteness, these little gardens are fabulous!


They all have ground attached, that is menu driven so you can choose something that fits in with your plot. You can also change the water-colour, leaves, and flowers ! $50L a pop – btw the event has a centralised landing point, so when you land, open up your map and follow the red circle to the machine – it’s a big event !

The Garage Fair



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$50L Promo & $79L hair – Happy Sunday!

Brilliant new promo outfit by Stars “Nikki”, bang on trend for a beautiful summer and just $50L!!. Huge Hud comes with it that changes the top of the dress colour and the bottom separately – dead handy for more looks for your bucks.  Fits are:  Maitreya,Slink physique,hourglass,Belleza Freya,Isis,Venus.

My hat and hair is brand spankin new too – I lucked in and scored a rare from the OO YUKI gacha machine that s at Kustom9 woohoo! So I got all the colours of everrrrrything! Worth a spin or two at $79L a pop – go on – treat yourself!

Here is the splendiforous Hud for the Nikki outfit – as you can see plenty of choice to make your summer stunning.

Stars Nikki outfit


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Jackpot Gacha ! (gacha & freebies)

Jackpot Gacha - Belle Epoque - $30L per try !

Oh my sweet days, a gacha event here you could win more stuff on each try – well whats a girl to do? Go over there and give it a whirllllllllll. First port of call was naturally Belle Époque, I love this designers clothing and was dead chuffed to see not one but two possible outcomes – good or bad, white or black. My good girl vibes must have paid off as I won the rare white dress (squeeee), the pink bag and white shoes – at $30L a pop, that’s the princely sum of just $90L *faints*

Jackpot Gacha - Belle Epoque shoes $30L !

Heres the shooz, I’m wearing them with my SLink high feet – I lovessss them !

Jackpot Gacha - FREE wearable Christmas Donkey with wearable bells !

If you go for no other reason than the free gifts, which are plentiful, plus “cheapies” for the occasion, do nab this adorable free Christmas Donkey from United InshCon. Ohhh gosh how excited was I to find its a wearable set up – no prims used and plenty of fun, also comes with wearable sleigh bells. So anyway, I had a go on Ui’s gacha for the sweet little piggies, and not only won the ultra rare, but was given two more piggies! Three pigs for the price of one, I was ecstatic , seriously,(play one time, you may get one, TWO or even THREE prizes for the price of one.) So many well-loved designers in this event, it would be a real shame to miss out. One more thing –  Final Jackpot of 50 FREE PULLS to spend at any machine at the Fair for one lucky winner! oot oot .

Jackpot Gacha

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Rustic living

Scarlet Creaive gacha prizes @ The Arcade

It’s almost time to gird your loins and do battle to get into a new round of The Arcade. If you can get in (I always wait at least a week to try) head straight for Scarlet Creative’s gacha machine, you’ll find the most gorgeous prizes of the whole event, and for just 50L a pop ! There are six items in the machine and one rare – which is the barn. Hmm I say barn but its a lot more posh than I’d imagine a barn to be. Low Land impact means you can go crazzzzylegs mad with decorating your new space – always a good thing.

Scarlet Creative couch - The Arcade Gacha - Lok's rug texture change 10L @ Heatwave

One of the common wins is this darling couch, crammed full with sweet poses to keep you dillydallying around. I picked up the rug from The Wash in the heatwave event – only 10L from Lok’s , its texture change too – a real must have.

Scarlet Creative @ The Arcade rare

As usual with Charlotte’s builds, there are nooks and crannies to discover and delight you. I was hooked on the stairs – lovely curve with windows alongside – the wood textures are rustic and charming, they give a real sense of warmth throughout. So, basically you have two levels in this space – I noted upstairs there are two alcoves which the stove and kitchen cupboard fit perfectly into. (see photo 1)

Scarlet Creative @ The Arcade

Another common win is the artisits desk – comes complete with potted plant, book & beaker – the doggy is my own – he keeps on appearing in my photos !  Dont forget The Arcade does not open until the 1st June  – Thanks Charlotte ❤

The Arcade Blog – shopping preview 


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The Promenade – new round (inc free gift)

The Promenade Biasta gacha items

New round of The Promenade has begun yippeee! Lots to see, lots to buy, with added gacha action and a heap of free gifts – you HAVE to go ! B!asta has a really adorable set of gacha prizes for you to have a bash at. The dress above is a rare win but I have to say ALL the prizes are just gorgeous. The wings come in soooo many colours, as do the halo’s.

The Promenade - Biasta gacha and FREE gift

The white silky camisole top is a freebie to collect at the event from B!asta, its got such a lully pattern all over it which makes it even more fahhhbulous. The boots are also a rare win and seriously – Id blow a wedge of cash tryin to win these. Furry and suede with Festive baubles trimming – glorious! Thanks B!asta ❤

The Promenade

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Spread The Love – By The SLGBT Alliance


SLGBTA - FOllowUs - Sax Shepherd -

If you love gacha type events and you also want to be doing your bit for a great charity (P Flag) Lots of topnotch designers are participating, which always makes for a fun filled event ! Followus have this fantastic set on offer, Laurent the maker said the poses are mostly designed with guys in mind, but I have to say they all fitted me perfectly. Stonkingly low primmed, so none of the set will eat up your prim budget, and ohhhmaigosh it’s SO incredibly detailed I wanted to faint *swoon*. I’m also wearing one of the gacha tee’s by songbird, brill collection of zesty coloured hearts on a plain black background (50L a play !) and shoooooz by Sax Shepherd, for slink flat feet and only 99L ! They have a HUD, and you can play with the black & red colours to get a few different looks.

free bird cats - interactive plushie toy - transferable ! Spread The Love event

I fell in lurve with these little kitty cats by Free Bird. Not just a pretty thing but interactive also ! Gawd I so adore these little kitties. The rainbow one is the rare gacha win, but the others are all so cute too, you can’t go wrong. There are 3 levels to unlock , all of which contain different phrases they will say to you in response to touching them awwww ! My two keep puffing clouds of sparkles…I think they like me ❤ Ohhh transferable – so ideal for a pressie. The chair is part of a set by Prime, SO deco, SO stylish , different tones available . 10 commons, 3 rares and at just 100L a pop you could totally transform your space. Gay, Lesbian and straight animations, depending on what you win – also transferable yay!

10L Skin - limited offer - salvations dress - bananan necklaces - Spread the love event

No Salvation is offering this dress , beautiful rainbow hues all over it, with capped and fluted sleeves, pretty little thing and 50% of each sale going to P-FLAG. great stuff. My necklace is one of the gacha prizes from bananan, this is a RARE item, there are 4 commons and two rares to be won !

Meadow Works - Spread The Love Gacha

If you love those low prim marquee lights that are all around at the moment and so trendy, you’re gonna love this next bundle of gacha wins! Meadow works have these vintage mesh lights up for grabs, they flicker, and switch on and off, so retro ! 7 common and 4 rares to win , the stag and 1 love are both a RARE win btw. Gawd I so love them all, some really lovely styles to get your paws on.

10L Skin - limited time offer !

If you’re wondering about my skin I’ve been wearing throughout, it’s a market place find from Bodylicious. Valentina peach, delicate lightly tanned tone with lush red lips, only 10L for a limited time. You can also buy the shape and teeth alpha – I’m broke currently so am wearing it with my own shape, which looks gorgy !

Spread The Love

Bodylicious skin offer