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Finally got in !

Scarlet Creative NEW!!

Love or loathe it – a new round of The Arcade in underway. I managed to get in on day two – go me ! There were only a few items I was willing to take a chance on the gacha machines for, the rest I will pick up at yard sales. However, if you like home and garden and décor pieces, take a look at Scarlet Creatives offerings in this round. Above is the rare build Greenwich Park and could be yours if you play the $50L a pop gacha ! It’s a glorious house with airy rooms and beautiful textures used throughout. At the rear both doorways have a little patio type area with a tiled floor. Perfect for a few pots of flowers.

Scarlet Creative NEW

As you can see nothing has been held back on the features – if you know and love Charlotte’s builds , you’ll understand my enthusiasm over them. Every nook and cranny has a feature, sometimes you don’t notice them initially – but they are always there!

Scarlet Creative NEW!! The Arcade 50L a pop

A couple of other items you could win is the trunk , vintage phone and the stunning chaise. Plenty of other prizes to dribble over in the Scarlet Creative machine ! Anyway here’s the deets:

Greenwich Park | Decor
L$50 per play • 9 to collect (1 rare)
Perms: Modify/Transfer
Mesh: 100% Mesh
Land Impact: varies

• Chaise has 9 solo poses
• Bed: 16 couples and 22 solo poses
• Assorted trunks: 14 solo poses
• metal stool: 6 solo poses

The Arcade