Babushka Dolls

JANE - babushka dolls tank

Jane has more spring fever ! I swear that girl never sleeps …and I’m kinda selfishly glad *grins*…Ive had a thing about babushka dolls from when I was a weeny one..and have several collections..and I lurrrrve this new tank ! Sooper cute and all have such vivid spring/summer colours…Im wearing the milk tone..easily slung over a pair of Jane’s 27 classic wash jeans with fold up cuffs ..scrummmy ! Oh oh oh check out my shoesss..new from Argyle Anonymous.. the “Happy Flats” seemed to go superbly with my Jane stuff yay! They have squillions of colour options for the buckle,strap,seam & shoe…

Babushka tank : Sheer madness deal all three tones for 50L !!! Or each 85L (better dash to get this offer)

Argyle Anonymous: Happy flats 169L

JANE - hollie dress

The Hollie dress is cute-as-a-button fresh! With its floral ruffles at the bottom of the skirt…big patch pockets (just right for hankies,lip gloss and polo mints) and denim strapped top its real sweety..I wore it all afternoon,drifted about feeling majorly perky !

Jane: Hollie dress greedy pack of 3 tones / 245L individually 125L

Jane tied ticking skirt & playtime racer tee

Anddd now for something totally different..the “tied ticking” skirt is just awesomesauce…seriously…it just fits..perfectly..its sure to be a spring & summer wardrobe staple for moi. We’d call the top of the skirt a “pie crust” edge here in good ole England (yes we are a nation of pie munchers!) Each skirt comes with two bow-belt shades , one matching, one coordinating, this means two tones to rummage through your jane gear and match up ! I wriggled my tootsies in a pair of piggies darling socks (available in store in millions of shades) and predictably found my strawberry matching playtime race tee to complete the look..(I wish I wasnt colour blind sometimes -KIDDING) and because it looked so incredibly pretty….

Jane tied ticking skirt & sheer layers in chcolate

I had to wear it in another shade..celery! This time a chocolate belt with bow, so I dug around and found those handy-dandy sheer layer tee’s Jane released last week…and voila! Little tip on those sheer layers..if you feel a bit too nipply in one layer..add another,even all three layers like I have above, still a little risqué nipplage going on but not soooo much, it gives it a real gauzy effect, I love it !

Thank you Janie !

Jane: tied ticking skirt 95L, playtime race tee three shades 50L , sheer layers three shades 50L

Go get a spring fever : Jane   Argyle Anonymous