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Stay at Home Club Market Place Finds !

Just decided on the off chance to input “Stay at Home Club” into the market place search bar – et voila! I found two gorjus outfits with shooooz from Alpha Female for free. This is “Bad at Love” bright white jumpsuit with a matching pair of white boots. Fits included : Maitreya ,Slink,Hourglass,Physique Belleza – Venus, Isis & Freya, Tonic. The bots have fits for : Maitreya, SLink & Belleza. I’ve decided this is my outfit of the day and am currently swanning about feeling rather fresh ❤

This was the other outfit that Alpha Female had for free ” Strawberry Shortcake” Its just dead sweet, not in your face pink but a lovely subtle shade with great detailing. I adore the shooz!! On trend style, little heart dangling – whats not to like! Fits: Dress – Maitreya ,Slink,Hourglass,Physique Belleza – Venus, Isis & Freya, Tonic. Shoes: Maitreya,Slink, Belleza. Oh! There is also a necklace in the pack – but it wasn’t for me – might be for you though! Totally free – go grab it.

Strawberry Shortcake outfit

Bad at Love outfit

Hair Livia by Truth

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Virtual Tourist – New Brighton (Plus Dollarbie)

I dont know about you but my mood has been a bit lowwww the last few days, lock down blues I’m calling it – how you doing? I decided to cheer myself along with a visit to a place that’s actually only an hour or so away from where I live in real life. Brighton oh Brighton – such a wonderful place. The Second Life version is just as much fun and a lot cheaper than real life ! My land mark should drop you right on the beach alongside the famous pier. From there you can stroll along to all the attractions.

Grab yourself a bike from the many and assorted rez points, find yourself a snack or three and just enjoy the view. Cycle up the hill and you’ll find a picnic spot and a handy zip line to whizz down to the beach again.

Have a walk along the pier itself, its very traditional with lots of silliness to be had. From what I can see there are at times shows put on in the theatre at the end of the pier – id really really love to see one, actually Im going to head back, join the group and see if any come up in the notices – I’ll let you know ! The outfit for today’s trip is this jumpsuit by sYs , its just $1L – mesh body fits only. I liked it so much I bought the PINK one also, some colours are a dollarbie, some $10L.

I was really surprised to see some of the huge town houses on the very beach front are up for grabs as rentals ! Healthy prim allowance and I think $800 per week. If that’s a bit rich for your budget but you’d like to be in Brighton, look around the corner and you’ll find some sweet beach huts on the sand for just $300L per week. (Look I’m riding a levitating scooter – only in Brighton!!) Have a great day!

New Brighton


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Virtual Tourist – Wander around (Dollarbie outfit & hair)

Starting out on my day trip around Whispering Windz with a fab outfit from Jelly Roll, all dollarbies including the baseball cap and hair ! Each piece has a Hud with colour and pattern options – that should bring a smile to your face ❤

Whispering Windz (I usually avoid places or stores that use a Z instead of an S – but hey ho!) has lots on offer to entertain you – from a log flume ride, rope climbing, hot air balloon, boat rides and more. I really enjoyed climbing through the trees on the ropes and walk ways, the log flume was just brill – nice long journey and great scenery.

As you arrive by the log flume you will notice a white post that acts as a teleporter to all the destinations. Click and choose where you want to go and the URL appears in your local chat – click that and off you go. I was unable to find the race track though!

Whispering Windz

Jelly Roll market place store

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The Virtual Tourist

So we all seem to be locked down and unable to get out and about very often. I thought Id start a new feature as and when we find something we think you might enjoy looking at. Might be beautiful sims, amazing builds – anything that means you can at least explore Second Life while you cant explore real life ! If you have any ideas or suggestions please drop either myself (Faithless Babii) or Zan Beck a note card ❤ I found this quaint little Italian island called Basilique ~ Lago di Garda. Its an amazing sim to wander around – I love Italy, I love their architecture, the narrow winding alleys. There are shops to mooch, cafes to sit in and plenty of photo ops.

The main feature is the Basilique / Church – its so beautiful. Lots of details and a really restful place to be in. I spent about 40 mins scooching around, then took a seat in a street cafe while I tended to my real life work “invoicing” ! Dotted around on the water are little boats acting as teleporters, so you can effortlessly move around from one place of interest to another.

Basilique ~ Lago di Garda



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Bundle up

We are currently in the midst of one of the coolest starts to Summer in a long, long time here in my part of Australia (and you better believe I’m loving it!) so I thought I’d bundle up in some warm gear from the Men Only Hunt and give you all a look.

First up is this gorgeous tweed suit from Gabriel. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know I rarely pass up a chance to grab a gift from Gabriel, it’s an awesome store and this outfit doesn’t disappoint at all. It comes with the jacket, pants and a very casual tank top to wear underneath just in case it warms up plus you also get the black stole which is very easy to fit like all the attachments that come with this suit.

Another gift and another full outfit, how awesome! Lotus Noir is another store that’s new to me but definitely worth checking out. Their gift is the Turtle Duffle coat, splash shirt and jeans. The coat is a very dark green, comes with cuffs, collar and bottom section of the coat, all of which fit perfectly and looks brilliant with the grey top and jeans. The shirt also comes with a turtle neck collar if you wish to wear it but I went without it for this picture here.

Last but not least is the casual wool coat from -Quarantine-. As you can see there are definitely some fantastic winter coats to be had in this hunt. I love the texture on this, it just looks so warm. It comes with sculpted collar and bottom for the coat, both of which can be resized via a script plus sculpted cuffs which you can resize the old-fashioned way should you need to.

So there you have a few more items from this hunt that should keep you warm until I return with some more. Go out and get ’em!

Get the gear here:
Picture#1 Tweed Suit: Gabriel
Picture#2 Coat, Shirt and Jeans: Lotus Noir
Picture #3 Casual Winter Coat: -Quarantine-