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Mens’ Freebies, shape, skin, clothes.

MrBlocMy preference for skin and shape is pale and weedy (check out my other photos) but when Mr Bloch sent out a notice about his November Group Gift of a shape and full skin pack I had to get it.  The body has well designed muscle shading with broad shoulders and slim hips but not so extreme you look deformed and with the full choice of skin colours a very generous GG.  Although I will still use my preferred skinny ass shape I’m going to be keeping this one for future use in some pictures.

JacketNice to get a bit of colour other than brown, greys etc.  The shirt is an add on.  This comes from Platypus and is their and is their Frozen Hunt item (it’s a snow flake that you’re looking for).  If you want the second outfit then look at the MM boards and you will find the snowflake there. Not wearing my Mr Block shape/skin in these photos.

shirtWhilst I was there I slapped the MM board and since it has only a 5 slap limit I was pretty sure I’d get it and sure enough next day I logged in it was sent to me. Again a great use of colour and this pack includes the shirt, trousers and belt.

Mr Bloch


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UrbjeansFailed at the hunts I was doing but didn’t fail to find some good stuff on the Marketplace.  The jeans and braces set comes from Sugar Flare a shop on the Marketplace which has mainly mens wear with a couple of womens outfits thrown in.  Everything, apart from a couple of fatpacks, is priced at 50Lds! The price maybe cheap but the quality isn’t. You can pay a lot more for this quality but it gets better.UrbwinThe better is that it comes with a hud which allows you to change not only the jeans colour but also the braces.  A choice of 3 for each and in the last picture you can see you can wear the jeans on their own.  If you want some patterned skinny pants then there is a pack of them on the MP as well as some good looking boots and shirts and again all at 50Lds.

UrbtopPicked this and another top (sweater with stud details and don’t judge me a pair of SpongeBob shorts) a simple sleeveless mesh hoodie in my fav colour Teal and all  at my fav price of FREE!!!  The fit and texturing of all is excellent I don’t think my picture shows that off too well but full priced these tops go for 270Lds so to get this for free is a real bonus.  Another MP find from bleak.

Sugar Flare


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Frill Bra

To me Ronsem is the SL version of Joe Brown and since I love JB stuff I love Ronsem.  They base their clothes range around all the fabrics I love such as denim, cotton, jersey.  For a cool casual trendy and yes a Joe Brown look then this is the shop for you.  Chortled with happiness when I found this gorgeous and so unlike Ronsem bit of frilliness.  For a 100lds you get a grey stretch jersey bra top with attached lace whats not to like. Straps fit really good on my shoulders and a large tied string bow at the next  A choice of 5 colours or paterns. Mesh of course. The jeans are not mesh but definately low, very low hung.  Broad band of knitted elasticated waistband, this comes a choice of prim for the cuffs. A little aside here but for the ladies, and some boys, if your after a good looking male AV then this is the shop to hang around in as you never see a poorly dressed AV in this shop. Group gifts to be had as well both for the boys and girls.


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Arm(ed) chair and a new home

You know how it is you see something that you really really want and you then have to hunt down the designer and hope they have a shop and then hope they have it for sale in that shop and usually it ends up that it’s a one off and they don’t sell it so imagine my little happy dance when not only did I find the chair but it’s FREEEEEEE…weeee…  Now I can understand to a lot of people sitting on a chair that has very realistic human arms and legs is a bit freaky but sitting on someone in this case is pretty good because the sitting AOs are fresh, new and suit the chair so well.  4 prims and copyable and then icing on the cake is the same box contains another really good chair in a different style and a table to match.  This isn’t a furniture shop it is infact a petrol heads delight so if the smell of oil is to your taste come check it out.

19 Motorcycle

And then back to Cheeky Pea.  Now I’m a CP VIP which means you have a fee to pay but the way I look at it if I pay to join a group when I have no Lindens left I still get the occasional suprises and CP has gone and made my day.  A skybox called “It’s easy being green” which is such good quality.  A small compact skyhome which reflects the growing trend to downsize in RL but it lacks nothing! a small sideroom with 2 doorways, 2 sky lights and excellent shadows and textures and shades and at 14 Prims I have no idea of how they have managed to do it! But it’s a VIP group gift so give it a thought and if you do join then wear your tag and look in the group notices and it’s there just waiting for you.

Cheeky Pea

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Get Leggy

Raise your eyes up from the divine Gos boots, reassuringly expensive, and look at the reassuringly affordable linen pants.  At this moment they are only 35lds or 175 for the fatpack of all 5 colours and I wish I had seen the fatpack before I bought this pair as they’re all so wearable the sort of item of clothing that easily mixes and matches with what you have in your inventory.  Great colour, texture and nice button detail.

PS spotted a pink star on high which is a hunt gift for “This is totally ME hunt”  there actually seems to be quite a few hunts going on here so I’m popping back to see what else I can find