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Visit London.

Loordes of London that is.  Decided to pop into Loordes of Londons mainstore rather than one of her many satelite shops and markets and almost got carried away.  Coleen Macarthu has packed her shop with not only top quality textured items but at such affordable prices.  Slap the sub board and you will be regularly updated on events with special offers at special prices such as this all in one skirt and shirt mesh dress for ONLY 40Lds!

LondonCalled Victoria’s Winter in brown and teal colours.  This is so much a RP outfit it makes me want to RP. although Loordes is not a costume shop she’s harnessed some elements from the past and updated them, which is my excuse for re posting a picture of another of her outfits I blogged a while back but most of her stuff is modern and fresh esp the bags OMG I love her bags (and shoes).


So retro with a modern touch and still available.  Check out her Marketplace shop for prices, styles and demos but you must visit her main shop because she has ooodles of Dollarbies, hunt gifts and cheapos dotted about.  To find the top outfit when you enter the shop turn left and check out the steals and deals board and if you like the look you can buy matching. The hunt items are scattered around the shop and oh so easy to find but if you can’t be bothered to look then there is a pillar with what looks like stickers and odds n sods stuck to it.  Not all are free some are dollarbies or only a few Lindens.  You also need to visit her main store because outside is a row of Gachas each stocked with shop quality items at again such great, cheap, prices.


Sadly since SL is playing up with me this morning I can’t tell you much about this outfit but it was one of either a Dollarbie, old hunt item or unless I’m mistaken one of the 10Ld items,  I really just wanted to show you the quality of the texturing in her clothes.

Loordes of London Mainstore

Loordes of London Marketplace

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Another(Free) kiss.

Another KISS as this is a simple mesh hoodie but with quality texturing and comes with the shirt layer included.  A Group Gift (free to join) for the men and there is one for the girls and I can’t remember what it was (but it wasn’t a hoodie I remember that much).

Orange h

Almost forgot the hair! From Dura and it’s their 3 year anniversary group gift. Again another free to join group and great hair.  I don’t change my hair much as I stick to the same style but this is just the sort of thing I like. A great selection of colours as well a total of 18 so pretty generous.  2 Hair offers for the girls as well. This hair which is pretty unisexed and a much longer curly pony tail one.


Dura Dura



raincoatI was so impressed with the clothes in Deadwool that I just couldn’t decided which to buy  as I’m an AV on a limited budget, so I stowed all the demos away in a folder for a later date and then as luck would have it I decided to go to The Mens Dept and there was one of the coats, Walden Raincoat,  I had stowed away and at a reduced price.  A choice of colours and I chose the yellow as it’s a very Sou’wester style of coat.  Then took myself off to a sim with a lighthouse and placed out a spooky ghost (can you spot it?).

coatDecided to do a closer up shot so you can see the texturing and colour better.

I think I could possibly buy the whole contents of this shop because I’ve tried on all the demos and there is something quiet unique with it’s styling.  Very “Deadwood” themed and definately a place for people who RP but more than that it’s for people who like to look good even in SL.   Sadly not a vast shop but everything you could need is here for an incredible long duster coat to boots, hats, shirts etc and not everything is mesh.  Obviously the non mesh doesn’t come with demos but if the same quality of texturing is used then they too will be excellent.   This coat in the shop is 340Lds but at The Mens Dept it’s on offer for 190Lds.

Deadwool Tailors Cabin

Deadwool Marketplace

The Mens Dept

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It may be raining outside…(free stuff)

In SL it’s still Summer.  Didn’t think I needed yet another simple cotton summer style dress till I tried on the Demo from !gO and I had to have it.  Just sweet and young looking Summer Dress with a lot of adult clevage showing.  This is one that is hidden in with the other colours and is set out at half price of 111Lds and not the 222Lds that the others are priced at.  !gO’s is packed with “no fail” clothes and to me no fail means great texturing, great pricing, great fit and almost as important clothes which will last a long time in SL’s ever changing styles.

UrbaneaThe hair comes from from Mina.  Called Laura it is a simple swirled bun on top but the colour of this one is so reminiscent of an old fashioned chew we call Fruit Salad in the UK.  Check out my next post for a close up for the streaks.   As always Mina hair comes with a great selection of shades in a pack and an easy to use hud but it’s the colours that make her hair stand out, even the standard browns have strands of shading in them.  This was one of her hairs from the Hair Fair which has now closed down but I will give the LM for her main shop as it’s packed with equally as good goodies.

IGOThis is !gO’s latest GG which if I remember is not free to join but it’s one of the best, along with Sn@tch and Mock they never forget their client base and the monthly GG are shop quality goodies. If you don’t want to join the group (foolish) then if you check out the racks with these crochet tops on it then you will fine the grey one is one of the half priced offers.

IGO2The texturing is so REALISTIC! but don’t take my word for it check out the demos available.  Once you’ve grabbed your goodies then walk outside and check out the washing line and greenhouse.  !g0 has some of the best freebies available and I should know because some of my fave dresses came off that line and I still have them and still wear them.



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I have left it too late for people to be able to snag this hunt gift since today is the last day but all is not lost because apart from the colour there is identical dresses on offer as a group gift and really recommend you grabbing them.

IntrepidIt’s a LBD (little black dress) plain and simple and yet this is a corker because it’s cool, sexy, simple, elegant and so wearable.  With built in curves so even without your Lola Tango Boobies it still makes you look like a million bucks. I should have done a close up because the black has a very fine pin stripe to it and it’s got real texturing and not cheap matt black textured look to it.  Comes Lola Tango ready but as always looks stunning without.

Intrepid 2I’m just not really doing the texturing justice in my photos but check this out the corset, skirt and shoes are all in the set and ALL are top quality fit and texturing and all come as a complete outfit for only 60Lds! Each item would be worth the 60Lds on their own but to get the whole lot as a package is a bargain.  You have a choice of colour sets and I chose this beige/chocolate set but have to confess I might go back for more.  The corset has ruffles and is Lola Tango Ready (again equally as wearable without) the skirt has 2 zips and the boots have a beige stripe on the heel. Shannon Byron (Şɦαηησɳ ℱαυşţ (shannon.byron)) has been extra kind because you have all the Alpha layers needed to wear each item individually or as a partial set or the whole lot.  So many looks for so little.

Soul is the shop name and they have a very simple price because everything is 60Lds.  Everything is mesh which means it all comes with demos and I tried on all the demos and everything is TOP NOTCH with the fittings and texturing and loads of Lola Boobie stuff.  Very generous in that a lot of the outfits come as complete looks so you have a bikini with sarong, hat, and shoes or trousers with top and shoes etc. You must check out her MP shop to see her range and grab the demos you won’t regret it.

Soul Inworld Shop

Soul Marketplace

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Meet Brenda.

Meet Brenda.

ShapeIf you look at past posts (Nah don’t bother) you will find that in all the time I’ve been blogging which has been a long time now the ONLY shape I have ever promoted is from Anna Shapes. The shape I had worn till I got sent my first Anna Shape was  the same I had gotten as almost a Noob but I had tweaked and nipped and tucked it into what I considered to be perfection.  Of course I have tried on many a free and even expensive shapes and basically hated them and then Analy Amat sent me a review copy and I’ve worn it 100% since then.

Now ignore the skin it’s the shape to be looking at.  Smallish boobies, small waist, slightly flared hips, long legs, perfectly proportioned.  So good that even though these are mod I’ve never had to change one even the slightest.  A perfect fit for Mesh Clothing (you need the S, XS, or sometimes M fit).

Face useExtreme close up.  Again shape of the features and not the skin texturing.  However you could recreate this look for only 160Lds!!!!! Because Anna’s maybe a high end shape/skin shop but fortunately for us poor people she regularly offers a shape at discounted events so this shape can be picked up from The Designer Circle and of course my skin is another 80Lds offer from Essenses but discounted at the Fusion discounted shop.

Make sure to check out her shop because loads of demos available but also for a few lindens she has some gifties out (o,1,5Lds).

Designer Circle (the discount store)

Anna’s Shop

The Dressing Room Fusion (Essenses Skin)

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I Lied!

Only about it being the last photo of a boat.

SaluteA final salute to my little blue boat that bobs so sweetly but just imagine this, 3 of these little boats is almost the same prims as my lovely new boat.  So time to pack it away.

And the check out my sexy outfit.  YES I really did have to buy a sailor outfit to go with my new boat but my denfence is I saved money on the shoes because I already had them.  An outfit from Boom non mesh with sulptie skirt panel and puffy sleeves and a rich royal blue colouring.  Made even cuter with the hat which sadly doesn’t come inc with the dress but makes the outfit look just extra special.

I’m giving you the MP as well as the inworld main shop because I wandered around but couldn’t find them in the main shop but I know that this is one of their newer designs so they have to be there but check them out on the MP if like me you can’t locate them

BOOM Dress Marketplace

BOOM Hat Marketplace

BOOM Inworld