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Oooo I didn’t know that.(Free Hunt).

When not in Second Life I’m reading about Second Life…well no not really but I’m up and I have enough coffee in me to keep me awake lol and the news is boring.  Since I’m not sure if I can get inworld today I did a bit of surfing and found a site which has pictures of the prizes which you can hunt for at the Purplemoon Creations shop called “The Cherries On Top Hunt 6”.  I will admit I knew about this hunt because I’m still in the Purplemoon Group but since I had so much to do and it’s a paid for group so it just slipped by me but BIG SLAP ON MY WRIST because not only are the prizes really tasty but this hunt is FREE for all to join in.  Although I have to say that the group joining fee of 50Ls is cheap in anycase.

This hunt has 4 days left to run and with those lovely prizes that’s a nice way to kill an hour or so this weekend.


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Damn I’m useless! (Freebie Hunt).

I’m so glad this hunt isn’t in the PurpleMood Creations shop as I have quite a few outfits from here where I actually PAID money for them LOL and since I don’t want to be tempted into spending too much it was a relief that I wasn’t going to have to cam and scan around the shop for the hidden glasses of water with cherries on top which is why this little hunt is called “Cherries on Top Hunt”.

The 10 glasses are hidden in and around a very pretty and Valentines themed mini “yardsale” but when I say yardsale I don’t mean unwanted Arcade wins all new stuff from a variety of shops but new stuff from a variety of SL designers.

XXXpurpleuseI love any top that can show a bit of skin but in a tasteful way and this top does but for those who blush easily there is also a non sheer version or a rather handy system layer beige Bandeau top which is lovely and handy to have on its own.


Again a simple and sweet mesh top.


My last find was this stylised jacket.

When you go there you will spot that I used the large Ballroom as my backdrop because I really want to find the rest of the hunt prizes as I know that there are some skirts,  and like shoes you can never have enough skirts, and a few dresses so yet again when I get back inworld I’m starting off in my “last location”.  Plus I also have to confess that I spotted a pair of shoes from the PurpleMoon stall which are so unusual and at only 50Lds I can splash some cash on them and maybe my next post won’t be a freebie but I have NEW Mina hair and I’ll probably have those shoes which will be a nightmare because you all know I struggle to get everything into the same picture LOL.

OK will hopefully show you them later.

PS No hints give but check out just outside the back of the Ballroom cos you might just miss that one.

PurpleMoon Creations


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Manager’s Choice (PurpleMoon Creations)

PurpleMoon Creations has got my vote, and my 60Lds, for this cracker of a bargain.  For your 60Lds you get not only a great pair of shoes but a bag with a holding pose and a great pair of matching retro glasses.

Just had to get a close up of the great glasses, sorry no time for a close up on the shoes but trust me they are the same great quality.  How GOOD that not only do you get the 3 items for the 60Lds offer but you get a bag with and without a pose, the shoes come with both Alpha and invisible prim so non meshers can wear them and then the glasses can even be worn shoved up on your head, dangling from your cleavage or, obviously, worn as normal.  Generous!
PurpleMoon is not over stuffed with mesh clothes, which isn’t such a bad thing as I always say, but what it is stuffed with is high fashioned glamour wear.  Everything from sweeping ball gowns, shimmery body huggers, up do’s and plenty of bling.  If you like to make yourself noticed then this is the shop for you.

If you loiter as long as I did looking at all the goodies you may even be sent a suprise gift by the automatic gift giver, which I did.  There is also a hunt going on The Runway Perfect Hunt but I’m useless and didn’t find it but when I go back to get the LM I’m going to give it another go because I WANT IT!

PurpleMoon Creations

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Purple Moon Rising

We’ve got a special guest on the blog tonight (added by Faithless because I CAN-its DAY for me & zan aussie boy ). Our good mate Zan Beck has been on the prowl and picked up a couple of items you girls might be interested in from PurpleMoon Creations and Duh!

Now you all know how untalented I am at describing female fashion. Fortunately for me, Zan has given me a hand and so I’ll turn it over to her.

Getting back into the swing of grabbing freebies and group gifties and was seriously chuffed that with my first foray back I scored!

This Floral blouse comes from PurpleMoon Creations and is completely free. It is seriously sweet, especially when teamed with shorts, jeans or a mini skirt. A wide ruffle over one shoulder, leaving the other bare. Wide lace texture on the bottom but the main body is a lovely green, blue and red floral pattern and has an excellent subtle satin sheen to it. I’m going to be keeping this one for sure.

I definitely have to agree with Zan on this, this is definitely one pretty blouse but it’s not all she managed to get!

These are the Golden clogs from Duh! I’m so happy that this shop is still going as it offers not only good honest, wearable clothing but affordable! Their prices are so reasonable. These clogs are a great example of their quality. They just go with everything! Awesome little details on the side and buckle of these shoes. They are like that pair of shoes in your wardrobe that you always pull on when you can’t be bothered to totter around in ridiculously high heels or don’t want to put on boring flats. I’m happy to see that they have added a few accessories to their line as well.  Pop along and I dare you not to buy something.

So there you have it from our own Miss Zan, a couple of sweet items that you should grab for yourself. Thanks for being a sport while I was taking the pics Zan!

Get the gear here:
Floral Blouse: PurpleMoon Creations
Golden Clogs: Duh!