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Cart Sale – Brilliant !

Cart Sale - Pure kitchen Island 10L !

I had to make a separate blog about this purchase at the Cart Sale…I SO love it ! I found this little gem at The Cart Sale – for the princely sum of 10L. Its by Pure and to be honest, although I liked the look of it on the box, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect once Id got it unpacked. Blimey ! Its awesomely fabulous. Looks just like a plain kitchen island, then you hop on board et voila, the magic happens. There are some seriously good animated poses, which send props for you to wear straight to your inventory. Above I’m making dough with my little rolling pin.

Cart Sale - a few animatins

There also mixing, whisking eggs, making sammiches and lots more. Its not all about baking, there are a few that will pose you having a morning coffee ! My best find at the moment .

The Wash Cart Sale

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Time to prep.

So sorry it looks like it’s going to be  a lean posting week for me and Faith but promise to be back with a bang next week when the RL Sh*t stops hitting the fan.  The worst thing is what little time I’ve managed to mooch around SL all I’ve found is Valentines lefts overs.  Have to say some really nice stuff still out these as Valentines gifts so keep on checking your notices and see whats still available but in all honestly I’m pinked out and I binned everything that had a hint of a heart on it and THEN I got a notice off !Soul of her new venture into skins and I was off like a shot.


I’ve only just blogged Shannon Byron’s latest Group Gift (60Lds to join) and it’s still there and if you remember not only is everything in her shop priced under 100Lds but often you get the full pack ie dress, shoes and bag.  Or jeans, trainers and jumper etc each pack has different items so check it out before you buy.  The opportunity to try out bargain skins from somewhere where I know the texturing is excellent was a perk and I TPed over naked without even bothering to dress (sorry to the person I landed on in the shop) grabbed the demos and then returned for this skin.


Lets talk BOOBIES because keeping to her standards you don’t only get a shade of skin you get 6! from pale to tanned, each also comes with a cleavage skin option AND even more because with each shade you also get Tango Appliers, Lush Appliers and a Phat Azz Applier. A shape is also included which is mod but I am sticking to my own.  The skin I am wearing is the same in both pictures just a different shade and it’s called Aster and this is the 60Lds skin.  Obviously the top is the more Au Natural look and the one underneath with my Lolas on, remember I refuse to wear a Phat Azz it makes me cry.  Demos are available so pop over and try them on but as always try the Optimum Nams Skin and Prim Setting which is what I use in SL 90% of the time.

!Soul Inworld

!Soul Marketplace

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Mondays Kiss.

TreeUnlike someone we know (Faith) I haven’t even started to think about Christmas decorations but I popped over to the Wash’s Black Market Sale and found this.  Comes from Pure (not us) and at 10Lds and 4 prims cheap and practical but that doesn’t mean cheap looking.  Obviously the black colour and minimalist styling will appeal more to men but anyone who wants a striking effect couldn’t go wrong with this.  The best thing is it is resizable and you can shrink it down to the size of a candle or enlarge it to the size of a house which is pretty impressive as it loses nothing in depth or colouring but of course the larger the tree the higher the prims.

Pure is the clothing section of Katy Dirkle’s SL shops, not a lot for men in at the moment but there are 2 suits at the back of the shop for only 10Lds but since the 2 sizes won’t fit me I’ve not tried them but I know that Zan has not only blogged a few of Katy’s outfits and she still has them which means they must be good and I did see a load of bargain priced clothes on the back wall.  Katy’s Kreations is her Sculpties and builders packs so if you want to give creating in SL then this is a great place to start.

I’ve tried to give the LM directly to the Pure stand but you may find that there is a central TP landing area so sorry you may  have to walk around a bit but although most items here are womens clothes there is enough furniture, garden items and even some mens clothes to make it a good place to take a walk around.

The Wash

Pure Mainstore

Katy’s Kreations (builders kits)

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Autumn Cheep!

freeThe leggings in this picture are from Pure and I was surprised that they weren’t mesh as they certainly have the look of mesh but the usefulness of non mesh.  Everyone still and will always need a bit of non mesh in their invent as it makes layering a look much easier.   A smashing bargain because they’re not only just 10Lds but you also get 3 Autumnal colours!  Olive, chocolate and orange.  They come from Pure which have made 2 of my all time fav dresses Pure is mainly aimed at the Mesh Market but it’s also aimed at the more than reasonably priced one as well.  Check them out at The Wash because they not only do clothes but also mesh home and garden items and at The Wash everything on every barrow is priced  at a massively cheap price of 10Lds. The legging are at their main shop and the LM for the for the other special priced 10Lds items.  I’ve also inc the LM for Pures Sculptie/Mesh builders shop because for the same price as you would pay for an item from a shop you could buy yourself a “builders pack” which means that if you too wanted to set up your own small business then this is the best place for some of the newest and up to date designs.

The top is a find off the Marketplace from and it too only cost 10Lds.  From M.o.w and you can clearly see that it’s a chunky knit with Autumnal colouring.

autuCloser view of the Pure leggings and you can see they’re textured and have seams on them.  The short and the top are both just a single Linden each! but from different shops don’t panic though as they’re both off the Marketplace.  The shirt is a basic white with light stripe mesh shirt from M.o.w so easy to pop this in your basket at the same time as the knitted jumper.  The shorts which are as good as any paid ones are a only a single Linden but not only that there is a total of 9 different shades ALL for a single Linden each!


Pure Mesh/Sculpties Builders Kits

M.o.w (Jumper & shirt)

{.::LRH::.} Shorts

The Wash

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A few of my fav things.

I already have this same dress but in another gorgeous texture and I loved it so much that when Pure put this rose patterned one out I snagged it up.  What makes it extra special is hidden behind me but since I can’t find the photo in my media folder then if you check out my Flickr link what you see is the big fat juicy bow at the back.  With deep folds and rich colouring  these are just so divine and the icing on the cake is that this is Pure’s 60Lds weekend offer so grab it quick.


And then I realised that in this photo is some of the items I really lovely in SL.  The Absinth set and table comes from Post. At this rate both Faith and I will own everything Post puts out. This comes from Van Auster’s profile “European, Historical, Japanese, Mid-Century Modern, Art Deco, Bohemian, Churches, Venetian Palazzo,Distressed Buildings, Curios, Antiques, Found Objects, Ennui, Ex-pat” and all I can say is you have to visit to get to see the real quality in his builds. Then there is the rich and elegant Mesh long gloves.  200Lds for a single colour or 400Ld for a fat pack and they’re just such a fantastic look they really finish off an outfit.  dress

Yeah for me as I had lost this photo and I so wanted you to see the bow from behind and I’ve managed to recover it and reload it and it’s so worth it.

Just a note about updating your SL Viewer. I finally bit the bullet and uninstalled Firefox and updated to the newer version and fingers crossed so far so good. I’ll pop a couple of Links below to help you if like me you have been avoiding the inevitable.

Pure (dress)



Firestorm Viewer help