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“Bag A Bauble” (SAH Free)

Normally I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy wrist warmers even though in RL I’m knitting myself some! The reason being is that in SL things like wrist and leg warmers look like legs of lamb and are so unflattering.  However I received this and although I was expecting some blingy baubles I wasn’t actually disappointed with them at all, A nice and knitted look without looking bulky  and of course finished with a little yellow ribbon.  This wasn’t the only thing because there is also a sweet, sping yellow bag which so far I’ve seen 2 people wearing in the shop so it’s turning out to be quite popular.

The designers profile states …

“Cute handmade jewelery from my own crazy imagination ;p  I have lots of items under 50L, gatcha machines and some freebies. Baubles! is also a merchant for Secret Wednesdays where select items are displayed each Wednesday for only 49L! Get your cute butts out here to see me!

Couldn’t have said better myself.

BaUbLeS! by Phe

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Flowery mesh dress and Lavender garden

NiNight Creations

Thanks to the friend who sent me this link because this is just the sort of shop I love to mooch about.  A real selection of stuff from this pretty and free group gift dress to the monster boyfriend statue I bought.  They have a number of Luckyboards and Luckychairs and as I stood there I gained myself a pile of books and a flower pot, I also slapped the MM board and when I rezzed inworld this morning I’d gained a gramaphone and for just a few lindens a brilliant coffee set and more and yet I even found items that made me spend my hard earned Lindens on so I now have a playable mesh violin (99lds) and a monster boyfriend (250).

NiNight Creations

The Lavender garden not only has amazing depth but a great picking AO but it is only 3PRIMS!  10X10 with a little fence around it and at that seriously low prim count you can rezz as many copies as you want.  You can also chose the Thyme garden if you wish and maybe the cost of 150lds each means you can have both.  I also have their Orchard garden which is big enough to fill a substancial sized garden and at 15prims again amazing depth for so little prims, 250lds for this one.

Moonlight Shadow