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Snuggle up (Free & Cheap)

I found out the place I bought quite a few inexpensive sweaters from is no more “sob” so I had a mission, find a few sweaters for this winter at low prices – here’s what I found – only showing the keepers though! This cost me just $10L @ Baby Monkey and you get a massive Hud with all the colours you could possibly need – that’s 32 colours to be precise. Fits are: 5 x standard sizes – I’m wearing the medium over my Slink Physique body, works a treat. Definitely a style I would wear in real life – really lovely, there are a lot more sweaters at the price point in this store so take a good look.

Close contender for my fav was this from Searen, super cozy and snuggly, and long ! Fits for Maitreya and Slink plus a Hud with 7 beautiful colours included – for only $1L !

Last up, I found this intriguing little number from Sapphire, plain white with a highly decorative motif on the back. Now the thing that let it down (for me) are the sleeves, and how they reacted to my mesh hands – IE: my hands kept on appearing through them – your mileage may vary though ! Fits included are: fitmesh Tonic TMP Slink Maitreya Belleza Ebody. Cost: $1L.


Baby Monkey sweater

Searen Sweater

Sapphire Sweater

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Light up your world – Free!

One of the first stores I frequented in my SL life was Lok’s – a huge store full of everything and anything you ever possibly need for your home, beach & garden. My first rental homes were furnished almost exclusively from Loks, brilliant stuff and really low prim. Fast forward TEN years *gasp* and I still shop there ! Yes, its Lok’s tenth anniversary soon ! Treat yourself to a little gander and while you’re there pick up the birthday gift of lamp & table plus collect your free pack of ceiling lamps. The lamps are gorgeous, a few different colours and patterns inside (six I think) and of course low low Li naturally. No group to join, no kerfuffle – Happy Tenth Lok’s ❤


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Falling Leaves

coldLogic Autumn collection - leray shirt - leck pants NEW!

Oh gosh – coldLogic has thee most ginormous Autumnal release you ever did see. There are pants and tops, skirt and shirts, dresses, complete outfits – everyyyything you ever could need for the season ! I plucked a few things out to share with you today, that grabbed my attention straight off the bat – these “leck” pants are terrific – beautiful linen look fabric, lotsa pockets & zips, bow tied at the ankle – teamed up with the cropped “leray” shirt its a real comfy winner for me. Great selection of seasonal tones in both – theres a scrummy rust tone that I particularly liked too. My hair is also new – from KoKoLoReS and called ” Erin”, sweet plait hangs down one side a realllllly long way – good choice of colours, something for everyone !

coldLogic Autumn collection NEW!

A little too posh for yardwork really ! Love these “wheaton” pants – checked all over and some lovely subtle colours to choose from that will mingle in with heaps of your tops. I especially like the cuff choice coldLogic gives us, you’re bound to find just the right cuff style to fit with all your boots and shoes. I’m wearing them with the ever-so-useful “webb” top – looks like you’ve got two shirts on top of each other, three-quarter length sleeves give it a casual feel.

coldLogic New collection - whitby gold

Now for something completely different ! This is the “whitby” dress, which so far, is my favourite of the new collection. I was hoping that the optional sleeves would be used again – and here they are ! Two alphas given so you can wear the sleeves , or not – your choice. Without them its a definite evening wear item – with them I think, you could get away with it being somewhat more casual, or even some heavier weight tights and boots maybe? I’m gonna fiddle with them tonight and see what comes out of my inventory ! Annnyyyyywayyy, this is whitby in gold, which was a nice surprise for me – I totally fell in love with it – and it’s not PINK *gasp*.

coldLogic New collection - whitby

Here it is in crimson – love the front thigh slit ! I found the fit exceptionally fantastic on this piece, sometimes its a trade-off between perfect fitting front, ever so tiny gap at the back – but the small fitted like a glove ALL around . Notice the shading details on the bust area and hem? Mmmhhmmm, matches up with the sleeves so well doesn’t it? Must give a shout out to KoiKoi for shooz ! These are on my trotters  a lot, “Tahiti”, my go-to-pair, classic style and the fatty pack has everything you could ever need ! (for slink high feet btw) Ok, time to rummage around the rest of the collection  – SO excited !

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog



Argrace (beret & hair)


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Helping Hands

PinkCherry - Argrace 100 donation item Japan Fair - IZUMIYA scarf

The Japan Fair opened today, and I shot over to grab up the 100% donation item from Argace called “Aya”. It’s a soft curly style that’s really so flattering to most face shapes and looks. The guys style is deffo worth taking a gander at, cause if I were a guy, Id have to have it ! The Japan Fair is in aid of Shelter Box, its got squillions of awesome designers there, clothing,hair,home decor, go see ! I’m also wearing a new release from PinkCherry, the “Noemi” dress. A simple T-shirt style with added ruffly action below the waist, topped off with a wide leather buckled belt. Lotsa colours in this, but the pristine white was appealing to me this morning ! My scarf is from Izumiya, only 20L a pop on the gacha machine.

Japan Fair



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Fifty is Fab

MOLiCHiNO Fifty Linden Friday skirt & top plus bodysuit (not shown) 50L

A real quicky of a post so you don’t miss this amazing outfit from MOLiCHiNO. I hadn’t heard of this store before so thought Id check out the FLF offer, always a good way to check out a new designer. Was really impressed with the (free) demo’s and actually thought that it was 50L for each item…but oh no ! You get the nude tone mesh skirt AND the mesh lace top, plus you will find in the box a red body suit – just incase you’re a lot more modest than Iam. Didnt have time to mooch the store but will definitely be returning for a good look around later. This offer is only available for Friday…dont miss out!


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Inside comes out to play

Cleo Design NEW! Picnic set & decor items Spring Festival Hunt 1L

The Spring Festival begins tomorrow at the Cookie Jar Sim and Cleo Design has an absolutely magnifico picnic set for you to find ! It very much reminds me of a set my auntie had in her London home, during the Autumn and winter months it lived indoors in her conservatory, but come Spring & Summer, out  it came into the garden. The stools have a shabby air about them and look so quaint, the colours are mixed which is super cute. Green topped table compliments the overall feel of the set, and you’ll also find the tray & tumblers for your cordial, a piping hot bowl of soup, bread and a lamp for those dusky evenings included. All this for just 1L ! (My set had the stools facing the wrong way when I rezzed it, don’t fret though, just spin them around !) Thanks Cleom ❤ (there is a 50% off sale in progress at this store also)

Cleo Design Monthly Challenge -  Bungalow Veranda_001

Over at Cleo Designs mainstore is a new event ! This is “The Challenge”, the theme for this one is “Californian Bungalow”, now Id find that pretty hard, luckily for us Cleom worked her little fingers to the bone and came up with a truly brilliant idea. This Veranda and associated furniture can join onto your existing home, its dead simple. I placed mine on an exterior wall and it just blended in so seamlessly, it looked to have been built with the house. The complete set is huge ! There is a bench stuffed full of wonderful poses for singles and couples..a footstool that has five different textures and various lounging poses, plussss little pots of flowers and a palm…but thats not all…not by half …

Cleo Design Monthly Challenge -  Bungalow Veranda_003

You will also find two of these delightful wooden chairs in the box, full of animations that give you items to wear, eat & drink…here Iam frying my brain doing a puzzle ! There is also a shelf unit complete with bits and pieces of decor already placed…oh more? mmhm…

Cleo Design Monthly Challenge -  Bungalow Veranda_004

Here is a distance shot of the veranda in all its glory..its all pretty low prim, and of course isn’t linked so you can fiddle about and arrange it how you like. Btw, there’s also poses embedded in the veranda itself…really really lovely ones ! The entire set (including the doormat and mail box) is just 150L…a definate budget pleasing amount, all of it is out at the main store so you can try it out. Buy the set from the box just by the veranda steps.

New round of The Challenge will begin on the last day of the month, themes are chosen randomly from a generated list…exciting huh?! I believe that some items are priced at a lower price for the first week of each if you want this collection dash over and grab it up, more info about The Challenge is linked below.

Cleo Design mainstore

Cleo Design at The Cookie Jar

The Challenge web site


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PiNKCHERRY NEW! Cyber girl mini dress

Oh Haiiii!!! I have such a morsel of loveliness to show you..this is a new release from .::PiNK CHERRY::…called “cyber girl”. It comes in a range of colours to choose from. I so liked the silver version. I havent added any photo effects, the fabric really does give off a slight shine & gleam for a futuristic look. Theres more to see at the main store so head over and take a peek …