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Perfect Doll

CurioThis is a place you need to visit.  Even from the outside you can tell you’re in for a treat.  A maze of levels with weird and wonderful outfits, AVs, hair, clothes n stuff.  Curio has been around for longer than me and I know that because I got my first, and what I still consider to be the best, free AO.  I used it for years and years and because it was so easy I was able to add and delete the walks, stands etc that I didn’t like and updated it.  Sadly I couldn’t find it but it probably is still there as well as a lot of other funny freeness.  Whilst I’m writing this I am wearing a Chocolate AV so I am looking particularly scrummy.  I’ve probably just missed it but pop in and have a good look at the weirdness pick up some of the freeness and if you find the AO but don’t need it keep it in mind for the day you come across a duck walking noob and you can help them by showing that great freebies can be had.

Doll 1Decided to take a break from trashing our home and pull my finger out and get this great fun item blogged.  The Marionette Controler comes from Curio but this particular model has to be picked up from its shop at the Puppet fair.  If you’re not into bows and froo froo then their main shop has the much more realistic wood one.


This is me walking along with the floating over head so now you can really complete that perfect doll look.

Curio Obscura Puppet Fair

Curio Obscura

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Don’t be a Muppet be a Puppet.

BunnyNo matter how hard I looked I didn’t find any free clothes so until then I will have to hide my blushes with my Bunny.  Found a new colourful shopping sim/fair. Based around puppets but slightly twisted insane puppets.  Everything from cuddly bunnies to Marionette AOs and all set out in a very bright and easy to navigate shopping area.  Lots of fun stuff and if you check out the train carriages there are some bargains to be had and the skin I am wearing is one of them.

I’m not doing a great selling point on this fair as RL business is dragging me away kicking and screaming from SL but you really should visit.  Lots of fresh clothes designs, texturing, big named shops, wacky and weird stuff all on very bright and cheerful setting.

Puppet Fair