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Hardcore Freebie.

Just a quickie for a super busy day but this fell into my lap and since it’s from 2 exc shops I couldn’t resist.

TBH I TPed over to the Kitja & Spirit shops, snagged, stripped, dressed, TPed, posed and clicked in about 5 mins so I can’t remember which is which but I do believe the top is the Kitja gift and the skirt is the Spirit gift BUT what I do know is that you won’t find these inside the shops you will find them at the LM where there is a little Halloween set up and there are 2 little pressies waiting for you which is the skirt and the jacket.

PS The hair is, of course, a Mina’s and this one is “Sid” and as you can tell Sid is a punk lol and even though this is one of the mens hair I think I rock it.  I have chosen one of the special colours but of course, you can get the usual colour palettes I just thought this picture needed a splash of colour to it.

Kitja & Spirit 

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MOM (New Mina Hair).

The MOM event, which stands for Men Only Monthly, isn’t always just for the men because usually hidden among the shirts, suits, jackets etc is often accessories and decor items which suit every sex.  Although I have managed to have a quick check around this event and this month it’s a bit light on those things but then again I didn’t manage to check the whole place out so there maybe something that I haven’t come across.


Even though this is Mina’s offering for this MOM event I always try on the mens hair and often I find that I ROCK THEM LOL.  I can’t help but think that Mina Nakamura deliberately makes most the hair in her mens dept very unisexed or in this case an edgy look which will suit even female AV’s who want to just look different from the rest.


I will admit that I  added one of my shaved hair tattoo layers to this look which isn’t inc in this pack.  TBH I didn’t rock the bald look but that was just me and since I already have quite a few of these shaved hair tattoo layers in my invent, from another Mina hair pack, I just popped a matching colour on.

As always I would seriously recommend checking out Mina’s mainshop not just because I’ve had fun with the picture editing but I do know that she has a nice little selection of these edgy hairs and you need to try them ALL on before you decide which one you like the best.  Women know this but men won’t, we can go shopping for a simple pair of court shoes for work etc but we still have to shop around because although they’re basically all the same WE can tell the difference, so you may put on this hair and think “it’s ok but not for me” and then put another one on and go “ooooooo yes”.  Always try before you buy!

UPDATE.  DOH forgot to mention that this hair comes in 2 parts, the main hair which can be worn on it’s own and 2 side parts which I am wearing in the pictures.

Mina’s Mainshop

MOM (Men only Monthly)


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Latex Love.


I have to confess I’ve had this dress in my invent for absolutely ages, thankfully Milu Laval never ever demands or expects something to be blogged and then yesterday when I put on my new Mina Hair a light bulb went off and I knew that this punky, quiffed hair and this Latex dress would make a stunning look.


The dress looks almost as though it would squeak and squelch as you walk.  Although I went for the shocking red there are other colours including ones with a lace overlay. Milu Laval’s shop AtaMe is for the Latex lovers but don’t let that put you off if latex isn’t your thing.  She has not only a mix of mesh and non mesh but also styles.


But check out the Quiff! Mina Nakamura has come up with yet another “Oh Wow” moment.  I just didn’t expect not only this style, appropriately named Sid,but also another punkytype of hair.  Both of them are definitely uni sexed but to make sure of the perfect fit Mina has included a male and female version in the pack.   I’ve chosen one of her more juicy coloured hairs because it fits so well with this dress  but of course as with all Mina Hair you have a choice from Bimbo Blondie to Brainy Brownie and all the rainbow shades in between.

Only available at the moment at the Rhapsody event, a celebration of all music genre from punk to electronic and even OMG country!  This is such a big event and so many of the top shops and designers have shops here but don’t panic because when you land you get sent a brilliant plan which makes it so much easier and of course Mina’s in clearly market in the Punk section.  So “rock on” over and check out the clothes, hairs, poses and decor items of your fav music era.


AtaMe Marketplace


Mina Inworld

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The Candy Man

mmhmm the CandyMetal crew are at it again…another bundle of newness ! This is the Sugar Punk outfit…naturally I plumped for the PINK version, but there are other tones up for grabs …beautifully made loose baggy cardigan…that hangs cheerily over a plaid mini skirt…

completing the look is the knit look tee, not mesh and fits perfectly under the other two mesh pieces…its sassy and I LOVE it heaps…thanks Emy ❤


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Fallen Angel

First up big big thanks with a slurpy kiss to Meria who gave me the info for this post ! Meria dropped me a note saying I really ought to go check FAC out and their “walk of freebies”, sooo I did..and wowser..what a haul ! Above I’m showing the “Pinky punk” really 80’s inspired complete outfit, there’s a lot in the box, gloves, boots, pants & corset, choker,bangles and of course those shocking pink belt suspenders !

I also nabbed this outfit called “space body warmer set” fab grey jeans, vest tee,and an awesome little jacket in silver (theres a belt also but I preferred the jeans alone) I’ve collected a few of these little jackets over the last few days..gonna be big time useful to sling on over gear in the cooler months.

Then we have “seduce” fantastic micro skirt, bolero style top,bangles & a great pair of patterned stockings…I know I will wear the shirt with other stuff (IF I can recall its name and where I filed it!)

Couldnt resist taking this cheerful red gingham babydoll dress also. Wear it as a dress or maybe toss it on over some leggings / jeans..pretty as a picture and uber cute…

Saved my fav till last! The “bolero set” is effortlessly classy but up to the minute styling…to-die-for shorts that I will wear wear and wear…plus a gorgeous little jacket..(and shirt to wear under) fabulous prims..none of which needed fiddling with by moi..there was heapssss more on offer too ! When you land, join the group (free join hurrah!) and then follow the signs that take you along a winding pathway of group gifts..its really that simple..enjoy!

All outfits: FAC