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Autumn Harvest Treats

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore food in Second Life…and I was dead chuffed to find some in the latest release from [CIRA] In fact…theres oooooodles of food ! If you’re a foodie you so need to go check this out…scrummies abound…seriously…in this Autumn Harvest Fest Set there is included these Givers: Horn of Plenty (2 fruits), Pumpkin Spiced Cake, Carnival Salty Treats (corndogs, pretzils, & cheezy toast), Hot cinnamon rolls, Muffin stand (6 flavours), mixed nuts, Cookies, & Autumn Punch drink. The animations are really lovely…especially liked the handful of nuts…and the cakiessss ! Such a huge amount of detail…top notch quality..

Youre going to have to RUSH for this next item and it would be such a shame to miss out on it. This is the [CIRCA] Gimme Candy Hunt item. The hunt ends today! Brilliant idea, Autumn themed crate, with corns around…and a goldfish bowl on top, the super fab thing is you can rez the two little fishies, and then make them go poof…see if you can find it ! More info for this by the main entrance of the store. Thanks Cherrelle ❤


[CIRCA] market place store