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I’m being eaten! Ok not really.  Picked up this giant human eating pumpkin! MMGraffiti is the shop I seem to have spent so much at over the past 2 years.  Not that they’re expensive but they make amazing homes, furnishings, garden items etc.  LOW LOW PRIMMED and so well textured.  You will probably recognise some of their items because you come across them being used as deccorations in many a shop in SL.  The big ugly pumpkin that is eating me cost 31Lds  and is only 3 prims you get a mix of poses as well and a choice of 4 pumpkins in the pack, enough for anyones garden.  The other 2 smaller pumpkin patches are only 1Lds.  Mesh so mesh viewer.



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Gobble Gobble

I spent a short time this evening mooching a coupla stores in The Dirty Turkey Hunt…found some new-to-me ones, love that ! Hopped over to Eat Paste and managed to find their gift (Im useless at hunts, truly) Soooo glad I did..its this dusky orange dress , so chic and also a skin…with its delicate truffle lips and stylish melted toffee toned eye makeup..its sooper lush!

You also get these funky sunglasses that FLASH yay! Love it…the photo prop box Im stood in is also in the hunt, from Sparrowtree Studios Poses, comes with a few poses also and the window has heaps of different views..very pretty…very useful…

::.rb.::  have an adorable set out as their gift…antlers, nose,strawb for yer mouth..plush turkey to cuddle with…ears AND the custest twitching tail ever (NO! Iam not showing you my tail !) Im not big on pumpkins usually,specially after the Halloween overdoes of em..but I have to say I found these at mewmew and actually fell in love..lovely shape..nicely textured..keepers for moi..

Last up, as Im gettin sleepy…I made my way to “Julia”, Ive had items from this store in the past and just KNEW whatever the gift was, it would be well made and a quality item. I was sooper chuffed to find that not only is the gift fantabulous but its also WEARABLE hurrah! I adore wearables…you get this whole little *scene*…wear it and your sat by a cozy fire on some grungy pillows, and a barrell of empty bottles beside you…perfect…

Hunt web page for info and all participating stores: The Dirty Turkey Hunt

Feautred stores: Eat Paste     Julia     rb      Sparrowtree Studios Poses   mewmew

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Pumpkins & gifts

Its getting closer to Halloween yay! Candy Metal have an awesome group gift out for those that celebrate the day, and for those that don’t. Gorj leggings in a deep gold with a nippletastic top…

For those that love the whole spooktacular thang…theres a set in the box with blood stains !..thanks Emychan xx If you’re loving my pumpkin poses, head over to Magnifique  and grab your own set..6 props & 6 poses…adorbs …thank you Scarlet xx

Group gift: Candy Metal

Pumpkins & poses: Magnifique


The Seasons Hunt…

Well hubbidy Hubbidy Hubba- this is one of the most superfest hunts I’ve done in a longgg while! All the participating stores have generously hidden a Fall related item inside a little leaf for us to find ! The really awesome thing about this hunt is there are a LOT of stores I’ve never been too before..and some I will definitely be returning too now I’ve sampled their wares ! Get your leaf goggles on and get Hunting! Click the pics for a more detailed view

Duffle coats from Fir,MHO hunt gift sweater on Fai, scarf on Steve from theosophy

The Fir male & female duffle coats are just amazing…such detail, and a great fit with little editing required. The MHO hunt gift from Fir also looks great on us girls! Steve’s scarf was in the hunt from  theosophy-a good match for the duffle coat I think. The pose is the fab gift  from Olive Juice, 3 poses for 3 peeps !

Kusshon Fall tree, TLND chaise (many poses) Doppleganger tshirt,body leaves also in the kusshon gift aww!

I always get a little excited when kusshon is in a hunt..they have such original items and good quality. Their gift box was positively heaving with goodies ! This beautiful tree (yes, that didn’t quite fit in shot!) The leaf hat & body leaves also and more! I adored the TLND chaise, its got many poses and is a gorjus autumnal shade of yellow/gold, its won a permanent slot in my SL home ❤

Art Dummy "apple picking chair" & mijnt "autumn hunter lingerie set

I’ve not been to Art Dummy before, such an unusual store with plenty of fresh ideas to see and try out ! Their gift was this beautifully textured apple picking chair, its full of poses ,plus an apple to wear awww . Mijnt had this goldy russet coloured lingerie set & scarf, check it out close up..its so very pretty.

Elate! Mei dress in Emerald & Clawtooth "one fine day" hair

wow look at that hair ! I’m a blondie girl but this hair from Clawtooth has made me wonder about experimenting with different shades..its stunning, the ivy entwined along one side is a lovely touch. The dress is from Elate, and as usual is classy & well made in a dark sumptous emerald green.

eha seasons hair,Pig cardigan, mocha skirt, RC pumpkins etc huge box of goodness!

Arent we spoiled? Another hair style, this time from a store that I didn’t know of until today called “eha”, its simple but beautiful, the cardigan is from Pig, I adore their understated style sooo much, the leaf design is wicked! Skirt os from mocha, good detailed frilly hem & corded fabric makes this a real winner! In the background you might just notice a few little Fall season items I managed to squeeeeze in shot…they are from RC, a small leaf positively BURSTING with gifts !

Molto Bene "clementines Pumpkin stand & olive juice's leafs (totally fab!)

 Molto Bene has given us the above pumpkin stand, just ideal for dressing up your garden or sim , I’m holding some leaves from Olive juice (an amazing 60L sunday item but available I think still in store) Sweater is from, devine deep plummy colour witha darling neck that falls perfectly over your chest.

Glitterati posing bridge

phewwwww, we covered a lot and im exhausted…still a few more stores on the list to visit- and we will! The above is the Glitterati  posing bridge, unbelievably 1 prim! 5 poses to choose from..and ever so prettty !

The Seasons Hunt
September 25th-October 9th- all landmarks for our found items below- have fun!

Molto Bene!    Art Dummy   mocha  glitterati   RC Cluster  eha   Doppleganger Inc   Clawtooth   olive juice   theosophy   mijnt

Pig   kusshon