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I’ve been waiting.(Freebies).

I don’t think I have previously shown you this wing and staff set but I do know I’ve had these things in my invent for the best part of the year just waiting for the chance to use them and Voila the time is right.

First, the FREE outfit from Cremosas which in the notice says it’s a new LM so use my LM and not yours just in case you still have the old one.  This dress is a much more orangie(sic) Pumpkin colour than is shown, so shoot me I had fun with editing! A simple classic design but really good texturing so good I do believe this is my first Halloween look of the year.  Comes in many Mesh bod fits so the usual “there will be a fit for all” comment.

There are 2 Cremosas groups, the free and the VIP which cost 100Lds to join.  There is enough on the free side, inc this dress, for most people to be happy with but if you have a few lindens to spare check out the VIP item.

The wing and staff set come from Slivery K which has a few other smaller gifts, hair decor etc and if I had checked before I did this picture I think the Pumpkin/Halloween decoration that is now there is new to me for sure.  Anyhow you will find the leather bat wings, staff, and a few other bits n bobs.  Check out the rest of the shop as Silvery K is actually a really nice clothes shop and I own a couple of the items from this shop.

PS When you’re at Silvery K grab the gift called “HaripoteElegy” find a sim or take him home, I believe about 32 prims, rezz and ride.  Simply silly.


Silvery K

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I’m NAKED and have FREEBIES can you want for more?

OK I took some time off from a very hard hunt to a much easier one.  This one is only a quarter of a sim in size and the “hidden” pumpkins positively glow so much so it’s easy to find them.  There are  some absolutely top class spooky decor items, check out sexy bones below and there is a couple of skellies upstairs getting down and dirty which made me giggle


I’ve not actually unpacked any of them yet so I decided to strip off and do a quick pic and then as soon as I get back inworld I’m going to spend a pleasant Monday morning unpacking and seeing what goodies I’ve found and hopefully there is a an outfit in there so I don’t have to remain naked.



Galicia Spine Chilling Halloween Hunt



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Smelly pig no wonder it’s a Freebie!

I took a break from cleaning out my notes and setting up my new home and popped over to HJM Designs because it’s involved in “The Totally Wrong Hunt”and I wanted this Smelly Pig lamp.


Although I’m not showing you his face it’s rather cheeky and he’s chomping on a big fat cigar.  If you click the lamp it turns off and on and if you make the mistake of clicking the pig this is what happens.


Yup he farts! Nasty noxious green clouds belch around you, pretty funny.

Now for something not so funny but a lovely Freebie from ….


Now I will admit that 10 prims might be a bit much if you’re on a limited prim count but this makes a pretty good centre piece or in this case set out at my, soon to be deleted, doorway.  To pick this up where you rezz just turn a little to your right and you will see a display of new livingroom set and you will also spot the Pumpkin Freebie there.  Trust me it’s easy to find but hard to spot that it’s a Freebie.

The Totally Wrong Hunt LMs and Hints

La Galleria

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Never too late for Pumpkins.(oodles of freeness).

When I spot a crowd of people esp when I know it’s a shop and not a club or something like that I TP over cos I am nosy like that.  Sometimes you can rezz in some unusual situations but in this case I scored BIG.


In fact a whole box of goodies and from what I’ve seen they’re all in shades of white which as you can see makes for a stunning look.  Best of all what I’ve unpacked also comes with male and female sizes so at last a great freebie for all.  There is a jacket, plain shirt, baggy jeans, a torn shirt and on and on.  I teamed the sweat pants with this layered shirt/sweater set.  Such a great look.


Just look at the detail at the collar and cuffs and subtle texturing of the fabric, this is top quality stuff and pretty darn generous.  I’m not sure how long this generous offer can go on so instead of waiting till Monday I’m going to post the details now.  Pumpkin is the name of the shop and it’s the large picture in the reception area, just click it, grab and run off to try them out for yourself.

Plus if you haven’t twigged on that is of course the latest Mina hair AND New PumeC skin.  Yet again another skin I’ve fallen in love with but I’ll give you more details about that later.




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Nom Nom Nom

Autumnal gardening has never been so much fun.  I’ve Blogged a “Moon_Sha” (stands for Moon Shadow) garden’s before (the lovely lavender or Thyme which for a low, low of 3 prims you get masses of details).  This isn’t 3 prims it’s 25 but it’s a BIG garden packed with so much fruits and veg just waiting to be either harvested or for you to use one of the poses in it and hide from the big wide world.  This one cost 200Lds but they also have a smaller version, 15 Prims for 150Lds which is equally impressive and will fit most people’s homes. Another lovely detail is that you touch a plant and you get one to eat so touch the strawberry and one is sent to you, touch a sweetcorn and you get given one.  So cute.

You must also check out the rice paddy, it’s so cute and because so low primmed I actually have 2 of them rezzed next to my small Japanese home.

Moon-Sha is a very Gorean based shop and sim but I’ve found so many items there that fit into my homes so even if your not into that Gor lifestyle you will not be disappointed and do not ignore the small stalls outside, lots of MM boards so you never know your luck might be in.

When you land turn around and enter the shop the Lavender garden is downstairs and the autumnal garden is upstairs.

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My Department

I’m definitely a fan of The Mens Dept, which is a monthly sales event where a bunch of amazing designers put out an equally amazing selection of gear for brilliant prices. This month being no different, I went down and managed to get out of there without buying everything. Even so, I did get a couple of things to show you all.

Above you can see the mesh leather jacket and shirt combo that I’ve got on which is from a store called [Pumpkin] which I’d never heard of until now. On the strength of this though, I’ll definitely be checking out more from them. The details and texturing on both the shirt and jacket are fantastic, especially the leather, and I’m loving the way the shirt hangs lower than the jacket as well. It comes in three sizes and the medium is the one I’m wearing, it fit me absolutely perfectly. After picking up the jacket, I strolled around and saw that Poetic Colours had some eyes out for sale there and well, I couldn’t go past them as PC eyes are just about all I wear. The nightfall eyes come in a range of amazing colours and each colour comes in either regular or scripted mesh eyes, bright or dark (I’ve got the bright ones on) and three different sizes for each.

The jacket/shirt from [Pumpkin] will cost you L$125 and the Poetic Colour eyes are only L$100. Both items are tremendous value and I definitely think you guys should take a trip down to the Mens Dept and have a look at what they’ve got before they switch out their stock again.

Get the gear here: The Mens Dept