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I’m NAKED and have FREEBIES can you want for more?

OK I took some time off from a very hard hunt to a much easier one.  This one is only a quarter of a sim in size and the “hidden” pumpkins positively glow so much so it’s easy to find them.  There are  some absolutely top class spooky decor items, check out sexy bones below and there is a couple of skellies upstairs getting down and dirty which made me giggle


I’ve not actually unpacked any of them yet so I decided to strip off and do a quick pic and then as soon as I get back inworld I’m going to spend a pleasant Monday morning unpacking and seeing what goodies I’ve found and hopefully there is a an outfit in there so I don’t have to remain naked.



Galicia Spine Chilling Halloween Hunt



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Its a Nightmare for sure

Free hair, jewellery,complete outfit with shoes,eye patch

The Nightmare Event 2015 is open for business, not only a great shopping location for all things spooktacular but also a hunt. The hunt is fantastic, quite challenging at the end if you’re useless like moi. You grab a HUD at the start point and have to find and touch pumpkins – sounds easy huh? Wait till you get to the maze of doooooom ! I admit I scare quite easily and some of the stuff did actually make me jump – loved it from beginning to end, beautiful locations and well worth doing – IF you find all 25 pumpkins, you proceed to the shopping venue and go to the stores who have the hunt thingy outside. Touch it whilst wearing your full HUD et voila! You get giftssssss – twenty-five gifts in all (although two stores I couldn’t get the gift for some reason) Iam SO not going to show you everything , go and do it – but but but I had to show just a few things that I adored. The Plastik had this amazeballs stonking huge box of everyyyyything a their gift, seriously – dresses, tops,complete outfits,shoes,jewellery. The outfit above called Sanguine is fantastic, you even get shoes for Slink high feet with a colour change HUD. The eye-patch was from Quirky and has tons of colours for you to choose from via a HUD. Hair is from the Alice Project, massive pack of ALL shades, style as above all bloodied up and also another version with barbed wire around it.

Free hair, jewellery,mesh top, mesh pants, eyepatch,underarm cobwebs

Another mesh outfit from The Plastik (top and pants) and more jewellery from them also. Had to take this photo in this pose to show off my underarm cobwebs ! Brilliantly done and really effective, this was the gift from {aii}, you might also be able to make out my “Glasgow smile” tattoo in this shot, it was the gift from Nox.  (Its not alllll clothing for prize btw, I also got decor items.)

The Nightmare Event 2015


Lazy Hunt.

Hope everyone is having if not a GREAT weekend then at least a nice quiet one.  I am lucky enough to have a good friend visiting so basically my SL time is going to be limited for the next few days but Woo Hoo great to see that Faith is starting to feel well enough to SL.


So I got a little bit of free time so I thought I’d pop in to clean out some of my notes but as soon as read 2 of them I had to get grabby.

The first is a mini hunt and sale at Kusshon’s .  What you’re looking for is the pumpkin in this picture, 8 of them in total and all FREE to grab.  I’ve not even had time to unpack and check but I could see that these are not only decor items but aren’t Halloween themed ones either so if you need something new for your home then there are some goodies to snag here.  If you have a few Lindens to spare then Beolas Whitfield is also selling off some of his old stock to make room for NEW STUFF Yeah!  I’m not going to buy anything personally because I already have so many books from here I don’t need more but I’m sending Baylen in for an “old tv chair” set which will suit him down to the ground.  Its really good to see a more male orientated drinking smoking poses built into the furniture, not that this is a mens only sort of furniture shop.

If you have time then walk over to the other side of the sky platform to Peotic Colours for some beautiful eyes.

PS the hair/hair is of course a Mina and although I do believe I’ve blogged it before when I get some more Free time I’m going to do it again but this is now available at The Dressingroom fusion event which basically means CHEAPO!  So time to snag it from there whilst its at this bargain price.  The hair and hat both come with colour options.  Promise I will do better photos as soon as I’m RL free.


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Hunting Pumpkins and a spooky free home !

Paradisis Hunt Gift !

Paradisis and friends on the same sim are having a pumpkin hunt – some great gifts to be scored ! I’m showing the selection of gifts to be found at Paradisis that make up this superb halloween outfit. You get the sweetest little mesh dress, that comes in bloody and clean versions, stockings, boots and a cute bow for the front of the bodice. My hair is a free group gift from D!VA , free to join the group also…while youre there at D!VA …

D!VA FREE Halloween hair - wings optional

why not grab up this Halloween hair do too ! You can wear it with or without the wings, sooper pretty….oh and btw…

Paradisis Hunt Gift - RC-Cluster bat on a string (black,brown & grey bats included) D!va free hair!

RC CLuster is back on the grid with a small store over at Floorplan yay! This gives me a great excuse to break out some of my toys from there, such as these “bats on a string”, 25L for a pack of three bats to wear on your finger – they boing uppppp and dowwwwwn.

Linus Humphreys the deserted House FREE (also comes with a winter version)

The delectable house I took these photos in and around is actually a freebie…I know right?! By Linus Humphreys and such a great build. As its mod I did lighten it up a little as it comes in a VERY dark, like pitch black colour and it didn’t show too well in the photos. However for Halloween its perfect. Lovely details inside, such as a flickering television, mop & buckets etc, plus the eery sounds of crows circling from above is played. There is a handy sculpted ground cover and the garden is part of the set, complete with trees, wood pile at the rear. Not only that but you do get a winter version included , quite the deal.


Paradisis blog for hunt info

Free deserted house

D!VA hair

RC Cluster

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Worst Hunt Ever!!!!

Why worst hunt? simply because the giant pumpkins you’re looking for are unmissable so basically as a “hunt” its rubbish but OMG what brilliant stuff.  Each pumpkin cost only 15Lds and trust me the contents are not cheap.  Shop quality mesh goodies and if that wasn’t enough to get you there the poster in the entrance of the shop show you the items that are in the pumpkins and even the number so if your down to your last 15Lds and there is something that you really want you can go straight to that pumpkin and buy it (then come back later and snag the rest because you’d be a fool not to).  Although this is mainly mesh there is a lovely set of make up and a rather creamy yummy skin on offer as well.  Once you’ve checked out this quality and their reasonable pricing you will be LMing this place for sure.

I’ve previously bloged the top before but it deserves special mention because I LOVE it. Non mesh and perfect.  As usual I stuck to the safe cream colour but they have such a pretty choice.  Love this shop and if the LM doesn’t take you straight to the top then have a lovely time wandering around (and if you still can’t find it just drop me a note inworld and I’ll take you there). Actually don’t because I’m wandering around now and I’m so tempted by so many things.  Some lovely high fashion and yet wearable clothes here so for the sake of my remaining SL budget I’d better TP outta here!

Ricielli Halloween Hunt

Vogue Sissel Top



PIDIDDLE pumpkin hunt

PIDIDDLE has opened its new store ! To celebrate there is a mini pumpkin hunt. Some really sweet items in the five prizes being given away. My personal favourite being this gorgeous russety orange tank & boo necklace. PIDIDDLE’s gear, if you don’t already know it, is always  always always so beautifully detailed & the fabrics top-notch quality. There are also two pairs of jeans,  and some pretty funky wintery tights !

Check out the rest of the store while you’re there hunting..its lully !

Go get diddled (sorry couldn’t resist!) : PIDIDDLE