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Swanky For Free

FREE Dress 1

I scoped out the Swank event the other day and they have a pumpkin hunt. Selected stores have a special pumpkin displaying the swank logo, join the free group and click away! Above is the YoU by GeMyles Alice Dress – soooo many fits included. My coffee cup and animation is the gift from Audition.

Free Skirt & Top

Also really liked this red top & skirt which is the gift from [GIULIADESIGN] really handy as seperates. Plenty of fits included. There are also décor and home & garden gifts. Event closes on the 31st so dont delay your visit.


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I should have known! (1000Ld Shop Credit for 50Lds).

I have been in and out of the Pink Charcoal shop a few times over the weekend to grab the generous 1000Ld Shop Credit and each time I failed!

Looks like I’m not the only one who struggled as when I was inworld 2 people had to shout out for help.

I was already in the “Skinfulsky’s Update” group which is actually the group you join even though the shop is called “Pink Charcoal”.

NOW PAY ATTENTION. Once you’ve joined the 50Ld group you then buy the “Cheque” on the reception desk for 1Ld. It’s easy to spot, once you know what you’re looking for, as there are some gold heart shaped balloons showing you where it is.

I didn’t buy anything on this visit as it was pretty darn busy so I popped home and threw on a couple of the items from this shop that I already had. Can’t wait to return to check everything out when it’s a bit calmer and although I know that there is a time limit on the credit I’m sure we still have about 5 days…or so.

Also, on this shopping sim are some excellent and well known shops AND a lot of them still have a 15Ld Pumpkin Hunt going on. So plenty to check out and although in the end between the Group joining fee and the Hunt you may end up spending but you will also walk away with a lot of quality clothing for bargain prices.

Pink Charcoal

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Cracked it. (Hunt prize, Freebie).

Blimey if it hadn’t been from the Heads Up from Indigo I would never have found any of the hidden pumpkins at the QE Design shop, in fact, I’d given up even trying. It turns out they’re very small and very well hidden.

I’ve only bought the ankle boots, this hunt does go on for a while longer so I may just return for the blouse and jeans esp as they do come in my Slink fit.

The white line on the back of the heel is actually a zipper and not some sort of “breakthrough”. As mentioned each hunt item is only 25Lds and every item of clothing comes with 2 colour options and they’re all quality gifts. If you’d like to try a demo then check out the full-priced options inside and I’m pretty sure you too will be happy to pay what is really just a token price.

Now for freebies.

I did show you one of the Free to Join Group Gifts from the QE Design shop so check out my “I’m useless” post. An excellent full outfit which included a cardigan/jacket in pastel colours. I had grabbed the other freebies but I wasn’t going to show you them as I do sometimes like to leave a nice surprise for others but when I unpacked this cardigan/coat which is the same as the one which comes in the gift I showed you but that one has a hud of pastel colours while this one has more autumnal/earthy shades which are just my fav colours.

It also gives me a great excuse to put the LM for the Bumblebee shop as this top I’m wearing under the cardie is not only a great fit it is just one of many lucky boards wins I’ve kept. There are quite a few Lucky Boards at the Bumblebee shop and usually, a high turn over so it won’t be long till you win some really easy to wear quality items. PLUS there is still free shop credit for new members which I do believe is 250Lds. Pretty generous. I’ve got quite a few pieces from this shop and one of my “go-to” outfits comes from here.

QE Design.


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Hunt Those Pumpkins !

Met up with Zan at the Swank Pumpkin hunt this morning ! We decided as it was such a large event and there were so many pumpkins we would do it together. Pumpkins are mostly $0L but a few are $1L. Then ensued arguments about who was going to show which item – SO MUCH ! I was definitely going to show this gorgeous leather dress by Glitter , such a rich toffee leather – great fit too .

Then I found a wearable yay! This back drop is by Colour Alchemists, dont rez – wear it ! Im also showing the corset and suspenders by Ghostyss – a myriad of fits included.

Last for me is the big box of gifts from Park Place. The arched gothic windows are amazing, you also get some black pumpkins, the footstool and the floral arrangement – great gift ! Im wearing the sweet witch outfit including boots by Key Style – dead nice and a huge amount of fits included for both dress and boots.

Here comes Zan !

Here’s a FIRST! We’ve never really added/edited or interferred in each others post so this does seem weird.

We did literally bumped into each other at the Swank event, I think Faith was there first, and so both of us went pumpkin hunting and then agreed on who would wear what and although Faith had wanted to show you this dress from the Rapture stand I’d “bagsied” it first in the comment lol.

A rather nice blue but it’s the creases, folds and the sexy lightly rounded belly which makes this a lovely gift. Those lines are not “breakthrough” they’re very reflective and change as you walk through different windlight settings.

This is the gift off the “ADI” stall and I’m going to admit I don’t recognise that name but a quick check of the Marketplace shop and I can see some familiar Dollarbies. I will of course check the in world shop as soon as I can.

BTW if you’re wondering I can’t cast a shadow in SL. Actually I sorta can but can’t. My computer is a gaming one and so I can run SL at high settings but for some reasons my shadows mainly come out as dirty patches at best and bad pixels at worst. So in the end I just decided I’d not bother with the hit and miss shadows and allow Faith to cast them instead. You need to join the free Swank group to grab your gifts btw.

Swank Pumpkin Hunt

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Get em before they start rotting. (Freebies ‘n’ cheapies & now Dollarbie).

Thanks to Ryan and his hints I finally managed to find the two main Belle Epoque items I wanted, this dress and umbrella.  I’m not bothering with #11 because although I consider it to be a “keeper” I know just looking at it it won’t fit me.  So I’m happy with this dress but damn I’m loving the brolly but then again I do have a brolly addiction.

If you missed my last post these 2 items are 15Ld hunt prizes from Belle Epoque.

I didn’t even know that there were freebies at The Liaison Collective, I’m usually the last to know about these things which means there is only I think 2 days left to grab the gift pumpkins.

Really nice gifts, I’m actually just showing you one of them in this picture and it’s this totally wearable simple sweater/jumper.  I am wearing one other gift which is a Zibriska (sorry if I’ve spelt it wrong) we all know this brand and this set of eyeshadows is just the best and you will have to take my word for it as I didn’t do a close-up.

So there is a nice mix of gifts, some decor items, makeup, a lovely pink dress(Maitreya only) and I know I missed some sneaker type shoes(?) which I may return to.

Ignore the pumpkin patch I’m stood in as those are not the pumpkins you’re looking the ones you are looking for are bigger and more “fake” looking and are hidden in the boarder surrounding the garden of sweetcorn and pumpkin patches. Easy to see once you’re there.

PS. I’m putting the Link to Ryans blog, he too loves a bargain both male and female but his blog is more into Virtual worlds and techie stuff while I am nothing but an airhead when it comes to stuff like that.  So if you want to keep up to date with that side of SL and the other virtual stuff check it out.


I didn’t want to do a separate post for freebies from the same event so I’m tacking this on as an update.

I briefly mentioned this dress and it’s actually not a bad fit at all and I had to show you the Belle Epoque headdress, with hud.  Very OTT and with a small hud of colours.  It was the shoes which made me decide to try the dress on they are Dollarbies from the Marketplace and thin strappy gold shoes will be a party staple for us party girl…says she in her RL baggy clothes and comfy slippers.

The Liaison Collaborative

Ryans Blog

E A Glamour (For the shoes)

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Pumpkin Hunt & Birdy gacha

Love the Home Whimsy events – so many pretties for our homes. I popped over to check out their Autumn hunt – you’re looking for pastel coloured pumpkins, and it was pretty simple to find a few. Fantastic gifts and just $1L per pumpkin. Above are a few of the gifts I managed to find – see what you can do! I wont list where I got the above pressies from – its a lot more fun to FIND what you’ve got afterwards, but the gifts are awesome. Lots of bargains to bag at the same time with some good discounts on offer for seasonal decor – couldn’t resist and will take a few snaps of my purchases if I have time this week.

The different birds are actually from a gacha at Lunar Seasonal Designs, I somehow found myself playing them – what a surprise! Omg though – they are dead cute. Each bird has its own unique animation, and they are eating different foods. Adorable and low prim, I just couldn’t stop playing – uhm, might have to go back for MORE. (You will find the two gacha’s with the birds in outside close to the front door)

The perfect Autumn day 3 hunt

Lunar Seasonal Designs

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I can’t do it anymore!!! (15Ld Hunt).

I’ve had a couple of days off SL and so when I’ve logged in to check “wassup” it looks like I was just about to miss another chance to score some amazing goodies.  This is a sim wide hunt with some of the best clothing shops in SL and you’re hunting for…yup pumpkins.  Don’t panic they’re so easy to find.  Each pumpkin cost 15Lds and usually when the prize comes with a price tag you have pictures to show you what the prize is and that’s not the case in this case, although one shop also has its own hunt going on and it does have a picture reference for you to check out.

Now for the “but” I also know that some of these shops are ones that don’t inc SLink Physique as standard, SLink Hourglass yes but not the Physique, and because of that I just grabbed 2 pumpkins and nope not for me, I could at a push wear the skirt out of one of the prizes but I have plenty of skirts that are for my shape.

So not a lucky hunt for me but of course you lot will be able to score probably some excellent additions to your invent.

This hunt is only a 2 dayer and today is the 2nd day so this is a heads up to not delay.

Halloween Hunt