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Get your gacha on !

Percent gacha NEW!

You all know I’m addicted to any sort of gacha , so when I saw %percent had a new range of house type treats in one I was right on the case! This is the “Fritz” collection, for the first week this is just $25L per play wooot. Every item is under 3Li, so you can go mad with setting them out. Such well made pieces, the couch and chair are certainly my favs, followed closely by the side dresser and wig boxes, actually its ALL cute lol.

Percent gacha NEW

Sooo here is the gorgeous chair, brilliant poses suitable for males & females and a ton of textures via the menu. I’m just showing two, but there are floral colours and plain if you’re not a flowery type. I really adore the shape of this, its kinda retro, vintage but thoroughly modern to boot.

Percent gacha NEW!!

Oh! Id forgotten about the train carriage style mirror, ohmai – its sooper pretty and would really brighten a wall space up for sure. I’ve just popped over to the event room and nabbed a coupla items – how could I ever resist. Thanks Plato ❤


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Fair Warning – 21 Shoe

21 Shoe My addiction Iris fat pack - coldLogic dress Aston

Its only with us for 24 hours, yup its almost time for the next round of 21 Shoe ! I thought Id give you a good shout a coupla days beforehand to get your juices going and remind you NOT to miss out. My Addiction has a fat pack of their Iris shoes out (for Slink high feet) – I know right ! Lovely strippystrappy things they are too. They come with a HUD that allows you to remove the studs and alter them to allll sorts of colours, plus remove the straps to make them into a more mule like style, brilliant.

21 Shoe My addiction Iris fat pack

Heres a closer view showing the awesome HUD, pretty nifty huh? A real pair of “take you anywhere” shoes, dont forget 21 Shoe is on for just 24 hours, starting the 21st of the month. My dress in the first photo is by coldLogic and is called “Aston”, its a flirty dress with an optional undershirt and bow tie, heaps of colours to choose from also.

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Last Squeeze

When I model an Etchaflesh corset I usually take a front photo and yet always go on about the details on the back so I decided it was time you copped an eyeful.

So now hopefully you can see why I do go on.  Attention to detail and a gut busting tightness is only matched by the PROMO offer.  So even though I now own a whole folder full of Etchaflesh at 99Lds I’ve managed to squeeze a couple of more in.

But of course each week they are expanding their collection so they have tops and bikinis and now brilliantly SKIRTS designed for the retro, corset, kinky lover.  Also a lot of their corsets come with the more “specialised” sizes as standard “flatties” like me all the way up to the “Gazungas” can get a corset.  Loads of demos to try so make sure to grab as many as you can to make sure you get the tightest fit possible.

Just had to “squeeze” another photo in.

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