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One Hundred Free Gifts!

FREE Dress & Bra Fatpack

The title of this post is true – there are 100 group gifts for you at Promagic ! The group is currently free to join, when you land, select the Promagic store to teleport too, then as you enter the store look to your left and there is a sign to teleport up to the group gifts. Don’t for get to join the group first though! The above dress is my absolute favourite gift, you get the dress and bra in a fatpack. Dead classy and so beautifully made. I also loved the cute little furry collar ❤

FREE sandals & Slippers

As well as clothing there are SO MANY shoes, sandals, boots as gifts – The above are my fav’s but I may return and grab a few pairs of boots for winter. Some are fat packs some are not. The clothing tends to be for Maitreya and Legacy with a few also having Hourglass fits. The shoes have Slink, Belleza, Maitreya and Legacy – but not all have the same.

Thanks Promagic !


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Be a Pro(magic). (Subscribers Gift).

I try not to look at other blogs for the simple reason I like to try to find something different and today I have FAILED TWICE!!!

I do watch some youtube channels for inspirations, updates on what’s going on, events, tutorials and occasionally links to gifts and I cannot believe that just today not only this excellent outfit I felt so chuffed finding they also show the Hilly Haalan Gift Shop!!!

Even my AV looks a bit hacked off.  Never mind because in the end no matter where you see it or read it when the gifts are this good who cares we’re all after the same thing.

So this is a Subscribers gift if like me you’re already subbed then unsubbed and resub and it’s sent to you.

PS. Big fat juicy hud and comes as separates.


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It’s a little thing. (Freebie(s)).

How often do I show you earrings?  Almost never and yet I could not resist these pair of danglers.

The earrings alone are worth a post but fortunately, there are clothing Freebies in the Promagic shop.

So why no pictures of those?  I made a Boo Boo and logged out assuming that I’d taken good pictures and I hadn’t, they were horrid pictures and I didn’t have time to log back in and redo them. I don’t feel too bad as they are older gifts and I know they have been blogged before because not only did I blog them but I still had 2 of the outfits in my invent as I consider them to be “Keepers”. So some of you are in for a nice treat and some may be reminded they have them tucked away in their invent.

The Promagic Group is free to join and there are 2 outfits and some jewellery, on the opposite wall is a TeleportHub Group Gift and that too is a “Keeper” for me.  The earrings are a subscribers gift, so slap it and sub, or in my case I simply unsubbed then resubbed to have them sent to me.

PS.  It wasn’t deliberate but the hair I’m wearing, Chantel is a Mina Gacha prize and only 75Lds a try.  I was simply looking for a hair which I could wear to show off these earrings and Chantel fitted the bill perfectly. Remember though to always try the demo as well.

Promagic(Where you land turn…right…emm maybe left…no it’s right and down the stairs…if not then it’s turn left and down the stairs…not as complicated as I’m making it seem lol.)

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Well I never! (10Ld TeleportHub Gift and Freebie(s)).

As always a note from Promagic got me, and everyone else TPing over and this dress was one of the reasons why.

A very nice simple classic design with an excellent texture and as you can see a hint of a satin sheen.

You do only get the one fit, Maitreya, I had suspected it would be a poor fit for me so at the same time I  grabbed one of the older Group Gifts.  Turns out I was wrong because this Maitreya fit was a damned good fit for my SLink P shape with only a minor little bit of breakthrough on the back but the boobies are covered and that’s the most important bit lol.

This dress is a TeleportHub Group Gift and that means a 10Ld joining fee for that group but the Promagic Group is free to join and this is the other dress I picked up to show you.

Now for one of the freebies as the Promagic Group is Free to join and there are other gift as well as some new ones but I already had this really nice dress and so here it is, again.

Plenty of fits and the 3 textures in the hud are really good.


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If you’ve not guessed.(Freebie).

It’s my day off which is why I’ve been SLing for longer than usual.  I don’t know if I will be able to SL tomorrow as my “to do” list is getting very long but if this is the last thing I post for today/tomorrow I’m really happy with it.

This is the new Promagic group gift. You get a 3 textured hud and it was hard to choose which to use but I thought this striped one just showed off the quality the best.

The Promagic group is free to join and you will have seen the gifts many times.  Also, check out the discounted items, the freebies are to the right on the entrance wall and the discounted items are on the left.


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It was worth the risk. (30Ld offer).

I knew that there was a very good chance this 30Ld offer from Promagic was not only going to be a Maitreya fit but I wouldn’t get it to fit my SLink bod which is why I am Alpha’d out.

Sadly I will have to bin it as although I don’t mind a bit of breakthrough on my SLink fit this isn’t wearable. I can’t see a demo, but I could be wrong, but if you’re a Maitreya then I wouldn’t hesitate snapping this up.

PS. Comes as separates.


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Drawing a blank (Promagic 25Ld Gacha Sale).

I won’t bore you about my morning of lag and lack of good finds and all I can show you is this blank backdrop and tell you about a whole load of temptation.

I was only at Promagic yesterday and I don’t know if the Gacha sale was on then or it’s just started today but the Gacha’s are all 50% cheaper which means they’re all just 25Lds a pop (check the prices just in case I’m wrong).

Woo Hoo and Boo Hoo because the thing I’ve noticed about Promagic is that their clothing comes ONLY in a Maitreya fit!!!! What a bloody shame as there is some damned nice stuff but nope 1 fit only.

So I walked around and around and around and in the end I chose a Gacha which looked as though I’d be able to win an item of clothing I could wear to show you, it didn’t and now it’s been reboxed for someone else to use.  Why am I using this backdrop?  There are a few Gacha’s in the Promagic shop which are backdrops and so again for 25Lds a pop I had 3 goes and guess what?  I already owned those 3 backdrops and that’s when I decided it’s lunchtime, Judge Judy is on TV and I have RL work to do.

BTW I think apart from the few items in the reception area Promagic is ALL Gacha’s.